5 Ways To Find Energy So You Can Succeed Today

ways to have more energy

Tired? Irritable? Not got the energy you need? Here are five ways to find energy today so you can succeed tomorrow.


Are you a dreamer? Are you the type of ambitious person who has lofty goals your biting at the bit to achieve?

Whether you’re a writer trying to complete your novel, a guitarist aiming to set the charts on fire, an athlete trying to beat a personal best, or a savvy entrepreneur setting up your own business, there’s a fire in your belly burning bright.

Dreams are what makes life great. Dreams give us motivation, fire us up, and make us work our socks from dusk till dawn.

But to make your dreams come true you need a staggering amount of energy.

You don’t want to feel exhausted and worn out. And you definitely do not want to give up.

But the sheer amount of work it takes to be successful is intimidating.

Checking your email, networking, putting in the legwork, doing your homework… you need Herculean energy to get through all that work.

And then there are the times life throws you a curve ball. You get sick. You go through a breakup. You’ve got bills on the kitchen table that you can’t even imagine paying. How the Jiminy Crickets are you ever going to survive all that?


Energy is the vital currency in life.

Energy is more valuable than money, more valuable than intelligence, perhaps even more valuable than time itself.

It’s from sheer energy that dreams become reality. That’s why we’d do well to arm ourselves with some ways to find energy. Because with energy we can achieve anything.


The fight for energy is a fight we all need to win. Lack energy and you’re never going to achieve anything. But once you win the fight and you’re fully energised, you find the strength to achieve truly great things.

No matter how you measure success in life, you need energy to get there.

Thankfully, there are some really great mind tricks and exercises you can use to build energy.




These are simply the best ways to find energy. Use them wisely, friends. 

  1. Mindfulness

Let me ask you a question. What percentage of your energy is wasted on thoughts and imaginings?

The average person spends 47% of waking hours thinking about things that aren’t actually happening.

47 percent.

That is a whopping chunk of energy that you’re spending on things that don’t even exist!

But don’t worry, there is a solution to this problem. The solution is staying in the moment and being mindful. Just focus your mind on what you are actually doing right now. You’re reading this right now. So read this. Focus on this. Spend 100% of your current energy output on the present moment.

Spend 100% of your energy output on what you’re doing now

Read my complete guide to mindfulness meditation. 




Make use of exercises that keep you locked in the now

There are many fantastic exercises you can use to keep your mind focused.

One of the best mindfulness exercises is mindful breathing. When you feel your mind drifting spend five minutes meditating on your breathing. This will return your focus to the present moment, so you’re investing your energy in what truly matters.

Another fantastic exercise is Tai Chi. Tai Chi has been scientifically proven to centre the mind. When you practice Tai Chi you will feel more grounded and more present. You will also be more atuned to your body. The result is a harmonised mind-body connection, leading to efficient energy expenditure.



  1. You’ve got to let yourself relax at times

One of the best ways to find energy is just to let yourself chill out, dude.

Energy isn’t like money. When you spend money it’s gone—well, unless you wisely invest your money in the stock market or in investment schemes.

Energy is rechargeable. It really is like the Duracell Bunny. You turn off your system for a while and the juice recharges.

Trick is, if you never turn off you never recharge.

This is the biggest mistake most people make. They’re so desperate to succeed that they never turn off. They just wear themselves into the ground until they’re completely spent. Then illness, depression, and stress happen.

A wiser way is to have self compassion.

Let yourself switch off when you need to. Then your mind can clear and your energy can recharge.

If you want more energy, you have to take advantage of the Use / Recharge system. The more you allow yourself to recharge today the more energy you will have tomorrow.





  1. Stop Destroying Your Third Eye

Your third eye is the locust of power and wisdom that resides within your forehead, between your eyebrows. For the longest time it was thought that the third eye was purely mythical. But science has proven that the third eye does exist. And it plays a vital role in your life.

The role of the third eye is to provide clairvoyant insight and wisdom, which you need to guide yourself to success. The problem is that the third eye is harmed by many every day items.

For instance, distractions like bright lights and loud music can interfere with your third eye. The solution is to allow your mind to switch off at night. Turn the lights off when the sun goes down and allow yourself to enjoy a more natural night. This will heal your third eye and give you more energy.

If you think there’s something wrong with your third eye, read this. 



  1. Avoid toxic people and toxic relationships

Unless you’re one of the very few people who have only positive relationships, there will be a few people in your life who are killing your energy.

These people are like energy vampires. They suck away your positivity, your strength, and your energy.

You’ve got to get away from those people.

Maybe you feel guilty at the idea of leaving them. But remember, you deserve to put yourself first. And it’s not like you have to leave them forever, just until you find better strategies for handling them.

Remove yourself from those toxic people and your energy will rebuild itself.



These are some of the best ways to find energy so you can achieve the success you’ve always dreamed off. Energy is power. Use it wisely.

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