When it comes to nailing your yoga room decor, nothing is better than a good yoga decal.

Nothing makes me happier than walking into a home and seeing artworks in a yoga room. Décor options for togis are plenty these days thanks to the fact that yoga is now so very popular.

If you have a studio at home ot you just want to make your bedroom more yogi-inspired, you might be looking for some beautiful items to put in it. My list of essential furniture for your yoga room is a god place to start.

And maybe you are a big fan of artworks, wall art and decals. If so, I’ve got a treat for you.

Take a look at the beautiful yoga decals below. They make wonderful yoga room décor, or you could simply put them around the home as a reminder to practice yoga, to live positively and mindfully, and to remember all the life lessons that out practice teaches us.


Best Yoga Wall Arts And Decals For Your Yoga Room Décor

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1: Vinyl Wall Decal For Yoga Rooms

yoga decal showing a yogi meditating on a moon
yoga decal showing a yogi meditating on a moon

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This is a beautiful yoga decal that is suitable for your studio or for placing above your bed. What I love about this one is that it looks really relaxing. The design is of a yogi meditating on a crescent moon, the end of which turns into a flower petal.

There’s a real sense of peace in this one. I personally like the black one, but there are all different choices of colours available.

2: Large Vinyl Wall Decal Lotus Flower With Om Symbol

yoga wall art decor
yoga wall art decor

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Asanas are beautiful and graceful, arent’ they? There is a real sense of flow when you are practicing asanas. It’s all about that relaxing, flowing energy. And this yoga decal represents that flow perfectly.

This one is of a lotus flower—which in Buddhism is the symbol of purity of body, speech and mind. Above the flower is the symbol for the universal mantra “Om”, which is the most famous mantra in the world and symbolises the universal sound that sustains the universe.

That’s quite a lot for a wall decal!

3: This Beautiful Zen Decal

zen decal with zen stones and bamboo
zen decal with zen stones and bamboo

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This one is really more of a Zen decal than a yoga decal. But either way it makes for some really pretty yoga room décor. It shows some Zen pebbles. Zen pebbles or rock formations are actually used in a lot of different cultures. They generally represent patience and creativity.

In this one you also have the water and the flowers, which add a lovely natural vibe that is perfect for decorating your home studio.

4: Yoga Wall Art Canvas

yoga canvas wall art with a woman doing yoga by the oceancheck Price On Amazon

This is about as classic a yoga decal as you could get. It features a yogi standing in Tree Pose next to the ocean.

I love the colours in this piece. They are warm and relaxing. The setting sun creates a real sense of inner peace, perfect for placing above your bed. Unlike the others this one is also landscape, not portrait, making it a good piece to centre on the wall above the bed.

5: Namaste Buddhist Inspirational Motivational Spiritual Yoga Quote Print

namaste yoga room decor with the word namaste translated into English
namaste yoga decor with the word namaste translated into English

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This is the best yoga room décor quotes that I’ve found online. I love it. I love the rich brown earthy colours, which are really grounding in the yoga space. And of course I love the quote, which is basically a translation of the word “Namaste”.

This one is also a great wall decal for studios if you happen to be a teacher. It educates us on the single most important word in the world of yoga: Namaste!


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Why I Love Yoga Decals And Yoga Room Décor So Much

If there are two things I love, it’s yoga and art. And yoga decals are both. But there are actually some real benefits that you get from decorating your room in the yogi way. For starters, when you look at them you are reminded to practice (in case you needed a reminder!). But more than that, they put a lovely positive vibe in your home. Instead of ugly bare walls or the generic artwork that a lot of people have in their homes, with a yoga decal we get a piece of art that symbolises that thing we are all so passionate about.

Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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