Have you noticed how everyone is starting to practice daily meditation?

There are daily meditation books, CDs calendars apps, challenges, journals…

And everyone is doing it: kids, elders, couples, families…

In 2018 the world is awakening to meditation, mindfulness, and other spiritual practices. And we here at THE DAILY MEDITATION have created the ultimate experience for daily meditators.

On this site you will find everything you personally need to get started on the healthy, happy, conscious lifestyle. Whether you want to learn Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu or yoga techniques, we’ve got you covered.



Get started with these Daily Meditation Quotes

I bet you love quotes, right?

We do too. That’s why we’ve created this stunning gallery of daily meditation quotes for you.

Click the image to view our gallery of daily meditation quotes for inspiration. Includes quotes from The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hanh, The Bible and Buddha.

daily meditation quotes


If you seriously want happiness, create a habit of daily meditation

How long should you meditate for each day?

  • 10 minutes?
  • 15 minutes?
  • 20 minutes?
  • An hour?

For best results we recommend creating a habit of meditating daily for 20 minutes.

7 steps to creating a daily meditation habit:

  1. Commit to ten minutes meditation per day
  2. Decide somewhere you will meditate each day. Stick to the same place at first.
  3. Sit comfortably
  4. Focus on your breath
  5. Meditate on your breath for 10 minutes
  6. Express gratitude for the day’s meditation
  7. Continue every day for one month.
  • Rather do a different meditation technique? Check out our gallery of meditations, below.


The Best Types Of Meditations To Do Daily

There are 31 Meditation Techniques that all meditators should know.  

Most of them are Buddhist meditations. But there are also Hindu and yoga meditation, and some new age meditation techniques too. There are also meditations for atheists.

Below are the most important meditation techniques. Daily use is recommended

This Book Covers All The Techniques Below

Our new book has meditations from Buddhism, Yoga, Hinduism and non-secular methods too. Take a  look. 



With our beginners meditation guide you will learn everything you need to know to get started meditating. You’ll learn the best meditation techniques, the right and wrong things to do when meditating, and lots of great tips for learning meditation as a beginner.

Get started with our beginners meditation guide. Just click the link above.

Buddhist Meditations: 

If you want to learn meditation, it is probably best to start doing Buddhist meditation daily.  There are very many different Buddhist styles of meditation, and each trains the mind in a specific way. You can read about specific Buddhist meditations via the link above.   Or get started with our favorite Buddhist meditation: Loving Kindness (Metta)


Mindfulness meditation is the most popular meditation technique in the world. It is all about focusing the mind on the present moment.  Mindfulness is a Buddhist meditation technique that has become popular in the West. It is good for relaxation, productivity, stress and  mental health. It is also very easy to begin. Try practicing this as a daily meditation technique.

 Mantras :

Mantras are sacred words or phrases (similar to spells or affirmations) that we meditate on, for instance the Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. By meditating on mantras we can improve health, create happiness, and create many different spiritual health benefits. There are Buddhist, Hindu and Kundalini yoga mantras. There are many different benefits of mantras.


Mudras are specific hand and body positions used in Hinduism, yoga and Buddhism. There are over 60 major mudras in use today.

Design a room at home (for meditation):

If you want to meditate at home it is important to have a good meditation space or meditation room. In this tutorial I share with you my best tips for creating a mindful space to meditate in. If you enjoy DIY and are looking for exercises to do at home, this is perfect for you.

Meditation Teacher Training:

Want to become a meditation teacher? Our tutorial shows you how to start teaching meditation. We will show you why you do not need a meditation teacher qualification. You just need to know the facts and the techniques.

Benefits of Daily Meditation

There are more than 100 benefits of meditation. Daily meditation effects all areas of life.  But bear in mind, there are some risks of meditation too!

Weight Loss 

There are so many benefits of daily meditation for dieters.

Mindfulness and meditation help with weight loss. There are many excellent meditations for weight loss, including mindful eating, mindful cooking, and meditation to stop cravings. With mindfulness, weight loss becomes easy because we are more conscious of what we are eating.

Meditation for sleep:

Do you struggle to sleep at night? Are you easily disturbed when you sleep? Looking for a cure for insomnia? Why not use meditation for sleep, this article show you how. Includes Buddhist and yoga techniques as well as mantras and mudras.

Meditation for intimacy and love:

Are you looking to increase the intimacy in your relationship? Maybe you want a happy married life. Or perhaps you are worried about divorce and want to avoid divorce. Meditation can help. This article shows you everything you need to know about using meditation in relationships.

Daily Meditation Apps, Blogs & Products 

11 Tools all meditators need:

Meditation tools are much more than material objects. They are assets and allies in our quest for inner peace. Especially spiritually significant objects like Buddha statues. Having the right meditation tools in your home can make all the difference to your health, happiness, and spiritual development. In this article I share with you my top 10 tools for meditators.

Gifts For Meditation Loves And Buddhists

If you’re looking for a great gift for a meditation lover, check the link above. There you will find all the best gifts for Buddhists, including malas, Tibetan Singing Bowls, meditation crystals and more.

Malas / Prayer Beads

Meditation malas are a string of beads that are used to count breath, mantra recitations, or japa (recitations of Buddha’s name). These spiritual necklaces and bracelets are some of the most important products for meditators, Buddhists especially. This buying guide show you how to DIY a mala and how to buy a mala online.

Daily Meditation Apps:

When it comes to daily meditation, apps can help you to get in the habit and stick to it.

From Headspace to Calm to Insight, there are many excellent meditation apps (free and paid) out today. Available on Android and iOS, there are lots of subscription-based and free apps for meditating daily. They are excellent ways to train the mind to be stronger. Some are guided meditation apps, others are designed to teach proper meditation techniques. Take a look at the link above for more on this.

Spiritual Blogs:

Want spiritual inspiration and encouragement? See our choices of the best spiritual blogs. Includes Buddhist, yoga, Hindu, not-secular, and new age blogs.


The best meditation chairs, seats, and benches, help you to sit with good posture and help you to focus when meditating. In this buying guide we help you choose the best meditation chairs, seats, and benches for your practice. This will help improve your focus and preent spinal injuries and other problems when meditating.

Tibetan Singing Bowls:

Tibetan Singing Bowls produce sounds you can meditate on to open chakras and heal your mind and body. They are used in yoga and Buddhism. And even if you don’t want to learn how to play a Tibetan Singing Bowl yourself, you can still listen to Tibetan Singing Bowl music to meditate on. in this guide I’ll share absolutely everything you need to know, including the history of Tibetan singing bowls, a buying guide, and a tutorial on how to use singing bowls.

Books on meditation / yoga etc 

If you want to read the best spiritual books, take a look at the link above.

In it I share with you all the best spiritual books on meditation, mantra, mudras, yoga and, well basically everything else to do with spirituality.


  Yoga Chairs

Simply the best collection of yoga chairs to buy online. Makes yoga so much easier!

The Daily YOGA Guide


Which 1 Of 28 Yoga Styles Should You Do?

Which type of yoga should you do? Ashtanga? Vinyasa? Hatha? Iyanga? Bikram? There are many different types from. In this article I share the best types of yoga for beginners to learn.


Find The Perfect Gift For Yoga Lovers

Looking for the perfect yoga gift for a yoga lover? We’ve got you covered. Click the link above for your guide to the best yoga mats, blocks, classes, and everything else you need to know.

Click through to the next page for The Daily Meditation blog.  

Master Your Mind And Mental Health

On Being An Empath

Being an empath is seriously hard work. In fact, it will cause you adrenal fatigue unless you are very careful.

Read my tips on how to survive as an empath, via the link above.

Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT):

This is the cutting edge of mindfulness and psychology. The single best way to change your thoughts and to stop thinking negative thoughts. Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy is used to stop negative thoughts in order to help with stress, anxiety, depression, and confidence. These methods are good for either advanced meditators or for working with a therapist.

Beat Depression

There are many excellent ways to use meditation for depression. Mindfulness and similar methods help train the mind to stop painful emotions. There are yoga, Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist meditations for depression to use daily. Remember the Buddha quote: “If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the moment”. This quite teaches how to live in the moment and stop negative thoughts so you naturally beat depression for good.

Stop Anxiety

There are many excellent daily meditations for anxiety. Mindfulness, Zen, chakra balancing and breathing techniques are a good place to start. In this guide I share with you the yoga and Buddhist methods for beating anxiety naturally without medication. Stop feeling anxious and depressed and find happiness and inner peace with this tutorial.

Stop Stress

The most common mental health problem in the world is stress. Mindfulness stops stressful thoughts and relaxes the mind so we have inner peace and relaxation.

There are many good meditations for stress: Buddhist, yoga, and Hindu techniques, as well as new age options too. These help us stop stress naturally and stop negative thoughts that make us feel anxious and unhappy. In this tutorial I show you how.

Quit Addictions like A Boss

You want to read something personal? Read the link above. It will show you how to quit all addictions in one go. It’s pretty shocking, actually.

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