10 Mind Training Techniques To Achieve Your Full Potential

Want to train your mind to achieve your highest potential?

Want to know the real mind training techniques, the stuff that actually works?

You’re in for a treat.

In this top 10 I’m about to reveal the most powerful mind training techniques of all time.

Thousands of THE DAILY MEDITATION’s readers have used my guide to subconscious power techniques. Time to take things up a notch.

And I’m not talking about the basics.

You already know that you can train your mind by exercising, eating healthy, and yada yada, right? That’s why I’m not about to tell you to do those things.

I’m going to share with you mind training techniques that are powerful and little known, some of them spiritual, some of them ancient, all of them awesome.

You ready? Let’s do this.

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The Top 10 Mind Training Techniques Of All Time

1: Meditation

One of the most powerful mind training techniques is meditation.

There are many meditation mind training techniques. Each of them trains the mind in different ways.

Some meditations have seriously huge effects, and different types of meditation have different benefits. For instance, Metta trains to be more loving and compassionate. Vipassana trains the mind to be more aware of thoughts and feelings (and more in control). And Third Eye Meditation trains the mind to be more intuitive and insightful. 


2: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is often confused with meditation. Actually, they are different.

Mindfulness means living in the moment. It is about focusing on now, not on your thoughts.

 Often, people are stuck in their own thoughts and feelings. They do not focus on present moment reality but rather on mental phenomena such as internal dialogue.  When  we live in the moment we naturally relax and boost our happiness. Plus, we are more focused on whatever task we are attending to, which of course makes us more productive and more likely to succeed at the task at hand. 

Mindfulness takes us out of our thoughts and feelings and into present moment reality.


3: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Just ignore the fact that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has the word therapy in it. Because CBT isn’t just about curing problems. You can also use it to train your mind to be more powerful.

CBT is a cognitive therapy that uses a variety of exercises to improve mental health and reduce illness such as anxiety and depression [1]

There are many effective CBT exercise. All of them involve working with your thoughts. For instance, one exercise is to notice when you keep thinking the same negative recurring thought. You then challenge that thought in various ways, such as by remind yourself that it is just a thought, or by creating alternative, healthier thoughts. 

If you want to train your mind to think differently, CBT is definitely the way to go. 


4: Mantras And Affirmations

Have you ever wanted to train your mind to have certain qualities (like being confident, for instance)? If so, you should seriously consider mantras and affirmations.

Mantras and affirmations are basically recited words or phrases. The range from sacred Sanskrit words like “Om” (which is the universal sound in Buddhism) to English phrases such as “I am confident and in control”.

Some mantras have spiritual properties and are many thousands of years old. Sacred texts state that these mantras will gift specific powers to the practitioner.

Affirmations, on the other hand, are essentially positive statements that we repeat in our heads in order to encourage the development of new positive thoughts. 

5: Pratyahara Yoga

You probably already know that if you do yoga you will improve your mind, right? There are many excellent mental health benefits of yoga. Yoga can reduce mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and can boost happiness levels. 

What you probably don’t know yet is that the best mind training exercise from yoga is not physical exercise. It’s Pratyahara Yoga. 

Pratyahara is a mind training technique in which you withdraw from your senses. This removes you from external stimuli so you create a psychic defense shield around you.  


6: Peak Training While Forcing Positivity

I created this technique in order to push my mind and my body at the same time.

Peak interval training is a form of physical exercise in which we push our heart-rate to its highest healthy level. We then reduce the intensity of the exercise to relax, before pushing again.   

When you’re working at your peak fitness level your mind starts to react. You naturally think about quitting exercising. You start to come up with reasons why you should stop. t  For example, you might think, “I’m not that fit so I might as well just stop.” You will naturally bring up some of your negative thoughts. This makes it a perfect opportunity to change those negative thoughts. While you’re working out, observe any negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. This will train you power through any negativity. Then, the next time you think “I can’t…” you will automatically replace it with “Oh yes I can!”


7: Boost Your Imagination

The key to effectively training your mind is training all parts of your mind, which of course includes your imagination.

Since about the time man started painted on caves, the number one mind training technique for the imagination has been art.

  • Writing
  • Music
  • Visual art
  • Performing arts

All arts train the imagination. As a former actor, singer, painter, and current writer, art has trained my mind to be incredible creative and very imaginative. 

When we are more creative and imaginative we are more able to create new solutions to any problems we may be experiencing, and we are more able to create opportunities in all avenues of life, including careers and relationships.  


8: To train your mind big time, face your fears now!

This is one of the hardest mind training techniques. In fact, most people who read this will lack the courage to do it. That’s understandable. Facing fear is not easy. Not at all. But let me give you a promise.

I promise that if you face your biggest fear right now it will change your life forever and it will train your mind like batshit crazy.


This is the number one mind training technique. Because when you are able to power through your fears you will find that nothing holds you back. It might not be easy. Intentionally putting yourself into a situation that frightens you is obviously uncomfortable.  However, it also boosts your mental strength.  

There is a correct way to do this: Gradually. You do not want to face a terrifying ordeal on day one. Rather you want to overcome your fears in stages. There is a CBT technique for achieving just this. It’s called Fear Exposure. It means gradually exposing yourself to things you fear.


9: Mudras—Train your mind with body poses

One of the best mind training exercises is to use mudras. These are specific hand gestures used in Buddhism and other spiritual faiths.

Mudras take advantage of human body language as well as the acupuncture points in the hands. For instance, the prayer gesture (palms together, fingers pointing upwards) was originally a mudra called Anjali, which is spiritually said to have powerful effects on mental health. 

There are well over 60 mudras in total. Each of them trains the mind in different ways.


10: Cultivate your qi

Qi (or prana) is the energy that flows through all living things. It is the energy that you feel when you are your most restful. When this energy flows through us unobstructed, it enhances both our physical and mental health. However, when qi is blocked it can create health problems both mental and physical. 

Some ways to enhance qi include:

  • Tai chi
  • Qigong
  • Zhuangi (a Taoist meditation)
  • Chi Meditations 

These Mind Training Techniques Are Truly Powerful

These are the true mind training techniques. With these beauties you will unlock your true mind power.

Another good way to train your mind is to ask yourself some self-reflection questions. This will bring up problem areas you might like to work on.

Which of these techniques is your favorite? Leave a comment and remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and writer. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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