6 Surprising Ways Your Name Affects Your Personality

how your name affects your personality

Believe it or not, there are many ways how your name affects your personality and your life. Love your name? Great. It’s one of the most important parts of you.


Do you like your name? Are you happy with the name your parents gave you? Whether you answered yes or no, the truth is that your name has a very real affect on your life. You name influences your personality and affects the decisions you make in life. Your name can even influence the people you do and do not like.

Recent research has revealed that your name has a big affect on your life. There are six key ways how your name affects your personality and life. All have been proven by recent scientific research.

Researchers looked a Census data and discovered that a person’s name influence whether they moved home or even moved country, and what kind of career they were likely to follow. And what they found was that people favour things that resemble their own names.

Georgia’s, for instance, are likely to move to Georgia simply because it’s their name. And because of the similar sound, people call Dennis have a higher chance of becoming dentists.

The psychological science behind this is based on implicit egotism, a mental phenomena that means you will probably favour things that remind you of yourself.

So let me ask you a question. Where does your personality come from? A part of the answer is: your personality comes from your name.


Believe it or not, there are 6 crucial ways in how your name affects your personality and your life.


The 6 Ways Your Names Affects Your Personality And Your Life

1.Your name affects the people you’re attracted to and the people you end up with

Researchers looked at the marriage records for different states. What they noticed was that people will be more inclined to marry people with similar second names to their own. That’s why Mrs Harris married Mrs Harrison.

The researchers also asked a group of men to rate women on how attractive they were. The results showed that women with surnames that include the same letter’s as the man’s surname, have a higher hance of considering each other attractive.


  1. Your name affects the political group you vote for

Who did you vote for at the last election? Odds are that if a candidate had a similar name to yours, you voted for them. The researchers looked at the results of the 2000 election and found that people whose name began with a B were a lot more likely to vote for Bush, where people whose name began with a G were more inclined to vote for Gore. With the current election we’re hearing more reference to candidate’s first names. So you will be more likely to vote for a candidate whose name begins with the same letter as your first name.


  1. Your name affects the brands you like on Facebook

Your name will not affect the specific product you buy, mostly because we don’t hear a product’s general name all that often. We hear “Pepsi” more often than we hear “cola”, for instance. But because of this, we are more likely to favour brands that are associated with our name.

If your name is Sonny, for instance, you might prefer the brand Sony. Or if you’re a Samson you might like Samsung.

Researchers looked at the way people’s names affected the crackers they liked. They found that Elizabeth’s like Elioki, while Jonathon’s prefer Jonoki.

  1. Your name affects your employer

This one is truly eye-opening. If you’re applying for jobs right now you might find that companies that have a name similar to yours have a higher statistical probability of hiring you.

Researchers studies the names of individuals hired by specific companies. They found that companies will probably hire people who have names that sound similar, or that have the same first letter, as the company’s name. You might wonder what you’re supposed to do here—change your name based on every job application?

How many Fords are working for Ford right now? And how many Thorntons package chocolate?

  1. This one is shocking. But your name affects your likelihood of succeeding in life

Probably the most important way how your name affects your personality and life revolves around success.

This one is absolutely mind-boggling. But research shows that your name can significantly affect your chances of succeeding in life. Researchers aren’t sure why this is the case. They believe that if a specific outcome sounds like your name you will be more inclined to experience that outcome in your life.

Does that mean that Richards are more likely to be rich? If you’re Walter are you wealthy? If you’re Harper are you happy?

Researchers discovered that baseball players whose first name begins with K (which stands for Strike Out) will probably strike out more. Students whose names began with an A or a B were more likely to achieve those grades. Anna? Did you ace your exam? Fiona? Did you flunk? Maybe.


  1. Your name affects how much you give to charity

Believe it or not, the sixth way how your name affects your personality and life is to do with charity.

Could your name even affect your personality so much as to change the charities you give money to?


Studies show that people whose name begins with K will give money to hurricane Katrina charities. Kathyrn, how much money did you give? People with names beginning with W are more likely to give to the World Wildlife Fund. William. Thanks for your charitable contributions. And people with the name Pete will probably give money to Peta. So thanks, Pete.

How has your name affected your personality? And can you see these patterns in your friends? Ask your Facebook friends whether their personality have been affected by their names too!



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