5 Articles About Meditation We Just Cant Stop Thinking About
5 Articles About Meditation We Just Cant Stop Thinking About

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Yes, it’s that time of the week when we take a look at the best blog posts from around the natural health blogosphere.

You’re going to love the articles we’ve picked out for you. They are all essential reads.

Take a look at these brilliant articles.


The Top 5 Articles To Read Today


Mindfulorg on Meditating In Noise

You know Mindful.org?

They’re just about the best meditation magazine in the world, in my opinion.

They recently wrote an article about meditating in a noisy environment.

Noise is all around. And it can be very difficult to focus in the midst of that noise. But we an train the mind to find inner peace and focus even in hectic environments.

My own strategy for meditating in a noisy room is to simply do some mindful breathing / Anapanasati.

Author Diana Winston recommends a sort of mini-Anapanasati meditation to do for a couple of minutes during the day.

You can read Diana’s wonderful article on Mindful.org. Take a look.

Here’s a quote from the article.

And you might like to purchase Diana’s book Fully Present: The Science, Art, and Practice of Mindfulness. It’s a truly insightful look at the science and art of mindfulness that new and experienced meditators will love. Highly recommended.


A meditation quote from Diana Winston:

“Meditation can’t always happen in blissful silence. By tuning in to the cacophony of everyday activity, we can find a space to rest and settle the mind.”

OneMindDharma on Focus

OneMindDharma is a wonderful website full of helpful tips about mindful living and spiritual healing.

They recently published an article about using meditation to improve concentration (samatha)

If you don’t quite have the focus of a monk yet, you will find their article truly beneficial.

They recommend a combination of open and focused meditations, and also suggest trying Trataka (stilly gazing upon a candle).

Read OneMindDharma’s article here.


A quote about focus by OneMindDharma

“As we cultivate a mind that is able to focus, we are able to be present more deeply in other meditation practices.”



ConsciousLifeNews on the Crown Chakra

ConsciousLifeNews is a fantastic resource for natural health and healing.

They recently published the seventh and final post in a series about opening and healing the chakras.

In Vicki’s article she guides us through a meditation to open the seventh chakra.

Vicki says, “Just as earth and sky balance each other, our physically-grounded body deeply needs the freedom and inspiration of our highest chakra, the crown.”

Vicki’s article originally appeared on ChakraBoosters.com

Quote about the chakras by ConsciousLifeNews


TMHome on Gisele Bunchen’s Meditation Practice

Tm Home is one of the most helpful websites in the world when it comes to covering Transcendental Meditation.

They recently published an article about how Gisele Bunchen uses Transcendental Meditation.

Though the whole “the struggle is real” vibe that Bunchen puts into her interviews is, frankly, nauseating (yes, celebrity life, that’s the hard stuff) TMHome does a great job of telling the story and reporting the facts.

Take a read of TMHome’s article here.


Gisele Bunchen doing yoga, and using meditation because “the struggle is real”… nuh-huh.


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