12 Effective Stress Management Techniques To Feel Chill In 5 Mins

techniques to beat stress and anxiety

We’ve got 12 effective stress management techniques that will totally kill stress and anxiety.

Oh. And none of them involved medication.

Stress is the biggest problem in the health world.

30% of people say they are always under constant stress at work. That’s why we want to fight to help you defeat stress.

You deserve to live a life free from stress. And you can get there without meds. Natural cures are the way to go. Why? Because your mind is the most powerful tool you have. And when you make your mind strong, you will never need medication for stress again.




How I was personally forced to find alternative and effective stress management techniques when my doctor failed me

Back in 2008 stress tore my life in two. I was living abroad when I broke up with my girlfriend. After a hurricane of heartbreak (a shit-nado, if you will), I moved back to England, desperately needing to heal my mind.

At that time I went through therapy. I was told I had suffered an “extreme stress reaction”. And I thought I would never get back to mental health ever again. I wasn’t sleeping I was smoking my head off. I had chronic eczema because of the stress. And I saw no way out.

But I was not about to let stress ruin my life. So I took it upon myself to cure my stress. I wanted to know how I could naturally stop stress and how I could silence all the negative thoughts in my mind.

So I spend countless hours researching all the best ways to handle stress. I learnt more than thirty different types of meditation techniques.  I started using yoga for positivity, and tai chi for relaxation. And of course, I used meditation for anxiety.

I found twelve truly excellent natural techniques to beat stress and anxiety. And I would like to share them all with you.



The 12 Effective Stress Management Techniques

Different treatments work for different people. After all, we are all wonderful and unique individuals aren’t we? So as an individual, what works for me might not work for you. That’s why there are twelve different techniques to beat stress and anxiety, because one of them is sure to work for you.

Try all twelve of these techniques to beat stress and anxiety. And then stick with the ones that work best for you.

And I would love to hear from you. Let me know which techniques work for you. Leave a comment after you read the list.


  1. Meditation For Stress Relief

The scientific research here is truly staggering. Meditation kills stress. Here’s everything you need to know about using meditations for stress relief.

One of the best things you can do for yourself today is to start using meditations for stress relief.

Meditation techniques for stress can help you to let go of negative thoughts, to find a natural treatment for depression and anxiety, and to let go of all those worries, doubts, fears and other negative thoughts that ruin our inner peace. Click the link below and we will reveal the best techniques for stress relief.


Meditation for Stress Relief

You may be wondering how mindfulness for stress relief works. After all, techniques for stress aren’t like other stress treatments. We don’t take a pill, we don’t do any particular exercises, all we really do is close our eyes and focus on our breath. It is extremely simple. Yet sometimes, the simple treatments are the most effective.

The reason we suffer from stress is because we allow all manner of thoughts to get on our mind. We fill our minds with doubts, fears, worries about the future, regrets about the past. It can be extremely difficult to find release from these thoughts.

What mindfulness does is silence the mind. It removes all the thoughts. When we practice mindfulness for stress, we focus absolutely on one relaxing things: perhaps we focus on our breath or on a scent or on a feeling, such as the feeling of water on our bodies. We focus on these things absolutely, so we are no longer thinking about stressful thoughts. This is how meditation for stress works.

Meditation for stress quiet all those negative thoughts. All forms of mindfulness help with stress. There are a great many techniques for stress relief. Thankfully, on TheDailyMeditation.com you can learn about them all. Take a look at my guide to meditation techniques here.



2. Embrace the moments of your life’

techniques to beat stress and anxiety

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the stress in your life is caused by too much thinking and worrying, often about the past or future?

Live now. Don’t dwell on the past or the future. Let that all go. Live mindfully. Focus your mind on the present moment.

Scientific research has shown that practicing mindfulness for 20 minutes a day is extremely beneficial to your health. It cures stress. It ends depression. It boosts happiness levels. And it only takes twenty minutes.


3. Those thoughts of yours. Let them go.

how to beat stress 2

Science has proven that the average person spends 47 hours a week thinking. And most people think negatively rather than positively.

Positive thinking is good. But what’s better is not thinking. What’s better is mental silence. Listen to the silence around you. It will heal your mind.


4. Snuggle a pet

cat and dog

Do you know that there are over 1 hundred proven health benefits of having pets?

Animals are proven to lower our stress levels. Our furry friends shower us with affection and make us feel loved.

When you’re down snuggle an animal. In fact, just snuggle animals in general. The more love in the world the better, right?

5. Treat Yourself

treat yourself

Are you hard on yourself?

Do you beat yourself up when things go wrong?

I get that. I’ve been there.

But you know what? It doesn’t help. Beating yourself up will make you more stressed and more depressed.

Being your own best friend will beat stress.

So what would you do for your best friend? Give them gifts to cheer them up, right? Do that for yourself.

Buy yourself some gifts. Or if you don’t want to buy gifts, just treat yourself to something nice.

Cook a beautiful dinner and eat it slowly.

Take a long bath with relaxing candles around you.

Lie down and meditate. Or listen to relaxing music.

Be your best friend. Treat yourself. Your mind will thank you by removing the stress from your system.

Remember, you deserve relaxation, so take a break and reward yourself in between work.

6. Just Breathe

just breathe


When you’re stressed or depressed you probably act negatively.

Maybe you have a smoke. Maybe you watch some R rated ficks. Maybe you get angry and yell. Maybe you drink alcohol.

That’s cool. No problem indulging every now and again.

But the next time you want to indulge in a bad habit, just take 30. Take 30 seconds to meditate on your breathing.

After those 30 seconds of meditating, see if you still want to be naughty. See if you want to indulge in your habit.

If you still want to indulge, hey, I’m not going to stop you. It’s your life. And besides, I’m pretty confident that after 30 seconds of meditating you’ll change your mind anyway.


7. Express your anger in healthy ways

beat stress naturally

Anger is natural. Everyone –I don’t care who they are—everyone feels anger. It’s normal.

But studies have proven that when you actually act in an angry way, you just get more angry.

The trick to beating your anger is to express it in healthy ways. You can use nonviolent communication to express how you’re feeling. You can chat with friends. You can write about it.

Express your anger in a healthy and positive way. That will diffuse the situation.

And remember that one of the best ways to stop stress is to have fun.



8. Accept that you suck at some things

everyone is a genius quote

You might be stressed because you suck at something.

Maybe your boss has asked you to give a speech. And you hate giving speeches. You’re really very bad at them.

So what?

No biggie.

No one is great at everything. Accept the fact that yeah, you suck at some stuff.

As soon as you accept your weaknesses you will see them in a new light. Instead of being stressed about that speech you’ll think objectively. “Hey, I suck at speeches. So what can I do to make this easier on myself?” That mentality will change everything. It will beat stress and let you act positively.


 9. Run away… and then come back with a fresh perspective

change your perspective

Running away from stress is perfectly normal.

No one wants to be put into stressful situations.

Heck if there were a tiger in front of you would run. I mean you’d die anyway because the tiger is faster than you. But you’d run. That’s the natural response.

Same deal for more conventional stresses.

You run from stress because you don’t want to go through it. And that is fine.

Run away from stress. Take yourself somewhere relaxing. Chill out for a bit.

Once you’re thinking more positively return to the task at hand. With a fresh perspective you’ll find you can overcome that obstacle.


10. Eat chocolate

chocolate quote

Comforting eating is a bad habit. Thing is, most people don’t do it all that much.

There is no harm in indulging in some nice food once in a while. I mean honestly if you can’t even be free to eat a tiny bit of chocolate, what’s the point?

If you’re stressed occasionally, do something pleasant. Eating chocolate, for instance, will release endorphins into your brain and make you feel happy. So long as you don’t overdo it there really is not problem.


11. Sweat it out

sweat it out

Exercise. It’s that thing most of us hate until we do it. And when we do it we actually enjoy it.

Ha ha. The mind really is a crazy thing. Making you think you’re going to dislike something you actually enjoy.

Exercise is a natural elixir of stress. If you exercise you will beat stress most of the time.

And you really don’t have to go nuts here. You don’t have to run a marathon or climb a mountain. I mean kudos if you do do that. But you really don’t need to.

Go for a walk. Hit the club and dance. Play one of those motion controlled video games. Just move.

Movement of body is movement of mind. If you’re feeling stuck and stressed move your body.


12. Blog (or diary) your stress

diary quote

Writing is highly cathartic. For instance, I can tell you right now that I am stressed because it is the anniversary of my father’s death. And my mum will call in a minute and I’ll feel stressed trying to make her feel happy on this difficult day.

Thing is I’ve just blogged about it in that sentence above. And you know what? Just writing that sentence, just expressing that stress, makes it seem more manageable.


13. Learn something new

learn something new

Often when you’re stressed your brain is stuck in one way of thinking.

“I’m going fail my exams tomorrow,” you think. You get stuck on those negative thoughts. And that makes you stressed and depressed.

To beat that stress you need to make your mind think in different ways. And one of the best ways of changing your mindset is to learn something new.

When you learn something new you fire old neurons in your brain. The mental entropy that takes place in your brain actually changes the structure of your brain. And it makes you think about things and perceive things differently.

When you’re stressed do something new. Learn a new skill. Just take 10 minutes to do something completely different. This will change your mindset and beat that stress right out of your brain.


Here’s an alternative stress management technique: grab a pencil



Asked how to relieve stress at work, millions find the answer in drawing and painting. Yet many more prevent themselves from making use of these basic activities because they consider themselves untalented. PAH! You don’t need talent to make use of fun and positive activities, especially when the activity happens to be a way how to relieve stress at work. Spend a few minutes reading this article and discover if you could take advantage of this basic relaxation exercise millions of people already use every day.

How to relieve stress at work through art


In the article An Introduction to Art Therapy we looked at the various benefits of art therapy and particularly painting, discussing how painting is relaxing, helps a person cope with stress, can inspire an appreciation for the beauty of life and much more. And, it’s worth noting, the article mentioned how many people lose their ability to enjoy painting when they grow older, largely because they begin to be concerned with that thing called talent (ask yourself: do you stop yourself from doing something because you’re not talented at it?

What would happen if you forgot about talent and simply did what you wanted to do regardless of how good you may or may not be at it? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that below).
Back to the painting. One of the best things about it is that it is an excellent way how to relieve stress at work. Imagine it like this: In your mind is a stressful thought. It’s stuck there, biting away at you like a red ant in your brain. These thoughts ruin your productivity, which is why you need to know how to relieve stress at work. Thankfully, when you begin painting, you start to think creatively. You loosen up your thoughts and they come running like a river through your mind, washing out in paint onto the page. That pesky little red-ant thought gets caught up in the tidal wave of creative-energy you’re unleashing. It dies on a page gasping for breath. Your mind is left emptied, freed from the tyranny of those nasty stressful thoughts. And you’re left free to relax. And all through the power of painting. Nice!
So, let’s now look at precisely how to relieve stress at work.

10 Minute Exercise for How to Relieve Stress at work / Home


Grab yourself a pen or a pencil and a piece of paper or cardboard. Hold the pen / pencil in your hand ready and be sitting in front of the piece of paper.

  • Close your eyes and take a few minutes to empty your mind. (if you’re at work and can’t close your eyes then just proceed with them open)
  • Once your mind feels sufficiently empty, focus on the negative stressful thoughts that’s been bothering you lately. Allow yourself to focus absolutely on that negative thought.
  • Keep your eyes closed and, when you feel an impulse to begin, start to move the pen / pencil on the page. You’ll likely move the pen / pencil very quickly. That’s fine.
  • Quite soon you’ll feel an impulse to stop. Do so. Take out another piece of paper and begin the exercise once more.
  • Repeat until you have drawn three images. Then close your eyes for a couple of minutes and relax.
So there we are. Now you have a fun and very easy way how to relieve stress at work!

Here are 5 more stress-management techniques, these ones taught by kids

How much time have you spent preoccupied with stresses and concerns that didn’t really matter? How often have you stopped yourself from doing something because of how you (quite probably incorrectly) thought others might react? Worse, how often have you forced yourself to do something you didn’t want to just to try and impress others? Let’s face it: It’s time to learn how to relieve stress naturally.

We all allow pressure, stress and negativity to get to us. It’s natural, to a degree. But what if we could just stop?

Stop caring.

Stop worrying.

Stop being so serious

Stop thinking about how other people may react.


What if we could live carefree? How much more fun would life be? How much more would we do, see, say and feel?

Thankfully, there’s time right now to take a moment to first acknowledge how much of an impact these serious, gloomy, stressy thoughts have on our lives and to turn it around, to let go, to have fun, to face the world with the beaming eyes and adventurous heart of the most excitable kid by learning how to relieve stress naturally.

How To Relieve Stress Naturally: Have Fun 4 a change . . .


Challenge Everything you “Must” or “Should” Do or Be.  How many things are there that you think you must do, or things you think you must achieve? How much of your life and personality is shaped by what you deem to be obligations of your existence? Perhaps you think you must act maturely, or you must not stay in bed in the morning. Thoughts like this—the “should” and “must” thoughts—put great pressure on us, stopping us from letting go and having fun. What’s worst, most of the time we don’t truly have to do things. Ask yourself, are those must’s really so vital? Isn’t there space to lighten up and just have fun? changing the way you think, like this, is one of the best ways how to relieve stress naturally.

Negativity, Smeg-ativity:

Get rid of negativity. This includes people who use gaslighting tactics and manipulation on you. And it includes your own negative thoughts.

Everybody has negative thoughts. They might be about money, health, relationships or anything else. You’ll already know exactly what the negative thoughts are that hold you back, but what do you do about it? Two things. Firstly, you acknowledge the reality of the situation (for instance, if you’re worried about money, accept that yes, perhaps things aren’t amazing at the moment but. . . ) having acknowledged the situation, you then look for a positive development (I might not have much money right now, but I’m motivated to succeed and will spend every day actively seeking a new job. In a few months time I’ll look back and realise that these problems were really just some spring showers)


Laugh. We all know the benefits of laughter (and if we don’t, we can find them right here, see: The benefits of laughter . . . easy). Look at the funny side of the situation. Watch comedy movies. Spend time with funny people. Crack a few jokes. Indulge in humour.

Make other people lighten up: Sometimes, it’s easier to be positive about other people than about ourselves. Make use of that fact. Instead of thinking about relaxing and having fun yourself, think about helping other people to relax and have fun. You’ll still be developing your own carefree spirit in this way, but you’ll be doubly relaxed as you’re making it about someone else.

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These are the best techniques to best stress and anxiety. Use them today. And if you know any great techniques we’ve missed, share them in a comment below.

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