hemp flower

hemp flower

A lot of people are learning about the joy of smoking Hemp, and the loosening of the law has made it easier than ever [1]. Not only can it help with a wide variety of medical problems, but it also has a positive effect on a person’s mental well-being [2]. It does all of this without the psychoactive effects of its more well-known cousin Marijuana [3], but a lot of people don’t know how to harvest those benefits properly. Let’s discuss five viable ways to consume your Hemp flowers.

Why Do People Prefer Smoking Hemp Flower

Before we go any further, we should tell you that smoking is the most popular choice by far. There are several reasons for this, and the first one is a simple matter of convenience. It is just really easy to get some buds out, break them up, and roll them up (or, even easier, stick them in a pipe). Not only that, but smoking produces the quickest effect. The smoke takes the CBD directly into your bloodstream so that the effects are felt almost instantly.

Smoking is also a little bit more efficient. When cannabis is ingested, it takes a lot more of it to produce any effect. Anyone who has ever eaten Cannabis brownies can tell you about this delayed reaction, but that doesn’t happen when you smoke your Hemp. On a lesser note, many people find the physical action of smoking to be relaxing and pleasant.

Here are the five most common ways to enjoy your smoking Hemp:

Smoke It

This approach requires little explanation, and we’ve already told you most of the important stuff. Most people choose to roll their smoking herbs in a rolling paper (we recommend 1.25 size so that you won’t be smoking a lot of paper). Cigars can also be used to make a Hemp blunt, which is perhaps the tastiest way to enjoy your Hemp flowers. That little hint of tobacco mixes well with Cannabis, which is why so many people enjoy their blunts.

If you go this route, you will want to wet the cigar slightly before you slit it open. This will ensure that it doesn’t break and fall apart. Of course, pipes and bongs are also good options that don’t require you to spend extra money on papers. The only problem there is that you could wind up with a paraphernalia charge if you use a great big bong in public! Yes, you’ll probably get out of that charge in the end, but no one needs that hassle.

Drink It

There are two different ways to drink CBD. First, you can use a substance called CBD isolate. It is similar to CBD oil, but it is even purer. CBD isolate is nearly 100% Cannabidiol, so it doesn’t offer any of the added benefits that come from the entourage effect. If you don’t know what that is, it can be summed up like this: All the substances in the Cannabis plant are meant to be used together, and they work best when they work together.

For this reason, we would recommend that, if you want to drink some Cannabis, make tea. You can make tea with Hemp in the same way that you would use tea leaves or coffee grounds. We shouldn’t have to tell you how to make tea or coffee, so just do it as you normally would, except that you (of course) substitute the tea leave or coffee grounds with Hemp.

Vape It

In order to vape CBD, you normally have to use a special form that has been rendered into a vape liquid. However, this article is about Hemp flowers, so that is irrelevant to us. There is, however, another method of vaping that uses solid material instead of a liquid. There are numerous “vaporizer” products out there, and they are normally used for smoking Marijuana. You just put the Hemp flowers into a chamber, and heat is used to extract all the CBD as a vapor, which is then inhaled. The drained Hemp flowers will be left behind, and will still contain trace amounts of CBD. That means you can put it in your next meal (more on that below).

Cook With It

Hemp can be added to many different dishes, and this allows you the chance to get creative. Obviously, brownies are a common choice, as these have always been known to mix well with the taste of Cannabis. In fact, sweet foods are generally the best vehicle for your Hemp flowers. Meaty dishes don’t mix as well with that, although your preferences may vary.

If you don’t want to heat the Hemp or mix it with anything else, you can always just grind it to a powder and use it as a seasoning. Best of all, Hemp is known to be highly nutritious, and you can even eat the seeds! Because you cannot smoke Hemp seeds (well, you could, but you really don’t want to do that), we recommend that you save them for later culinary use.

Use It As A Topical

Apart from its many other benefits, CBD has also been known to have beneficial effects on your skin. It seems to act as a moisturizing agent, helping your skin to replenish itself naturally. As such, many people have found it helpful for the treatment of acne, eczema, and psoriasis. You might try to make some DIY topicals from your herb, but it’s easier to just buy a ready-made CBD lotion and smear it on the affected area.


By now, you have probably noticed one of the biggest advantages of smoking hemp flowers from Mr Hemp Flower (as opposed to using one of the various kinds of CBD extracts). The whole flower is a lot more versatile, as it gives you the option of rendering your buds into other forms. When you go with flowers, you have maximum variety and a lot more choices. Whichever method you prefer, we hope that you can continue obtaining the benefits of CBD for a long time to come.


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