25 Mindful Habits You Can Use Today

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Try these 25 excellent mindful habits today. Trust me, they will make you so much happier, more alive, and more at peace in the world.


Mindfulness is the state of focusing on the present moment with a non-judgmental mentality. When you’re being mindful, you simply observe the world, or your thoughts and feelings, without judging them as positive or negative, good or bad.

It’s a simple thing. Yet mindfulness is a powerful way to develop positivity and to strengthen your mind. When you practice the mindful habits below, you will experience the pureness of existence.

This “pureness of existence” makes us more compassionate, more understanding, and more content. We let life take us and carry us on its current, not fighting that current, just experiencing it and enjoying it. With mindfulness, we free ourselves from fear, desire, and ego.

The mindful habits below are beneficial for everyone. With daily practice we can cultivate inner peace and tranquillity.

That might sound a little overly-optimistic, that, “Cultivating inner peace and tranquillity”. Because, of course, life is kinda hectic at times. Like the ocean, sometimes the current gets rough. Sometimes we struggle to keep afloat. But the truth is that if we let go, if we trust life, if we just go with the flow, we’ll be a lot happier and a lot more successful too.

The most beautiful thing about these mindful habits is that they make you connect with the present moment. This moment–yeah, this one right now–this is what life is all about. There’s always this moment, this moment right now. Living is about staying in the present moment, here in the now.

There are 25 really easy mindful habits that will help you to live in the moment.  Why not give each of them a try. Leave a comment to let me know how you got on.



 25 Mindful Habits you Can Try Today


1: Go for it

The best way to start anything is to just go for it. Tell yourself that you’re going to give mindfulness a shot. You are going to commit to the mindful habits below and you’re going to see how big a difference they make.



2: Do what you’re doing

What are you doing right now?

Well, I guess that’s obvious, actually. Right now you’re having a conversation with me, right? So just do that one thing. Don’t think about anything else. Don’t try to multitask. Just do that one thing. And then, after that, do the next thing. One thing at a time.



3: Be grateful for this moment

Recognise that this moment right now is infinite. This moment stretches across space and time. This moment connects us all together. We might be in different countries. We might be different people. But we’re all now. This moment is what holds you and me and the whole world together. And that’s pretty awesome when you think about it. Show appreciation for the individual moments of your life.



4:  Connect with your senses

Your senses are always working. You’re always seeing things, hearing things, smelling things… be aware of those senses. Be mindful of them. Because really, the entire world is brought to life for you through your senses. The more you’re aware of your senses, the more you live. This is one of the most important mindful habits of all. We have five senses for a reason. The more we use them the better we will be.


5: Something is beautiful right now

I’d wager a billion dollars that wherever you are right now, there’s something beautiful nearby.  It might be some flowers. It might just be a particular sentence in this article that you like. Focus on that thing. Be aware of the beauty around you.



6: Set an alarm

Set an alarm to go off every two or three hours. This is your reminder to be mindful. You might like to use a relaxing sound like a singing bowl or a birdcall. When the alarm goes off, take sixty seconds—just sixty seconds—to be mindful. That’s all it takes, sixty seconds.



7: Take five deep breaths

Your breath is a sacred and beautiful thing. Breath connects us to the outside world. We take in life through air and breathe it deep into our bodies. It sustains us. It makes us alive. So take five deep breaths and really focus on the air coming in and going out of your body. Meditate on your breathing.



7: Say something to someone and really, really mean it

The next time you say something to someone (anyone) really focus on the sound of your words. Your words are infinite. You could say anything. You could say something so profound it changes someone’s life. Focus on your words and really say something that truly matters.



8: Less noise, more music

Noise will distract your mind. It will also stop you from hearing the genuine orchestration of life. There’s music in the world. It surrounds us all day and night. Listen. It will be there.



9: Turn the phone off

Cell phones are great and all, but they’re also a constant distraction. Turn it off.



10: Eat mindfully

Food is divine. It nourishes our body and mind. It deserves to have your full attention when you’re eating. The next time you go to eat something, choose the food mindfully. Then eat mindfully and slowly. Really pay attention to what you’re eating. Be aware of what it is, where it comes from, what it tastes like… everything. This is one mindful habit that will make you a lot more healthy.



11: Shower with your eyes closed

Eyesight is a wonderful thing. But because sight is the most powerful sense, it can also distract you from your other senses. The next time you take a shower, close your eyes. Smell the soap, feel your body, get in touch with your other senses. You will find this wonderfully relaxing.



12: Turn your computer into a Zen computer

Your computer is probably full of all sorts of pointless apps. All they do is distract you. The delete button is there for a reason.



13: Read

Books are beautiful. When you read a book you experience many of the same states as you do when you meditate. Your mind slows down. You relax. The noise dissipate. Your heart rate lowers.



14: Tell yourself what you’re doing before you do it

It can be easy to turn your day into a blur. You start out with ideas of what you want / need to do, and you set about doing them. But the plan doesn’t quite work out so you end up doing two things at once, then three things… and you’re not really focusing on any of them. Tell yourself the one thing you’re going to do. Do that one thing. Complete it. Then move on.



15: Meditate

If you meditate for just twenty minutes a day you will feel great. Honestly. Just twenty minutes. And if you’re short for time you can find alternative ways to meditate. If you’re in a long queue, for instance, use that time to focus on your breathing.



16:  Smell stuff

Your sense of smell is immensely powerful. Smell is connected to your memory. When you smell things you bring memories to mind. And that means you can use your sense of smell to get in touch with yourself. Smell something, focus on the smell of the thing, and then focus on the thoughts and feelings that rise up in you.



17: Smile to strangers

You see that person outside the window? Go on. Give them a great big smile.



18: Get in touch with your intuition

Your intuition is very powerful. Science suggests that people are at their wisest when they listen to that little voice inside. Let your inner voice speak to you, and listen.



19:  Be excellent to yourself

Your inner voice can be a bully or a best friend. Make it your best friend. Speak kindly to yourself. Be compassionate to yourself. Buddha once said “no one is more deserving of your love and compassion than you yourself are”.



20: Cry

Crying connects feelings, thoughts, and physical reactions. It is also very brave to cry. Expressing your weakness is a strength, not a weakness. So go ahead, let it out. Crying will rejuvenate your soul.



21: Go slow

Life is a musical score in which beats are made of moments. Go slowly enough to enjoy those moments. Don’t rush over them. This is your life. Love it. Live it. Enjoy it.



22: Walk the path

One of my personal favourite meditation techniques is Zen walking. It’s a simple but very rewarding thing to do. I’ve written a Zen walking guide for you if you’d like to learn how to do it. Take a walk in a beautiful area and your soul will be uplifted.



23: Water

Water is one of the most divine things in the world. It’s pure, and it’s perhaps the number one representation of the power of nature. The next time you’re around water, just take a moment to realise how amazing it is. Why not try this Energising Water Meditation.



24: Rain

Rain is the healing of the land, the purifying of the world. Rain connects the sky to the earth. It’s symbolic of the perpetual cycle of life. Whenever there’s rain, meditate on it.



25: Thunder

Thunder is a symbol of power. Close your eyes and listen to that roll and clap of thunder in the skies above. Listen to it mindfully. It will connect you to your inner power.



There you go, friends. 25 excellent mindful habits. There’s never been a better time to start being mindful.

Next up, why not try these 6 Mindful Exercises  or these writing exercises.

Let me know how you get on.

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