Have you noticed how many different types of retreats there are these days?

A shortlist includes:

I personally love wellness retreats. They offer so much more than your typical package holiday. I believe that a good holiday should restore your soul, give you a deep feeling of inner peace, and boost your wellbeing. Take me to the mountains and lead me in some meditation and yoga. That’s my style. And that’s precisely what wellness retreats offer.

Let’s take a look at the best types of retreats and what they offer.

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The Different Types Of Retreats And Their Benefits

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1. Meditation Retreat

Meditation retreats are my favourite way to cleanse the mind and restore inner peace.

These types of retreats teach you how to meditate, and they offer you a badly needed opportunity to switch off.

If you’re like me you may sometimes find life a bit hectic, a bit too noisy, a bit loud. And what your soul really desires is some peace and quiet. Meditation retreats are the best way to get that peacefulness.

Benefits of a meditation retreat:

Sure, at a meditation retreat, you will get to learn about meditation. But honestly, it is about so much more than that. When we meditate, we silence the mind. That means turning off all the things you’ve been stressed about, all the thoughts flowing through your mind, and the noise of life. It’s like stepping out of the busy world into a divine abode. And the health benefits are enormous. They range from reducing stress and anxiety to improving your overall physical health.

There are different types of meditation retreats:


Beginners retreats 

Ones that mix meditation and yoga 


Mindfulness retreats 

2. Yoga Retreat

If you’re looking for a wellness retreat that will exercise both your mind and your body, a yoga retreat could be just what the doctor ordered [here’s my pick of the best yoga retreats].

Yoga is all about achieving liberation and being one with the universe. So if you have been feeling at odds with the world, or stuck in your life, this could be the perfect choice for you. Of course you could just go for the beaches, the pools, the massage…

Make sure you book a yoga retreat designed for your experience level. There are differenr types of yoga retreats, such as ones for beginners, Ashtanga ones, and ones for advanced yogis. Many yoga retreats also offer other experiences such as cultural trips, meditation, and Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga.

 Benefits of yoga retreats

The best benefits of yoga retreats is that they offer total wellness for your mind and body. You will be exercising your body with the physical yoga classes. And you’ll be exercising your mind with meditation. Most yoga retreats also include digital detox, nutritional classes and courses on the philosophy of yoga.

3. Spiritual retreats

There are many different types of spiritual retreats. There are Buddhist retreats where you will learn the philosophy of Buddhism and also experience meditation lessons. There are Christian retreats where you will be taught how to feel closer to God. And there are New Age retreats where you get to experience all the different new age philosophies and exercises. This is arguably the best type of retreat for opening your mind and experiencing a new way of living.

Benefits of spiritual retreats

This type of retreat is all about expanding your spiritual horizons and developing your spiritual practice. Different types of spiritual retreats offer different benefits.

5. Nature Retreat

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that nothing cleanses the soul like nature. Whether it’s swimming in a beautiful ocean with dolphins or going for a ten-mile hike through the forest, nature cleanses the soul.

At this type of wellness retreat you will indulge in nature. Accommodations are generally natural and beautiful, such as staying in a log cabin in the forest where you can hear birdsong all around you. You’ll want to turn your phone and any other devices off and simply enjoy the natural world.

Benefits of nature retreats

Nature retreats are an opportunity to return to the purer life. They are all about turning off the digital devices and connecting with the natural world. And science shows that time in nature helps to reduce stress levels and increase happiness. Add in some hiking and swimming for exercise.


6. Couples Retreats

Smart couples know that it is essential to put effort into a relationship. If you’re currently going through a rough patch in the relationship, a couple’s retreat can help to iron it out. And if all is presently great in your relationship, a couples retreat can make things even better.

This type of retreat is all about doing things with your significant other. There are fun exercises to do together, and of course, the beds are custom-designed for another type of exercise. So get busy!

Benefits of couples retreats

The main benefit of a couples retreat is to strengthen your relationship. This could be to help you through a rough patch, or it could just be to enjoy time together away from your regular lives. Either way, the experience is sure to make your love even stronger.

7. Fitness retreat

Fitness retreats are perfect for two types of people: The super-fit person who simply wants to do more exercise and activities somewhere beautiful. And the couch-potato who wants to change their life and start exercising. Either way, one of the best ways to enjoy exercise is to visit a fitness retreat. You’ll get to do everything from running to swimming to cycling and hiking.

The exact types of exercises available will vary depending on the retreat you go to. But expect yoga, kickboxing, pilates, hikes and more. Your personal fitness instructor will help you find the best exercises for you.

Benefits of fitness retreats

You can only change your physical body so much at a fitness retreat. After all you will only be there for a limited time. That’s why it is more about attitude. The main benefit you will get is a sense of positivity and the motivation to keep exercising once you go back home.

8. Digital Detox Retreat

As a guy who runs a blog, it might seem a little ironic for me to recommend a digital detox. After all, how could you read THE DAILY MEDITATION if you’re doing a digital detox? And besides,, who doesn’t want to take a selfie when you’re on a wellness retreat?

Then again, we’ve all heard about the negative effects of information overload. Sometimes, you need to switch off. And one of the best ways to do that is with a digital detox retreat.

At a digital detox retreat your devices are turned off and momentarily forgotten about. You might even find that your retreat literally has no wifi (o’, the horror!). This forces you to get back to basics and experience nature.

A lot of people find that after a digital detox retreat, they suddenly realise just how serious the effects of media are. Many even decide to chuck their phones away for good.


Benefits of digital detox retreats

Digital detox retreats are a brilliant way of going back to basics. They put you back in touch with your natural self. When you turn the digital devices off, you are more likely to experience nature, to do healthy hobbies like art and hiking, and to take relaxing walks out in the wilderness. They are great for families too, especially if your kids are online too much.


9. Weight Loss Retreat

If you’ve been trying to find the perfect way to lose weight, you might like to try a weight loss retreat. It’s the ideal opportunity to start losing weight in a way that is enjoyable, relaxing and stress-free.

You’ve probably seen those “fat busting” TV shows where contestants are put through hellacious training regimes to lose weight. Actual weight loss retreats are not like that. They are a relaxed, friendly and supportive place to start to take control of your weight. They teach you all about nutrition and the mental aspect of weight loss, and they give you exercises and fun ways to lose weight. Plus, the chefs are so good you will enjoy the food even while you’re dieting.

Benefits of weight loss retreats

Obviously the main advantages of weight loss retreats is that they help you to lose weight. But the best things about weight loss retreats is that they change your attitude. They help you to learn what you’ve been doing wrong, and what to do right instead. When you leave a good weight loss retreat you will have a totally new perspective on weight loss.

10. Detox Retreat  

Toxins in the body cause a lot of the health problems we suffer from these days. And that goes for both physical illnesses and mental health conditions like stress and anxiety. One of the best ways to remove toxins from the body is with a dedicated time of detoxing. And the best place to do that is at a detox retreat.

Different detox retreats focus on different strategies. Most incorporate various kinds of diet, and of course lots of delicious fruits and vegetables. And they will also include exercise classes like yoga and pilates.

Benefits of a detox retreat

Giving your body a period of time in which you completely eliminate processed foods will have huge benefits. And you will learn a ton of valuable information about health and nutrition. You might even notice that by the time you leave you have better skin and hair.

11. Spa Retreat

Spa retreats are the place to go if you want to feel ab’ fab. These are the type of retreat where you will be absolutely pampered. Between the massages and the facials your stress will simply melt out of your body. Utterly divine!

Basic spa retreats offer various therapeutic treatments including facials and massages. You’ll also get to experience wonderful aromatherapy and of course some delicious, nutritious food.

Benefits of spa retreats

Spa retreats are usually a lot easier to attend than many other types of retreats. Unlike yoga retreats and meditation retreats, where you actually have to put some effort in, at a spa retreat you are pampered and it is all so effortless.

The health benefits are significant too. Full body massages will improve your circulation, while steam rooms will help you to sweat out toxins from your body.

12. Adventure Retreat  

Adventure retreats are all about the fun. At this type of wellness retreat you’ll be doing all sorts of outdoor activities. Expect to go canoeing,  hiking, rock climbing… you’ll definitely get some new experiences out of an adventure retreat.

 Benefits of adventure retreats

You’ll definitely get some great exercise for your mind and body at an adventure retreat. Better than that, however, is the sense of exhilaration and liberation.

More different types of retreats

As well as the above wellness retreats, you might also like to consider:

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Written by Paul Harrison

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