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Transformative Online Meditation Coaching for Companies & Individuals

Experience an online meditation lesson or corporate meditation class. Learn different techniques. Enjoy all the benefits of meditation.

Master Meditation With Our Online Meditation Coaching & Free Guides

Experience an Online Meditation Lesson

personal meditation coaching

Our customized online meditation coaching is perfect for individuals who want to enhance their practice. Make it a discipline. Learn new techniques. Upgrade your practice. Lessons are available on Zoom, Webex and more.

Book a Corporate Meditation Class

We offer a suite of online corporate sessions that will meet your goals whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation. Boost your team’s productivity and give your employees the gift of calmness and focus. Read our guide to corporate meditation programs.

Learn Different Meditation Techniques

meditation techniques

Discover the most powerful techniques. We’ll help you to learn any method you like, whether you’re interested in mindfulness, Buddhist meditations like Vipassanamantras, mudras, Christian methods or those all-powerful secret spiritual meditations like Merkaba and Kirtan Kriya.

With our motivation, you will make it a daily habit, learn how to meditate at home properly, learn to apply it to your everyday life, and oh so much more. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Meditation 

Are you sick of intrusive, unwanted thoughts and emotions? Are you tired of an unruly mind? We feel you. Like you, we’ve been there. And we discovered the secret to making best friends with your mind.  

When you take our private online meditation sessions you will finally take control of those nasty issues like stress,  anxiety, and depression. You will evolve your mind, find happiness, cultivate confidence, and build your focus and concentration.

We make your goals our personal mission. We’ll motivate you to lose weightovercome addictions, and even enhance your relationships.  

We Give You Everything You Need To Succeed

To help everyone who takes our private online meditation lessons, we’ve created free guides. We recommend our students look at our list of techniques and their benefits. And to make your online sessions even better, we recommend products such as courses and tools.

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From Meditation Coach Paul Harrison

Paul teaching

Hi. And thank you for visiting this site. As an online meditation coach I’ve been meditating for more than twenty years, and during that time I have witnessed how the pratice can make a huge difference in our personal, spirirual, and corporate lives. For me, it’s about taking a moment to just stop and be. And I’m always amazed by how much good can from come from a few moments of silence.

Thank you to our members and clients

We would like to give our sincere thanks to our clients in Toronto, Oshawa, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Washington, and around the world.

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