They Took Just $2000 And Build This Ecofriendly First Home Out Of A Container


Real estate. It costs a veritable truck load of cash. But what if there were an alternative? What if there were some clever, inventive, ingenious way to build a home not for hundreds of thousands, but for a mere two grand. Two grand. That’s the cost of a good TV. And now, thanks to the inspiration of some amazing home owners, we now know that $2000 is all it takes to build your very own home. How can it be so cheap? Two words: Shipping container.

There is a huge surplus of shopping containers on the market right now, just waiting for people like you or me to pick one up. They cost around $2000a piece, and they provide the perfect basic building block for a new home. Once you’ve got your shipping container down you can let your creative brain go nuts and customise the container as you wish, turning it into any sort of home you like.

We’re witnessing a rise in the number of innovative home building ideas. More and more people are skipping the conventional mortgage approach to real estate and taking an alternative route. Websites even exist today to help you create new homes based on innovative (and economical) ideas.

Make no mistake about it. This is the future of real estate for a great many people.

Here are some photos of amazing home designs



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