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A lot can be said about the benefits of meditation. There are studies that suggest meditation can help with everything from headaches to cancer. One of the most effective things meditation can be used for is stress management [READ: Meditation Techniques For Stress]. 

Meditation is a calming and peaceful practice to add to your daily life. It gives you a moment to breathe during your busy life. A break in your schedule to do something good for your brain and body is a good way to cut back on stress and tension especially when you are overcoming a crisis in your life.

Meditation is something small you can do for yourself. It is the best way to give your brain a break. Meditation gives your body the skills to manage stress as it comes. Here are five of the ways meditation can help you overcome the stress in your life.

1. Training

No one expects you to be great at medication the first time you try. Just like everything else you do, meditation takes practice. The good news is even the practice can help with stress.

Trying to get better at meditation takes a few minutes every day to practice breathing and clearing your mind. Even just a few minutes every day letting your brain rest and heal is enough to take down your stress levels. As you train your brain and body to relax and let go of stress, your body learns and remembers how to do that in the future.

Finding a few moments in your day to find things or people you are grateful for is a good form of a short meditation that can help relieve stress [source]. The Jon Kabat Zinn Body Scan Meditation technique, in which you consciously scan your body, can help to show you how you feel and where you are keeping your stress in your body. It will help you to feel more relaxed. 

The small things you do as you get better at meditation can help you learn more about where you keep your stress and what causes it.

2. Relax

Stress has an interesting and awful way of triggering our body’s flight or fight response. Luckily, meditation has the exact opposite effect on our bodies. Meditation triggers our bodies’ relaxation response. A few minutes of breathing and clearing your mind every day is enough to let your entire body relax.

Relaxation has been proven to help the body. People who experience more relaxation and happiness have a less aggressive reaction to stress. People who relax and meditate regularly tend to be more resistant to stress and heal from stressful episodes more quickly.

It can be very hard to relax in the modern-day. Our brains are always running around and finding things we did not do or did not do as well as we wanted to. Meditation can help our brains settle and focus, letting our bodies finally relax. Try these meditations for relaxation.

3. Long-term

The more you meditate the better you will become at stress management. One of the great things about meditation is that the regularity you do it with matters more than the length you meditate. It gives you something to put into your schedule.

Having a routine is good for our bodies and brains. It lets us know what we need to focus on in a day and what we can expect. Adding a few moments of meditation into our routine can take away stress and make us better at meditation.

Starting off with three minutes of meditation a day is plenty. Meditation at the same time every day lets your body know there is a time it is going to be allowed to focus only on relaxing and healing. Meditating every day has so many health benefits and is definitely a way to help you manage stress.

4. Heart Rate

When you get stressed your body panics a little. It releases a burst of adrenaline which makes your heart race and your body feel like it needs to be moving. Stress is an awful feeling that physically affects your entire body.

The relaxation response that meditation provides helps with that feeling. Meditation slows your heart rate. It also helps your body know not to make your heart race as easily as it would have before you started meditating.

Keeping an even heart rate is good for more than just stress. It can also help you with blood pressure and potential heart problems. The relaxation response makes your body feel better, heal quicker and can help your heart be healthier. You can also use yoga for heart health.

5. Anxiety

Stress is a huge problem for someone with anxiety. It can feel like your world is ending, your throat is closing, and your heart is going to explode. Meditating can help you come back to reality.

The more you train your body with meditation the better you will be at remembering what to do when you are stressed or panicking. Knowing how to help your body and mind relax can make a panic attach much less frightening. Even if it can’t fix everything it can make your panic and stress easier to handle.

Meditation can help your anxiety [source]. Even if it only helps you come down from a panic attack it is still helpful. It gives you a tool to use to make your body and mind relax in a way you might have thought was impossible.Use these meditations for anxiety relief.


Meditation is a gift you can give your body. It is also a great way of managing everyday stress. All you have to do is practice meditation a little bit every day.

Meditation is proven to trigger the relaxation response in your body that can help with everything from blood pressure problems to panic attacks. There are no side effects to meditating the way there are with most things that can make your body relax and your heart slow down a bit.

Giving your body a few minutes every day to relax can help your body stay more relaxed during stressful situations. It can train your whole body to be more calm and relaxed all the time which will make you more healthy and your body happier. Meditation can help you overcome the stress in your life. 


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