How To Shield Your Jon-Judgmental Attitude At The Worst Times

5 Everyday Situations When Your Non-Judgmental Nature Will Be Challenged

We spiritualists know that acceptance and universal love are right. But there are five times when our non-judgmental attitude will be challenged.


Maintaining a non-judgmental attitude today is no mean feat. Everywhere we turn we’re being pressured to make judgments. On Facebook we’re constantly judging whether or not you should hit the LIKE button. At work we’re often required to judge the performance of others, especially if we work in a managerial position. At home or in social situations we’re constantly being asked what we think of other people.

Today’s society seems custom-designed to force us into making judgments.

But for the most part, we spiritualists and positivity warriors manage to do pretty well, I think. You and I, and others like us, we go through life managing to maintain an attitude of acceptance. But even for the likes of you and I there are still some times when it’s oh so difficult not to give in and cast judgement.



Here are five everyday occurrences when your non-judgmental attitude will  be challenged.



1: When a stranger sends you a friend request on Facebook

You’re sitting there minding your own business when up pops a friend request. You hit the little avatar button. Hey presto, up pops someone you’ve never seen before. They want to be your friend, but you don’t even know them. How on Earth do you not making a judgment in this situation. Surely you have to judge whether to accept the friend request. What do you do?

Personally I always accept the request. Why? Because someone is asking to be my friend. Of course there is a possibility it’s a fraud account, but that shouldn’t be the primary concern. The primary concern is maintaining complete acceptance. Hit the ACCEPT button. At least that way you yourself are doing the right thing. And provided you set up your security options to safeguard yourself from potential harm, you’ll be in the clear.

2: When people speak mindlessly

It happens all the time. You’re simply going about your everyday business when out of the blue you hear someone speaking mindlessly. We hear insults all the time, whether they’re aimed at us or at someone else.

When people speak mindlessly it seems natural to label them some derogatory term or other. It’s such a challenge to be mindful and accepting at these time. Sure, you remind yourself that the person might have had a bad day or even a bad life and that that’s leading them to act mindlessly. But there’s still that faint hint of disapproval. What do you do?

I find it’s best to aim for compassion. The right thing to do is to try to guide the offender towards mindfulness and non-judgment, and the only way to do that is by showing them acceptance and compassion.

  1. When someone challenges your beliefs

If there’s one thing people tend to be sensitive about it’s their beliefs. Whether we’re religious, spiritual, or simply someone with strong convictions, we hold our beliefs as sacred. When someone challenges those beliefs it can be hard not to cast judgement on them.

In truth, we should have no issue with people challenging our beliefs. What is a belief worth if it cannot withstand a little debate? We should listen to differing opinions and respect them. After all, variety is the spice of life.

4: When you experience jealousy

We all experience jealousy at times. I know I certainly have felt jealous several times over the past year or so. We see someone with all the wealth in the world, or someone who is impossibly happy, or someone who is insanely beautiful and we feel jealous. But wait.

There’s likely to be reasons why they might be jealous of us too. Perhaps they have more money but we have more friends. Perhaps they have a big house but we have a job we love… we should aim to be thankful for what we’ve got, and also thankful for what other people have. After all, why shouldn’t someone else be prosperous? The more prosperous people there are in the world, the better. Next time you feel jealous, stop. Remind yourself of everything you yourself have to be thankful for. And then be thankful for what other people have too.

5: When someone lets you down

People are going to let you down. That’s just nature. We make promises, and, though we try to keep them sometimes we fail. We’re not perfect. I know I’ve personally been let down by several people, and at the same time I’m sure I’ve let people down myself. No one is perfect.

When you feel let down by someone don’t judge them. Instead, recognise the human nature in them. Recognise the fact that they’re not perfect, but they’re pretty darned amazing anyway.

There are many times when it can be difficult not to be judgmental. But with mindfulness and self awareness we can master ourselves. We can create a state of universal love and acceptance. And when we all learn to adopt acceptance and to drop judgment, the world will be a much happier, more peaceful, harmonious place.