20 Wise Life Lessons Your Friends Over 60 Want You To Know (#7!)
20 Wise Life Lessons Your Friends Over 60 Want You To Know (#7!)

These wise life lessons remind us that even in 2018, the people who have the most experience are the ones with the best advice.

Wisdom comes with age.

I recently got 20 friends over the age of 60 to ask themselves some self reflection questions and to tell us the results.

Here’s what they came up with.

1. You don’t have to love your job, just enjoy it. 

Many people think that it’s vital to have a job you love. But one of my wisest friends tells me that actually, loving your job is not essential. What is essential is to have a job that you sometimes love, a job you can always stand, and a job that actually pays the bills.



2. Appreciate the moments

Do not rush life. Take your time. Enjoy the moments. Don’t marry too young. Don’t hunt jobs just for the labels or the salary. Don’t focus on materialism or status. Appreciate the true nature of life, the moments. Live consciously in the present moment.


3. Laugh a lot

Don’t take everything so seriously. Life is meant to be light-hearted and joyous. Take the time to laugh a lot.


4. You will know your friends because they will be there whenever you need them

One of our Facebook followers says, “True friends are the ones who are there for you even when it’s grossly inconvenient for them. They’re the ones who will suffer for you. And they are the ones who are worth suffering for”.


5. Treat your special one magically

The most special person in your life is the one sharing it with you. This person deserves to be treated like magic.


6. Appreciate the moments with your kids

Kids grow up so fast. I recommend making the most of the moments you share with them.


7. Work isn’t as important as family

One regret a friend shared with me is this: They had worked so hard they lost their family because of it. Family is the most important thing in the world. Always remember that.


8.   Respect your body

When you’re young it can be easy to take your body for granted. You’ll only end up regretting it. Respect your body. Love it. Have self compassion. You will thank yourself later in life.


9. Stressed? Live in the moment

Stress gets to us all some times. The key to stopping stress is to live in the moment. Just breathe. Relax.


10. Eat healthy and exercise

Eat and exercise like you would if you had heart disease—then you never will actually get heart disease.


11. Appreciate the preciousness of your life

You are here on Earth for a limited time. Make the most of every moment. Time is too precious to be wasted.


12. Floss

One friend who has the most beautiful smile ever, tells me this: floss. Dental problems are the worst.


13. Listen. But follow your own path

Listen to others. Many people are wise. Many people offer good advice. But you are unique. And only you know what is right for you. So after you’ve listened to other people’s advice, follow your own path.

This is personally one of my favorite wise life lessons.


14. Materialism? It’s not important

Don’t let yourself become obsessed by stuff. Stuff is not important. It’s just… stuff. Life is worth far more than money ever will be. This is definitely one of my favorite wise life lessons. 


15. Be gentle with your joints. Injuries last forever

Be gentle and take care of your joints. An injury can last forever. And you’ll really know about it later in life! Definitely a wise life lesson if you want to last the test of time. 


16. Appreciate the little things

Today we’re too concerned with getting things done. We rush to get onto the next thing. Stop. Appreciate the moment. Sure, you could send that text and be done with it, or you could actually call your mother and spend some time in deep conversation, enjoying each other’s company.


17. Get out of debt. And stay out

Loan sharks are predators. Do not let them get you. And if you do, get out immediately and never get back in. Sigh. How many of use wish we’d listened to this wise life lesson years ago?! 


18. Ignore jealousy and doubt

Nothing destroys a good relationship like jealousy and doubt. If you have a magical relationship, don’t dirty it with thoughts of jealousy of doubt. Trust. And that is definitely a wise life lesson.


19. Dare to do something magical

Many things in life have seemed impossible. The laptop or cell phone you’re reading this on right now was once considered impossible. Then one brave, inventive, daring person changed all that. Be that person. Dare to strive for the impossible. This is probably the coolest of all wise life lessons. 


20. Greet a fresh face with fresh eyes

When you meet a new person for the first time (and I won’t say a “stranger” because none of us are truly strangers, we are all one and the same)… when you meet a new person, greet them with open eyes. Realise you do not know anything about this person. They are new. They are unique. They are a beautiful individual. Respect them as such. Do this and you will enjoy many beautiful friendships.


What do you think about these wise life lessons?

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