5 tips to help you get motivated when you aren’t feeling it

Have you encountered moments when you feel like there is no earthly reason to make any attempt? Or perhaps you wake up in the morning and decide the day is cancelled? You don’t have to fret; it happens to the best of us. It isn’t always possible to be ‘on’ at any given moment. The issue lies in getting back up after you’ve been down.

Lacking motivation can happen suddenly or gradually. For example, you may get up one day to discover that you do not feel like going to the gym. Conversely, you might also notice that your study habits are changing for the worse. Feelings of demotivation can affect different aspects of your life at different times. While such occurrences may be worrying or induce instances of anxiety or frustration, you have to remember that it does not have to spell ultimate doom. Remind yourself that you are allowed some off days, and they don’t define you.

When you find yourself in a rut and aren’t feeling it, here are a few tips to get you motivated and help you get back in the groove of things.

Find the Reason

One of the best ways to find a solution is to identify the problem first. If you are experiencing a lack of motivation, first, you need to figure out why. What precipitated such as state? Perhaps the problem is as straightforward as lacking energy. Alternatively, it may be more complex; you may not like doing something, and that dread saps away your willingness to participate. Or you feel as though you are not heading in the right direction. No matter the reason, you have to take it as a road sign. It will indicate where you are so that you can better decide where to go.

Get Inspired

In many cases, the best motivation comes from outside rather than within. Find inspiration in the people who are doing things you would like to be doing. Learn about their habits and methods to find new approaches you can take.

Numerous successful people tell the stories of their triumphs and failures every day, whether on video, at live events, or through books. All you have to do is find the person you look up to most and go from there.

Set Some Goals

A ship adrift at sea is in more danger than one navigating a brutal storm. Conversely, if you have no clear direction of where you want to go and how to get there, you will find it more challenging to muster the energy to move. Additionally, clear goals help you keep your focus and allow you the chance to get better. They may even help you get through the more routine and mundane aspects of life, including time at work or school, social obligations and family commitments.

There is more to setting goals than deciding to do something. Your aims must also have some structure to get you motivated and have the best chance of succeeding. Therefore, use the SMART model to establish your targets and create a strong foundation. SMART goals are:




Relevant and realistic.


Find A Partner, or Two

Sometimes, you need a partner to help you get moving. Having someone close by to hold you accountable may be the key that motivates you to act.

So, if you need some encouragement, why not phone a friend or two and ask them to accompany you? Especially if you are taking part in an activity like working out or even running errands. Alternatively, try getting involved in community organisations where you have to show up.

Keep Moving

In nature, it takes more energy to get something moving from a complete stop than it does to keep it going at a steady pace. Therefore, it may be wiser to maintain some momentum, even when you are not feeling motivated. For instance, staying fit through exercise can help stimulate your mind at the same time. In turn, you will be more encouraged to do other things.

To get more motivation through an active lifestyle, try joining a gym or local sports club where the community will encourage and inspire you to attain new heights.

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