5 Bible Audio Recordings You Need To Hear

bible audio recordings

When it comes to the Bible, you can really only gain so much by reading it over and over again. Sometimes, rather than reading the words, you need to hear the story spoken aloud, and with a full production in the background, it becomes nothing less than an experience in itself. The Bible is the greatest story ever told, so it only makes sense to give it the life it deserves with amazing actors, beautiful musical scores, and accessibility that’s never been known before. 

If you want to truly experience the Bible, you’re in the right place. This list contains the five best Bible productions ever created. Each features actors/narrators that bring both the story and the characters to life. Experience the Bible like never before with these five full Bible productions.

1. James Earl Jones Audio Bible

Few voices in Hollywood are as iconic as James Earl Jones’. The James Earl Jones Audio Bible contains a dramatization you’ll need to hear to believe. The career actor lends his incredible talent to each character and narration in a way that brings the entire story into focus, and with a full musical score in the background, you’ll feel like you’re actually living the pages of the New Testament.


What sets Jones apart from other narrators, aside from his incredible voice, is his dedication to the production value. Anyone can just read a book, but to truly embody the characters and tell a moving story requires a special talent—and this actor’s got it.


You can find the James Earl Jones Audio Bible on Amazon in CD format, but you’ll probably want to opt for the digital version in this instance. The original recordings are captured on several CDs, which can take up a lot of space (not to mention, even some vehicles don’t have CD players anymore). The production is available with a subscription to Pray.com, the #1 prayer app on both Google and Apple stores.


2. Word of Promise Audio Bible


The Word of Promise Audio Bible is a feat of its own. 98 hours long, the production features a full ensemble of famous actors/actresses, a full musical score, and the production value of a modern film project. You simply can’t get better than this, with so many talented voices and musicians contributing to what became a multi-million dollar project and has since sold millions of copies.


The production includes the complete KJV Bible, featuring both the New and Old Testaments. See characters like Moses, Jesus Christ, and King Solomon brought to life by the eclectic cast of actors, which includes Richard Dreyfuss, Jason Alexander, Joan Allen, and more.


This is about as close as you can come to living the Bible itself, and you can find it both online in digital format, or in the original 72-CD collection. That’s right—72 CDs.

3. The Bible Experience Complete Bible


This production is another feat, featuring over 400 performers, many of whom are Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Oscar winners. Incredible talents lend themselves to some of the story’s most iconic characters; breathing life into a book that’s thousands of years old, but whose message still rings true today.


But don’t take our word for it—the critics loved it, too. The production has received many accolades for its incredible production value and ensemble cast. You can find this version both on Amazon and several other websites, but it does come on eight CDs if you order it in the original format.

4. David Suchet’s One Year Audio Bible


This NIV Bible is read by David Suchet, and is arranged in such a way as to accommodate a year-long reading. It’s recorded on six CDs, and features daily snippets of the New Testament, Old Testament, Psalms, and more.


This is the first full-length NIV version by a British actor, so it’s a special production for anyone with a love for the English language and the Bible itself. While it’s only 80 hours long, it’s arranged to help you digest only a little bit each day. The Bible can sometimes be a bit overwhelming when digested in large quantities, so Suchet makes it easy.

5. Complete Dramatized KJV Bible


While this audio production may not feature a star-studded cast, it still holds a special charm of its own. With unique voice acting and original music, the Complete Dramatized KJV Bible is a production that’s both inspiring and affordable. Engage both your ears and your heart with the rich recordings and the Word of God delivered with stunning accuracy and relatable tone.


This is certainly one of the more affordable productions on this list, coming in at just under $20 in most cases. You can also get the free audiobook on Amazon with a Prime account.



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