How To Be The Spiritual Person You Want To Be In 2019

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If you want to know how to be a spiritual person, you have to look deep within yourself. Because only inside yourself can you find your true inner spiritual person. 

Are you a truly spiritual person?

There are ways how to be a spiritual person for real. And there are ways to be a fake spiritual person, (we’re looking at you, Russell Brand).

Spirituality has changed over the past twenty years. The meaning of spirituality has changed.

Twenty years ago to be spiritual meant to be deep, to live a meaningful life, a life of purpose, to have a code of conduct and a set of beliefs.

Now, it’s about yoga pants and delusions of moral supremacy.

Om Times recently published an article by Nick Seneca Jankel about modern spirituality. The article’s titled “The Rise Of Tight Butt Spirituality” [1].

Jankel writes:

“…brands have made physical yoga a lifestyle choice for those who want rock-hard buns with a smattering of feel-good spirituality… as long it doesn’t inconvenience political choices, consumer spending, or career paths.”

Being A Spiritual Person Isn’t Meant To Be Easy

If you want to know how to be a spiritual person, dedication is key. It’s about going deeper in your spiritual practice every day.

If you want to connect to your higher self, you have to work on it.

Spirituality demands putting belief and purpose ahead of image and career. But between you and me, there really are few people who truly dedicate themselves to the spiritual path.

Spirituality has become an appendix of beauty and fitness.

When someone says they live a spiritual life they’re more likely to mean that they wear yoga pants and a mala and have decals of kanji art on the bathroom wall.

And these people have not understood the true importance of spirituality.

Naturally spirituality means different things to different people. And no one can tell you how to be a spiritual person really, because it is all about individuality and self discovery.

Fake spiritualists don’t usually mean they’ve read the Bhagavad Gita and dedicated themselves to lives of compassion and universal loving kindness.

What to Ghandi was a sacred doctrine to Russell Brand is no more than pomp.

Celebrities are starting to wear spirituality with all the vanity of a red carpet gown. And the public is following suit.

The time is approaching when The Oxford Dictionary will need to create a new word to distinguish between genuine spiritualists and fake spiritualists, between people who just think they look good in yoga pants and people who actually are deeply spiritual.

Why do people pretend to be spiritual? Because it’s the in-thing. As though that were the point.

We need to distinguish truly spiritual people from people who pretend to be spiritual.

Here are ten ways to be more spiritual so you can be a truly spiritual person.

10 Ways How To Be A Spiritual Person For Real

1: To be a spiritual person, let go of material possessions 

If you want to know how to be a spiritual person, start with materialism.

Some spiritual practices demand that we completely throw out all possessions (like Maum). But we don’t need to go crazy. We just need to be free from materialism.

We all need money and a certain amount of material possessions. But to be a spiritual person, let go of your need to keep up with the Jones’.

You won’t find a genuine spiritualist worshipping money. Unlike bankers, you won’t find them voluntarily placing cash above life. Spiritualists know that material goods are secondary, and that love, life, and harmony are what truly matter.

That doesn’t mean that spiritualists can’t be rich.

Rich spiritual people are actually some of the most important people in the world. They are the ones who practice ethical investing. They give money to causes that matter and they help those in need.

2: To be a spiritual person, love all life 

All meaningful spiritualists revere life itself.

If you want to know how to be a spiritual person, start loving other people (and animals).

To true spiritualists, nothing is more important than the lives of others. That’s why they will never hurt another living being.

Buddhist wisdom teaches us to dedicate ourselves to helping other people. While governments seek to make profit from poorer countries, spiritualists are the ones who go out and help make things better.

3: To be a spiritual person, connect with your inner strength

True spiritual people live with mental fortitude. They cannot be broken.

True spiritualists are stronger than the average person. Their spiritual beliefs provide armour to the pressures of life, like a psychic shield.

The true spiritualist could go through hell while preserving their beliefs and honoring their code of conduct. Unlike so many other people, true spiritualists will never be broken.

4: Truly Spiritual People Do Not Fear Death

Spiritualists don’t know what happens when we die. But they also do not fear what happens when we die.

Spiritualists recognise that the lifeforce / qi / chi / the soul / the universal energy, continues when this life ends. And because of that belief, they walk through life never fearing death.

5: Truly Spiritual People Do Not Place Labels On Themselves

Who are you?

The average non-spiritualist answers that question by talking about their job, their relationships, their background, and other labels.

They don’t know that a person’s sense of self is based on delusions.

Spiritualists do not place labels on themselves.

A spiritual person will not judge their existence on their job title. They see their true inner selves. They recognise that they are a divine spiritual life form that transcends the labels that holds so many others in shackles.

6: To be a spiritual person in 2018, be a guardian of nature

True spiritualists value all life. They love people. They love animals. They love nature. And those insects that some people step on? Truly spiritual people love those too.

Not only will a true spiritualist never harm another life, they will actively go out of their way to protect them.

Whether that means stopping an ignorant person from stepping on an ant or volunteering to help clear up an oil spill caused by an irresponsible multinational corporation, spiritualists will do their part to help protect life.

7: Truly Spiritual People Know They Are One Small Part Of A Giant Universe

Non-spiritualists often place emphasis on themselves and on their own lives.

Spiritualists know that they are one tiny part of a grand universe. They know that that universe matters a heck of a lot more than they do. They have perspective.

8: Truly Spiritual People Don’t Think Their Spirituality Makes Them Better Than Everyone Else

Too many celebrities act as though they’re better than everyone else.

What’s worse is when they think that their spirituality makes them superior—

  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s “Conscious Uncoupling,”
  • Russell Brand’s unique ego-fueled glorification of Hinduism,
  • Moby’s inability to stop telling everyone that he’s a vegan… Yes, I love animals too, but I don’t feel the need to tell everyone about it every five minutes.

Spirituality is a fantastic thing. But damn it we don’t have to rub in everyone’s face.

9: Truly Spiritual People Do not care about image

If there’s one giveaway of a pseudo-spiritualist it’s that their main yogic concern is the tightness of their posterior.

They know every asana, but only so that they can look good. They’ve never understood that yoga is actually a deep spiritual practice that is as much about the spirit as it is about the body.

Genuine yogis don’t care about how their butt looks. They’re fit because they value their life and their body, not because they want to look good. We do yoga for spiritual reasons, not for vanity.

10: One of the best ways how to be a spiritual person in 2019 is just to be grateful

Truly spiritual people express gratitude every single day.

Truly spiritual people recognise the beauty and value of life. They perceive and count their blessings. They express gratitude every day.

The spiritual individual sees the beauty in their own life and expresses thanks for it.

If you want to know how to be a spiritual person, practice gratitude.

Genuine spirituality is about love, compassion, belief, and the willingness and effort to make a positive contribution towards society. Tight butts and yoga pants are irrelevant.

These are ten of the most important ways to be more spiritual.

How many of them do you do?

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