17 Things You Should Always Remember If You Love Someone With Anxiety

If you love someone with anxiety you should aways remember these facts. People with anxiety are every bit as successful, beautiful and important as everyone else. Anxiety doesn’t change that. Here are some more things to remember.



1: They are awesome

People who have anxiety are still people, no different to you or me. They’re still amazing and there’s absolutely no need to treat them differently to how you’d treat anyone else.

2: They deserve support

Let’s be honest here. We’ve all had our own issues from time to time, right? And we all wanted support. So pay it back or pay it forward and be the supportive person that you yourself might be thankful for some day.

3: They can still do amazing things

Just because someone has anxiety doesn’t mean they can’t achieve amazing things. Some of the most successful people in history had anxiety—Abharam Lincoln, Johnny Depp, Adele…

4: Let’s just be compassionate

It’s best if we remember to be a little more compassionate with people with anxiety. They’re more sensitive, but just so long as we’re compassionate, everything will be great.

5: Give them time

Sometimes people with anxiety just need a little bit of time to be alone. Heck, that’s perfectly natural.

6: They can act rashly

Panic can sometimes cause people to act rashly and without thought. If they do something thoughtless, don’t be too hard on them, give them a break.

 7: It can seem like they’re ignoring you, but…

It might seem like they’re ignoring you at times. But it’s because they’re not feeling comfortable talking. They don’t mean it personally. Let them be.

8: Respect the fact that it can be hard to change

We all wish for a cure to anxiety. But the reality of the situation is that it is a challenge to overcome anxiety. Don’t make them feel rushed. Make them feel supported instead.

9: You matter a lot to them

People with anxiety aren’t social butterflies. They find it hard talking to people. That’s why the people who are there for them, people like you and I, we really matter, and they know that, even if they don’t always express it.

10: They don’t want to think that you’re worrying about them

They’re already suffering with anxiety. They don’t want the added burden of thinking that you’re worrying about them. Let them know that you’re cool with them. After all, they know how to look after themselves, so you really needn’t worry too much.

11: Remind them that they are more than they’re anxiety

So the person you love has anxiety. They’re still amazing, right? Let them know that. Tell them how awesome they are and let them know that they are so much more than they’re anxiety.

12: Make it easy for them

People with anxiety get overwhelmed. Don’t give them anything to stress about. Make life easy for them.

13: Remember that you’ve been there too

Everyone in the world at some point in their life has suffered from anxiety. It might not be a prolonged bout of anxiety and it might not be diagnosable, but we know what it feels like. Remember that you’ve been there too.

14: Laugh together

Laughter is one of the best forms of therapy. Put on a comedy, go to see a comedian, or just have a laugh together.

15: Remember that they will conquer their anxiety

The time will come. It will definitely come. They’ll conquer their anxiety. And when you look back on the time when they had anxiety, you’ll realise that going through it together made your relationship stronger.

16: Remember that you’re a damn good person

You’re helping someone you love. In my book, that makes you pretty awesome. Remember it.

17: Remember that you need time to relax too

You’re not perfect. There’ll probably be a couple of times when it’s a struggle. Remember that you need to look after yourself too. If you need a break from dealing with the anxiety, take a break. The more you help yourself the more you’ll help the people you love.


Also, always remember that you yourself can really help them. Take a look at my guide to helping someone with anxiety for more on this, and also consult my huge free guide to using meditation for anxiety.

It’s not always easy loving someone with anxiety. When you love someone with anxiety it can be a challenge. But use these tips and you’ll help both yourself and them.

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