Everyone Says Facebook Makes Them Sad–5 Ways To Change That


We can live without Facebook. We just don’t want to. So here are 5 ways how to make Facebook less annoying and less distracting.


I’m on Facebook far more than I probably should be. There’s just that irresistible pull about it. Facebook makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a party with a bunch of amazing people (presuming your friends list is full of amazing people and not just strangers who added you because of some game or other).

Yeah. Facebook is fun. But it’s also annoying, distracting, and unhealthy. And if you want to have a productive and healthy day, you should probably stay off Facebook, or at least limit your time on it. That’s true for both Facebook and the internet in general. Take a look at my article on Why Facebook Makes You Feel Sad And Lonely for more on this.

Screen addiction is one of the most common health problems today. And a large part of that is Facebook.

Many of scientific studies have proven that Facebook is bad for you. But forget the science. You and I are smart enough to know that all that scrolling data and the constant bullshit is not healthy for your mind. It will ruin your inner peace. And your inner peace is worth a lot more than a few Facebook notifications.

Facebook has been proven to reduce your self esteem, to completely impair your ability to concentrate, and even to change the way you perceive yourself.

It would be easy to tell ourselves that we’ll use Facebook less. But I know for a fact that I’ve told myself that I’ll stop using Facebook about a trillion. It took a lot of willpower for me to stop using Facebook. But I’m glad I did. And you will be glad when you stop too.

I say “stop”. I really mean, “use Facebook a healthy amount and no more”.

We’re probably not going to stop using Facebook. Let’s just face that now. But what we can do is change the way we use Facebook in order to create a more Zen experience. We can make Facebook less annoying. We can make Facebook less distracting. And we can make Facebook less depressing.


 Here are 5 ways to make Facebook less depressing, less annoying, and less distracting


* Also read these tips for beating screen addiction.

Use FB purity

I personally use Chrome as my browser—I find it quicker and easier to use.

On Chrome, there’s a fantastic extension called FB Purity. It allows you to “Clean-up” your newsfeed and other elements of Facebook. All those depressing, distracting, and annoying parts of Facebook? You can get rid of them.

You can do a heck of a lot with FB Purity. You can remove Facebook ads. You can stop images from displaying. You can limit your newsfeed to specific people. You can even change the fonts and colours. Whatever you want to do with Facebook, FB Purity lets you do it.

Personally I turn off the ads, remove both sidebars, remove all post types that I don’t need to see, and turn off all notifications for games and apps.

One step, and already Facebook is a lot more Zen.

So, to start making Facebook less distracting, less annoying and less depressing, use FB Purity.

  • Monitor Friends Closely

You really don’t need to be hearing bad news from negative people all the time. That’s all three of our no nos. It’s depressing, annoying, and distracting.

Take a look at your friends list.

You’ve likely got at least a few people who always deliver bad news. Do you really need to hear all that negativity all the time?

Personally I used to feel that negative people sapped all my energy and motivation. I’d hop on Facebook and hey presto there’s those same three people telling me how awful life is. Like I need to hear that.

Thank goodness for the delete button.

And if you don’t want to hit delete because you don’t want to offend anyone, there’s always the Unfollow option.

Now we’re starting to feel a lot more Zen on Facebook.

  • Unlike pages

About a week ago it suddenly occurred to me that the majority of page likes mean absolutely nothing.

Now, that probably sounds weird because I’ve got LIKE buttons around my website and yes I do want you to like my Facebook page. But honestly, The Daily Meditation’s Facebook page is pretty different to most others.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the Facebook pages that I actually DO like. They were found among a million pages I really don’t care about at all. 

Buddha. Super Soul Sunday. Final Fantasy VII. These are some of the Facebook pages I like. But they were surrounded with Facebook pages I actually do not like.

I don’t want to talk about The Daily Meditation’s own Facebook page that much. You can take a look at our Facebook page for yourself.

Let’s focus on the average page that you probably have in your LIKES list.

Go ahead and take a look at your Likes List. I bet if you take a look at your list right now you will have about a thousand pages that you don’t even remember liking in the first place. You probably liked them on the spur of the moment, for curiosity’s sake. And you’ve probably never interacted with them since.

For instance, there are tons of pages that just share whatever is going viral. There are tons of pages that just share facts about random trivia. And there are tons of pages that post memes. Do you really give a damn about any of those page? Do you really need them constantly filling up your newsfeed? Those types of Facebook pages are distracting, annoying, and sometimes even depressing depending on what pages you have LIKED.

The more information you have in the newsfeed, the more junk your mind has to deal with.

You need to clear your mind of clutter. Start with Facebook (which I personally call FaceBollocks).

An abundance of junk does not lead to a Zen mind. That’s why you should go through your list of LIKES and delete all the ones you don’t actually care about.

  • Ask for less posts from friends who talk themselves up

Facebook is notorious for having a ton of people gloating about themselves. People like to pretend that their lives are a lot better than they are.

People are vain on Facebook. And vanity is not very zen and not very enlightened. Do you think you need these friends in your facebook friends list?

The problem with this is that it effects your self esteem.

If you constantly see people showing how flipping amazing their lives are (even when their lives are often actually pretty bland) you begin to feel bad about yourself.

It’s stupid, really, because you should feel good about yourself always.  You should not compare yourself to others. But the psychological fact is that we humans constantly compare ourselves to others, and when we look worse than others we feel bad about ourselves.

So really, every time someone on your Facebook list decides to be fake and make their lives seem better than they are, they also take a shot at your self esteem.

Don’t let fakers get you down. Just click on the down arrow in the newsfeed and select “I Don’t Want To See This”, and then “See Less From…” .

  • Be Honest About Yourself

It can be tempting to make things look better than they are. There’s just one problem with that. When you pretend that your life is better than it is, you begin to lose your appreciation for your real life.

There was a brief period of time when I personally blew myself out of proportions on Facebook. It lasted about three weeks. Then I realised that every time I fake my life I cheat myself. Plus, there’s tons of great areas of my life that are completely true. I can just talk about those things instead.

After that period of time I began to show negative sides of my life. I spoke openly about my experience going through an Extreme Stress Reaction (it felt like depression but that’s what the doctors called it, an extreme stress reaction). Sharing my difficulties on Facebook actually made me feel supported. My friends  gave me lots of encouragement (they’re pretty awesome), and that helped motivate me to get better.

So, be honest about your own life. Your life is probably pretty awesome anyway.

Those are five of the best ways how too make Facebook less depressing, less annoying, and less distracting. If you have a tip, leave a comment.



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