3 Sleep Mantras For Bedtime–Cure Insomnia, Get A Good Nights Sleep

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When you know the best sleep mantras you will be able to stop any sleep problems you’ve been experiencing. 

I’ll show you how in this guide. 

But you will probably want to know the background info.  

Thousands of spiritualists have been reading my ultimate guide to mantras. 

Have you read it yet? In it I share all the best mantras and how to use them. 

One way we can use those sacred sounds (mantras) is to get to sleep.

To do this, we use the sleep mantras that I’ve shared below.

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Why use sleep mantras to get to sleep? 

Sleep mantras originally come from Ayurveda.

The Ayurveda, a 5000 year old healing system, contains many different sleep mantras, along with other advice on getting to sleep (Try These 9 Ayurveda Techniques)

The Ayurveda states that sleep is the “nursemaid to humanity”. Sleep enables the body to restore itself to its natural, energised, pure form.

But sometimes it’s a nightmare trying to get to sleep. And that’s when you can use some nighttime mantras in bed. 

Let me share with you the very best sleep mantras ans how to do them. 

The best natural way to get to sleep is with mantras and meditation

My number one insomnia tip is actually to get to sleep meditating. I always recommend trying meditation for sleep as the first step. After meditating, mantras are second.

In my experience, mantras make a big difference.

I personally used to suffer from chronic insomnia (mostly thanks to the lads above my room in University who insisted on playing a certain violent video game at a billion decibels every night). You know that feeling when you want to slam your head into the wall so hard that you pass out, because you just cant take insomnia anymore? I was at that spot for a good few months. 

It was only thanks to sleep-mantras that I was able to solve the problem and start getting sound sleep. By practicing mantras before bed I was able to silence my mind and get quality sleep at night. The mantras that worked for me have worked for millions of people. And they will work for you too.



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 How nighttime mantras stop sleep problems 

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The science of these mantras is based on Ayurvedism.

Ayurvedism states that insomnia is caused by imbalance of Vata dosha [1], the movement of energy inside the body. If you are suffering from an imbalance of Vata dosha you will feel cluttered, your mind full of noise. 

To get good sleep you need to balance vata dosha.

To balance Vata dosha, Ayurvedic tradition advocates a lifestyle that is conducive to holistic health and wellbeing, incorporating nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. You can start to heal yourself and get to sleep using meditation (read this guide to sleep-meditation). 

Another great option is to use Pratyahara Yoga. This is a kind of mind-yoga in which we remove negative information from the mind. So if there are stresses that are preventing you from sleeping at night, you can use Pratyahara to remove them. This will help you sleep.

And of course, you can use sleep mantras.  

The Best Mantras For Sleep

 English sleep mantras

First of all, let’s take a look at a few English mantras for good sleep and insomnia.

Recite these mantras 20 times before bed.

  • “I am calm and still.”
  • “The world is sleeping and all is well.”
  • “I welcome sleep into mys being.”
  • “I am breathing deeply and calmly, becoming more and more relaxed with each breath.”

These are very basic mantras that work by the power of suggestion. These mantas will quiet your mind and help you to drift off.


These mantras are really affirmations. They are not sacred.  If you’re looking for sacred mantras, continue with the ones below.



Mantra for Good Sleep and curing insomnia # 1: Sa Ta Na Ma

Sa Ta Na Ma is a very powerful mantra.

Sa Ta Na Ma is one of the best sleep mantras. Recite this mantra before bed and you will get a good nights sleep.

This mantra has five sounds (it is a panj shabad mantra). It balances the brain’s hemispheres. Poor sleep and insomnia are frequently caused by a lack of balance in the chemicals of the brain. The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra promotes balance and returns us to our regular, healthy mental state.


Mantra for Good Sleep 2: Har Har Mukunday

Har Har Mukunday is another powerful mantra for sleep. This will relax your mind so you can get to sleep at night.

Often, insomnia is caused by a mental block. In order to overcome these blocks we need to enter a state of flow. This is where this mantra comes in. It removes fears and other kinds of mental blocks so we can relax and get to sleep.


Mantra for Good Sleep 3: Ang Sang Wahegaru

The mantra Ang Sang Wahegaru will balance your mind and body, helping you to get rest.


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More tips for getting to sleep at night

  • Studies shows insomnia can be stopped by meditation pods.
  • You can try using natural supplements for sleep.  
  • You can use tranquility pods, that relax you while you sleep.
  • Air purifying Himalayan Salt Lamps produce a better air quality that is more conducive to sleep.  
  • Relaxation eye masks cut-out light to help you relax.
  • You can use starry night projector lamps for a more relaxing quality of light.
  • Another great option is to listen to Singing Bowls
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