12 Mantras For Personal Finance, Business, Career And Education

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There are many different mantras that you can use for personal finance, business and career interests. If you are struggling with money at the moment, if for instance, you have to pay back a loan and need help with it, or if you are trying to take your business to the next level, mantras can help.

Here are twelve different mantras that will help with your personal finances, business, and career.

Personal Finance

Shabar Mantra For Fortune In Your Life

Shabar Mantras are very powerful and are said to bring results very quickly.

There is one powerful Shabar mantra that you can use to bring fortune into your life.

The mantra is, “Om Hreem Kleem Namah Dhvah Dhavi”

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Lakshmi Mantra For Money

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and fortune.

There is a powerful mantra for money that is said in devotion to Lakshmi. The mantra is, “Om Shreem Hreem Shriyainamah”.

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Kunadlini Yoga Mantra For Money

The next mantra for money comes from Kundalini Yoga. It is said to bring prosperity into your life.

The mantra is Har Har Har Gobinday

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Mantra to get rid of debt

What if you are not trying to bring money into your life but instead are trying to get rid of debt? You want to be free from debt so you can begin to achieve prosperity again.

In this instance you can use a powerful Ganesha mantra.

The Ganesha mantra for debt removal is as follows:


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Mantras For Career Success And Prosperity

As well as there being lots of mantra for money, you can also use mantras to advance your career. We have two powerful Hindu mantras that will help with career prosperity. Let’s take a look.  

Shiva Mantra For Fame

There is a powerful Shiva mantra for careers. It is said that this mantra will actually make you famous. So if you are working in a field where fame matters (actor / musician / artist etc) then this is a very good mantra for you.

The mantra is “Om mahadeva devaya rudra moorthaye hara hara shivaya namah”

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Panchagni Mantra For A Good Job

What about when you are looking for a job? Maybe you have been laid off recently and you need to find a new job.

Then you can use a panchagni mantra for jobs.

The mantra is: “Om namo narayanaya shashwathaya nithyaya yoganandhaya paramathmane
jnanaya bhumipathaye lokaya agnaye panchagnipathaye
vedagathraya samaghoshaya gopalavallabhaya gogopapathaye rathnasimhasanashrayaya namah”.

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Hanuman Mantra For A Job

Hanuman is an incarnation of Shiva (according to some Hindu texts). And Hanuman can help you find a good job. How? By using the Hanunman mantra for a job.

The mantra is, “Om shree vajragehaya ramabhakthaya vayuputhraya namosthuthe”.

Read more abut this Hanuman Mantra For A job.



Mantra for Business growth and prosperity

If you are a business owner and you are looking to make your business prosperous and to grow your business, there is one mantra that you should definitely use. It is a Rig Veda mantra for business growth.

The Rig Veda mantra for business growth is, “Om Bhurida Bhuri Dehino Ma Dabham Bhurya Bhar

Bhuri Ghedindra Ditsassi

Om Bhurida Hyasi Srutah Puruja Shur Vrughan

Aano Bhajasva Radhasi”.


Read more about the Rig Veda Business mantra here.


Mantra For Success in Education

Finally, if you are looking for a mantra that will help with education, there’s one I recommend. It is a Saraswati mantra.

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of wisdom and knowledge. By using the Saraswati mantra it is said that you will be helped in your education.

The Saraswati mantra for education is

“वद वद वाग्वादिनी स्वाहा ।


Vad Vad Vaagwaadinee Swaha |”.

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You might also like to try the (very long) Bahota Karam Mantra for wealth and prosperity.

I hope this mantras help you.

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