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Our customized online meditation lessons are perfect for individuals and small groups. Learn more about our private online meditation sessions.

We offer a suite of corporate meditation programs that will meet your goals whether you’re a small team of ten or a multinational corporation. Learn about our corporate meditation classes.

Our content speaks for itself. Whether it’s our in-depth coverage of meditation practices, our guides to the benefits of meditation, or our coverage of meditation products.  

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Who we are and what we believe

Who we are

The Daily Meditation is a leading expert in providing customized meditation solutions to individuals, groups, and corporations. We believe in genuine, authentic meditation, and we give you everything you need to start your daily meditation practice. We help people find happiness, freedom, and inner strength through traditional meditation techniques.

We give true meditation guidance:

Our guides and lessons teach you the actual, proper forms of meditation.

We share our experiences:

As human beings, we all suffer from problems now and again. Here on The Daily Meditation we share our own experiences on common issues like depression, anxiety, and stress, and show you how to overcome these issues.

Our motivation:

We believe in helping you unlock your mind’s potential through daily meditation practice.

Our belief:

We do not believe in what Jon Kabat Zin calls McMindfulness. Apps? No. Guided meditations? Honestly, there’s a better way. We teach authentic meditation as has been taught for thousands of years.

From the Founder

Dear Friends,

I am blessed to have discovered meditation more than 20 years ago. I found a special meditation path that has helped my to live a life of fearlessness and joy. And it is my passion to share that path with you. Only through this path was I able to become a happy, successful, loving, and genuine human being.  

I believe in the benefits of meditation and its ability to change our lives. I started The Daily Meditation as a way to help my family and friends. And oh, how it has grown since then. Now I am thankful to have meditation students all over the world. And I would love for you to join me too.

On The Daily Meditation you will discover absolutely everything you need to know to learn meditation and change your life.


P.S I’m sure you have noticed that mindfulness and meditation have become a big business today. And many of those business do not offer true meditation teachings. We are not like that. We believe in teaching traditional meditation techniques as they were meant to be taught. We believe in changing lives.


Paul Harrison, 

Meditation Teacher & Founder,

The Daily Meditation.

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The Daily Meditation is based in the Rosedale area of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada near Gauge Park. We’re proud to belong to the community that also includes our spiritual friends, such as Samudra Kadampa Buddhist Centre, Shambhala Hamilton, and Sirmingala, as well as De La Sol Yoga, Aviva Yoga, and In Fine Feather.

We’re proud to be a meditation teacher in Hamilton Ontario.  Nothing makes us happier than sitting on the escarpment meditating over “The Hammer”.

Here is more about meditation in Hamilton Ontario.