5 Phone Phobia Cures To Overcome Your Fear [TUTORIAL]

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These 5 phone phobia cures will help you to stop being scared of talking on the phone. If you’ve got the symptoms of phone phobia, there are cures.


Got phone phobia? The symptoms of phone phobia are a fear of making phone calls and anxiety when on the phone. But if you have phone phobia, don’r worry. There are cures.

Being scared of talking on the phone can seem a little strange. I used to think I was the only one with that fear. How wrong I was. It turns out that millions of people are afraid of talking on the phone.

Still, it is a strange thing to be afraid of, isn’t it?

For a long time my phone phobia made no sense to me.


I’ve moved country. I’ve jacked in my day job to work on my passion. I’ve acted on stage in front of thousands. That’s a breeze to me.

But oh lordy, the phone.

When I call someone I don’t know, usually for a business cold call, my hand shakes so much I nearly drop the phone, I mumble nervously, my chest tightens, and it’s hard to even speak. I get all the symptoms of anxiety.

I have a phone phobia.

My phone phobia stems from social anxiety. And when I say that to you I feel ant-size. Because here I am, a meditation teacher, who has actually written guides to using meditation to stop anxiety, and I still feel anxious when I pick up the phone. My apologies for my rampant hypocrisy.


But how do you actually know if you have phone phobia? 

How do you know if phone phobia stems from social anxiety or from something else? There are clues. If you study what does and does not make you anxious, you’ll get to the bottom of things.

I know my phone phobia is social anxiety because of other things I do that I am not anxious about.

I’ve acted in front of thousands of people. That’s no problem. I’ve commentated to tens of thousands. No problem there either. I love performances like those. But whenever I get into a casual conversation, or a conversation where the other person is free to say anything, I panic.

I panic because I don’t know what the other person will say. The whole reason why I am scared of talking to people on the phone is that I don’t know what they’ll say.

As a kid, I was severely bullied (and even put in a dumpster at one point). From then on, I’ve been worried about what people might say or do to me. And ironically, the words did hurt more than the sticks and stones. Because physical bruises heal faster than mental ones. One of the last remaining mental bruises is my phone phobia.

Most fears are illogical. Phone phobia is logical. Normally, when you talk to someone you can see their body language so you know how they’re feeling. You can then use that information to control the flow of the conversation. A phone call is a meeting in the dark; often a meeting in the dark with a stranger. You can’t see their face. You have no clue what their body language is saying. You’re defenceless. And it is terrifying.

So when you think about it, there is a logic to phone phobia. And we will use that logic in a sec when we find ways how to stop being scared of talking on the phone.


So you think you’ve got phone phobia. Look for these symptoms.

If you’ve got phone phobia, you may experience negative thoughts.  A common example of a negative thought is:  “It’s the debt collectors on my case. They’ll take my car”.

Physical symptoms can include sweats, a tight chest, clenching your teeth.

You mumble when talking on the phone.

You look around you nervously to check no one is watching you.

If you’ve got those symptoms you have phone phobia. So let’s look at some ways how to stop being scared of talking on the phone.


So what are the best phone phobia cures? How do you stop being scared of talking on the phone?

So you’ve got the dreaded lurgy. You’re one of those weird folks, like me, who’s terrified of talking on the phone. What can you do about it?



The Best Phone Phobia Cures 

  1. Find the underlying reason behind your fear

You can’t fix anything until you know why it’s broken. Something is broken here. And what is broken is a part of your own mind.

Most phobias stem from memories of traumatic moments. The worst phone call I ever received was from my mum. I was away in Canada. She called at 8 in the morning to tell me my father had died of a sudden accident. I cried and cried. Importantly, I cried down the phone. Through that event my mind associated the phone with pain. That made my phone phobia worse than ever.

But by being aware of the underlying reason for a fear, you can start to find a solution. Once you know the cause you can find your personal phone phobia cure and you can stop being scared of talking on the phone.

Whenever I’m asked to help someone with anxiety I always start by trying to find the underlying cause.

If you’re not sure why you’re afraid of phone calls, use this insight meditation to see what’s happening in your own mind.


2. Hide in a hole. And make the phone call there.

When I make a phone call to someone I don’t know, I experience the same thoughts every single time. One of those thoughts is, “Someone’s watching me. And they think I’m terrible on the phone.” Sound familiar?

Bet on logic, here. You’re scared someone’s watching you. So put the phone somewhere private. Put it in a separated cubicle, so you can look at those four plain walls around you and think, “Oh thank god, I’m alone.”


3. Practice some positive thinking

Right now, when the phone rings your mind turns into Worm Tongue (from Lord Of The Rings; yes, I’m a nerd). Negative thoughts flood your mind and make you sweat. Kill the negativity with these tricks. Slap yourself in the face. Kickstart your positivity with these tips. Then your mind will start thinking positively, helping you to relax on the phone.

4. Get a more friendly phone

Phone’s can have happy of sad faces. Well, not really. But phone design can play into your phobia. My phone right now is a big black block. It’s mean looking. I don’t like it. And it doesn’t like me. Grab yourself a relaxing phone cover.

Some phone covers are so peaceful and relaxing they’ll chill you out while you’re making that call. You can choose a relaxing wallpaper for your cell phone splash screen too.

Take a look at thephone cases available on Amazon  Choose one that you find relaxing.

5. Be prepared for the call

Fearing an inbound call? Got an idea what the other person is going to say? Prepare for it. You don’t have to dive naked into a phone call. Write yourself a speech. Prepare answers to questions. Make it a performance and rehearse. Then, when the phone rings, you can put your stage-face on and act out the call you’ve been practicing.


We shivering phone fearers need to take a stand against the terror of the phone. Rise up and overcome the menace of the call. Together, we can defeat the menace of the ringing phone.



Got fear of phone calls? know someone who does? Or maybe you have a genius solution. We’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below. And remember to LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter. Thanks.





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