5 Positive Thinking Techniques That Will Make you Think Positive Always

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Recently I’ve been trying some positive thinking techniques. They’ve helped me to have more automatic positive thoughts. And that’s… well… awesome. 

Because do you know the problem with positive thinking?

It’s usually forced.


And studies show that forcing positive thinking is not a bright idea (a much better strategy is to learn Mental Contrasting technique).

But I’ve learned a secret.

There are ways to make positive thinking automatic, little positive thinking techniques that make it oh so easy to think positively.  

As you guys know, I’m a mental health athlete. I train my mind the way an athlete trains their body. Every day I do mental workouts. I do them because I believe mental health is the most important thing in the world.

When we’re mentally healthy we enjoy every moment of the day. That’s why it’s so important to use positive thinking techniques.

Mental health is usually talked about in negative ways. When we hear “mental health” the terms “anxiety, depression, and stress” aren’t far away. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Physical health is about being fit as much as it’s about not being overweight. And mental health is not just about depression and anxiety. It’s about being happy and feeling good.

This week I’ve been practicing five positive thinking techniques

One of the most important steps towards feeling amazing inside is to change your negative beliefs.

There are positive thinking techniques that help.

I’ve been practicing five psychological techniques for positive thinking. And I cannot believe how much of a difference these techniques have made. They’ve toned my mind like a bodybuilder tones their abs. And if I could fit my mind into a bikini and parade it around the beach right now, I would.

My five positivity techniques are all about noticing good things happening right now.

All these 5 positivity techniques train the mind to focus on what’s good.

Have you ever tried Buddhist mindfulness? This is similar. It’s a way of training the mind to stay in the present moment while focusing on the positive at the same time.

Try each of these. They’ve made a huge difference to my mindset.

5 Positive Thinking Technique To Create Automatic Positive Thoughts


One of the main traits of positive people is that they exercise their thinking. Here are 5  positive thinking techniques for automatic positive thoughts. 

1: 100 good things

Anyone who has read my guide to thought stopping exercises know why simple trying to stop painful thoughts wont work. A better idea is to replace them with positive thoughts. 

One way to do this is to simply start focusing on the positive. 

This idea is very simple. Wherever you are, find 100 things you like about it.

For me, for instance, I will take a walk and begin to list things I like, such as the trees and plants, and then I’ll list various objects I like… that might get me up to 30 or 40. Things get harder when you run out of positive things to list.

To get to 100 you will need to really search around for positive things.

This is where it gets good. Because while you are searching for positives, you will be training your mind to seek out the positive things in life. And guess what? Once you stop this exercise you mind will naturally continue to look for sources of positivity. And this, in turn, makes positive thinking automatic. You naturally start to think positively without even trying.

This is one of the most powerful positive thinking techniques. 

2: Something nice in everything

Here’s a really pleasant positive thinking techniques.

This positivity exercise is a continuation of the above.

Once we’ve listed 100 good things about the place we’re in, we then look for the good in whatever we see.

For instance, if we happen to look at someone we don’t get along with we have to see one good thing in them and focus on it.

Here’s a challenge:

  1. Intentionally go somewhere where there will be people you don’t get along with
  2. Mindfully observe them and also observe the way you feel about them
  3. Tell yourself that your negative thoughts and feelings are not real, they are just thoughts and feelings
  4. Now list as many things as possible that you like (or admire) about them

This will train your mind to think positively about people you do not get along with. So imagine how much easier it will be to think positively about other people in your life after you’ve done this!

This is a powerful positivity technique. It trains the mind to see the good even in things we don’t particularly like. This method is the best way to make positive thinking universal, so you’re always thinking positive no matter what you’re doing.

If you have automatic negative thoughts, this is a great way to change them and to start building automatic positive thoughts instead.

3: For a friendly positive thinking technique, give people compliments 

Ah, one of my favorite positivity exercises. This one trains the mind to see the good in everyone.

The idea is simple:

  1. for every person you see, think of ten good things about them.
  2. Don’t like your mother-in-law? Tough whoopee. You have to come up with ten nice things to say about her.
  3. And then you have to actually give the person the compliment.

This one isn’t for the faint of heart. Complimenting someone you don’t get along with is not easy. But it is worth it.

If you struggle with this one, try practicing Loving Kindness Meditation. It makes us feel kind and loving to people and reduces personal prejudices.

4: One of the most important positive thinking techniques is to change your negative thoughts

Thiss positivity technique is one of the best cures for negative thoughts.

The average person thinks 70,000 thoughts every day. And 80% of those thoughts contain negativity.

In this positivity technique we find 10 alternatives to our negative thoughts.

Now, a quick bit of maths tells us that 70,000 thoughts a day multiplied by ten is 700,000. So that’s not going to work. That’s why we focus on specific thoughts when we do this technique.

We’re looking for automatic and recurring thoughts. These are negative thoughts we often experience and that we want to change. You’ll already have a good idea what these thoughts are.

When we experience one of these recurring negative thoughts, we find 10 alternatives to it. This limbers up the mind and shakes off that negative thought.

Here’s how (This is a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) technique. )

  1. Take 25 mindful breaths
  2. Observe your thoughts
  3. Notice when you experience automatic negative thoughts (these are negative thoughts that you often think unintentionally
  4. Think of ten positive thoughts as alternative to the negative thoughts
  5. Continue until you have changed 10 thoughts.

Practicing this positive thinking technique regularly will have a huge impact on your mindset.

5: Describe what you like to other people

Have you ever notice how we all enjoy talking to positive people?

Positive people make us feel good because they make us thing about happy or positive things.

Mindful people are popular too. When people talk about what is actually happening around them right now and in a good way, we generally enjoy talking to them.

This technique combines mindfulness with positivitivy. (If you’ve read my guide to  mindful writing, this is similar)

Here’s how to do it

  1. Chat to someone you get along with
  2. Now instead of talking about your thoughts, only talk about what is actually happening around you. In other words, talk mindfully and positively. For instance, “I love how that leaf is gently blowing in the wind”.

This positivity technique achieves many things. It makes us more mindful. It encourages us to focus on the positive. It makes us more aware of what’s happening in the now. And it also makes us better conversationalists.

Try this positive thinking technique with a friend. It’s a real mood booster.

Those are the five positive thinking techniques I’ve been using this week. And I’m feeling pretty bloomin’ chipper.

But of course, as a meditation teacher I also use meditations for positivity. So let me get you up to speed on this.

How to use meditation as a positive thinking technique

If you want happiness and success, you should probably start using meditation for positive thinking.

Meditation is one of the best ways that you can stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

Have you ever tried meditating before?

If you have never meditated before, start with my guide to the top meditation techniques (see the link above). In it, I will show you how to meditate in the traditional way (for free, naturally).

If you have meditated before you probably noticed how meditation gives you insight. When you meditate you get to see everything that is going on in your own mind (which can be either a wonderfully uplifting experience or a downright disturbing one).

When you meditate you actually see your thoughts and beliefs floating around in your mind like dust-clouds in the air. You’ll notice how all those little thoughts and beliefs influence you. They influence your feelings. They influence your actions. In fact, your thoughts and beliefs influence your future more than anything else. That’s why we need to change your negative beliefs.

Once you are able to see what is going on in your own mind, you will be able to change those things. You will be able to change your beliefs and change your thoughts. So you can actually put positive thoughts and beliefs in your mind. No only will that make you happier, but it will influence your actions too.


Meditation changes negative thoughts to positive ones.

Do you worry about the future too much? Click the link for a solution.

You’re human. So inevitably you will have a certain amount of doubt and worrying occupying your mind. I mean, even people who have absolutely nothing to worry about still end up worrying about their future.

To be human is to worry. Fear and worries permeate the mind. You’re never going to be truly positive until you get rid of all those negative thoughts.

If you’re worried or stressed, you should definitely start meditating.

Meditation allows you to see your thoughts for what they are: just thoughts. It  reduces the affect that negative thoughts and feelings have on you.

Try the technique below to train your mind to think positively.

  This meditation is on of the most powerful positive thinking techniques

  1. To do this meditation for positive thinking you’ll first need to come up with a mantra / affirmation that evokes the kind of thought you wish to achieve.
  2. Take your time and choose a positive mantra that really creates the right feeling.
  3. For instance, if you want to stay positive about life in general you might choose the mantra “Life is good.” If you want to stay positive about a goal, weight loss for instance, you could choose the mantra “I’m feeling good about losing weight.”
  4. Find somewhere quiet where you can sit in peace for ten minutes without being disturbed.
  5. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Continue to do so for five minutes, or until you feel relaxed and focused.
  6. Begin to recite your mantra to yourself. You may say it out loud or whisper it. while doing so, think about your mantra and what it means.
  7. Continue to recite your mantra for ten minutes, while meditating on the meaning of the mantra.
  8. To finish, stop reciting the mantra and simply sit silently for two or three minutes.
  9. Repeat every day.

And those are my top positive thinking techniques 

With these positive thought exercises, positive thinking becomes automatic. You will start to produce automatic positive thoughts instead of automatic negative thoughts.

Combine these tips with my guide to confidence and you will feel simply amazing.

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