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Online Meditation Coach For Private & Corporate Classes

Master meditation. Master Your Mind. 

One-To-One Private Meditation Coaching 

Work with a personal meditation coach. Perfect for individuals who want to enhance their meditation practice. Make it a discipline. Learn new techniques. Upgrade your practice. Enjoy a healthy body and mind.

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Corporate Meditation Classes

We offer a suite of online corporate meditation programs for companies of all sizes. Our corporate mindfulness training programs will boost your workplaces’ wellness, productivity, and morale. 

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Meditation Techniques

Expert guidance on the most powerful meditation techniques, with guided meditations and research-based articles. All created by our private meditation coach.





Guided Meditation  

Soothe and heal your mind with wonderful guided meditations created by certified meditation teacher Paul Harrison.



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Guided Meditation Playlist

Meditation Techniques Playlist

From Our Founder, Online Meditation Coach Paul Harrison

Hi. And thank you for visiting The Daily Meditation. As an online meditation coach, I have more than twenty years of experience and have witnessed the magic of mindfulness many times. Through my classes I’ve seen the wonderful benefits of meditation for companies and individuals, and how the practice can make a huge difference in our personal, spiritual, and corporate lives.

For me, it’s about taking a moment to just stop and be. And I’m always amazed by how much good can come from a few moments of mindfulness. It works for all of us too! Whether you’re a senior citizen, school student, employee, or anyone else, you will get so much out of our business and personal meditation coaching. So what are you waiting for…? 

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About The Daily Meditation

The Daily Meditation is the leader in private and corporate meditation classes. We offer private and corporate mindfulness training online and have clients everywhere from NYC to London to Chicago.

Our corporate meditation programs range from weekly to monthly with sessions being between 15 minutes and 2 hours. Our personal one-to-one sessions are typically 30 minutes long but can be any length you require.

Everything is customizable to meet you or your business’ requirements.

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