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Yoga is the buzzword these days. And yet ask around and plenty of people will tell you yoga isn’t working for them.  If that’s you, you might have wondered how to get more out of yoga.

Everybody considers yoga as a panacea or a magic pill that you can take and voila, overnight, you have got it all – the perfect work-life balance, stress-free days, no sleepless nights, wrinkle-free skin and the josh. [And indeed, according to Harvard yoga does massively improve your wellbeing].

Yes, there definitely are lots of health benefits of yoga.

Yoga could be a cure-all to manage the onset of certain ailments especially if you are at an increased risk. But why is that almost everybody has a different opinion about it? And why it is that for some people yoga isn’t working out?

Why is it that one of your friends says yoga makes them feel so positive, while another sums up his experience as thoroughly boring?  One feels spiritually enlightened with never-ending energy while another person wakes up with sore muscles. Why is there a sea of difference between the experiences of people who have essentially taken the same class or gone through a somewhat similar session?

5 Reasons Yoga Isn’t Working For You And How To Get More Out Of Yoga

The members of Rishikesh Yoga Club list 5-reasons why Yoga doesn’t work for some people and why some people can’t harness its benefits to the maximum.

Yoga Doesnt Work Without Willpower

If you are really keen on taking up Yoga for your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional healing, it is very important to go all-in – just what you would do any other form of therapy or workout.

If you want to get more out of yoga, or if you think yoga isn’t working for you, put more into it.

Whether you want to improve your fitness level you want to meditate, faith is a tenet you can’t do without. The realisation that you want to evolve should come from within and only then, you can accomplish it on a physical level. Otherwise, even Pranayama could be just sitting, breathing and waiting.  And soon enough, it will turn into a snooze fest and you will find yourself looking for excuses to bunk the next class.

So, if yoga isn’t working, put more into it.

If Yoga Isn’t Working, Give It More Time

Don’t expect miracles at the drop of a hat. You wouldn’t dream of it when you start working out in a gym and it is no different with Yoga. It is a communion of mind and body, and it needs commitment. While you can experience the difference in within one week, it is still a long way to go before you could actually see the difference on a physical level.

To Get More Out Of Yoga, Be consistent

At best, you should give the practice at least 21 days to understand its impact on you. If you have been consistent and punctual in these 21 days of Yoga practice, you are sure to see a visible difference in your stress levels, anxiety and performance levels.  It is important that you turn up for the classes every time and think of it more as a lifestyle and not mere 1-hour class that you can ditch anytime you want to.

One way to be more consistent is to follow some of the best yoga blogs so you have a constant source of inspiration.

To Get More Out Of Yoga, Realise It Isn’t Easy

Meditating, positions and ‘living in now’ may seem easy but they sure aren’t. You have absolutely no idea about the tricks your mind can play when you shut down the outward noises and seek respite within you.  So, have absolute trust that you will reach there but patience is what that you need the most.

To Get More Out Of Yoga, Learn It From The Experts

Yoga is a spiritual process that aligns your body and mind in harmony. The pranayama, poses and breathing techniques should be practised under expert supervision.

Each body has a different set of weaknesses and strengths. A trained teacher guides you based on your body’s temperament. She will motivate you to not give up and help you to practice the Yogic art in the most conducive way without impacting your body adversely.

Yoga is not something that you should do if you are lazy to run or lift the weight. It is a way of life and a spiritual practice that can heal you inside out.  Try to address these gaps and continue practising!

Happy Yoga! Namaste!


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