In all colleges, you will find students who succeed in almost all academic aspects and others who are struggling to keep up with academic work. There are many factors to be considered when analyzing why some students are successful while others are not despite being given the same opportunities, resources and being in the same classroom.

One of the factors that cause such differences is the habits of a student. Successful students have cultivated good habits that enable them to be successful not only in their academic life but also in other parts of their lives such as work and family. Here are some of the habits of successful students.

1.      Good Time Management Skills


Successful students know that time is valuable and must use it wisely. One way to ensure you use your time wisely is by allocating time to your activities instead of leaving your tasks to chance. Many students would like to know how to do well in college and having a schedule for your assignments and your study time is one of the ways to do so. Before writing a schedule, carefully consider your situation so that you can create a schedule that will work well with you.

Another way of managing your time well is by avoiding procrastination. Once you have a written schedule, try to do all your tasks within the time frame. If you notice you are having difficulty following your schedule, you can make changes to it to create a more reasonable and workable schedule. Procrastination hinders you from accomplishing your academic goals but following a schedule will help you accomplish your academic goals.

2.      Create a Good Studying Environment

When studying or doing assignments, you need to create a good environment suitable for your tasks. If you are studying, ensure your environment is quiet and well-lit so that you do not struggle while studying. Prepare all the items you need beforehand to avoid getting up to look for books or certain tools.

A student studying should be in a good study environment free from distractions. To benefit fully from your study, you need to be in a quiet environment. Put your phone on silent mode and switch off the television. If you have friends or family around, look for a room where you can have some quiet time. Of course, you may need to take small breaks during your study so you can use that time to listen to music, watch a short video or eat a snack.

A good study environment is important since it will help you understand and retain any information you take in.

3.      Actively Participate in Class and Ask Questions

Class participation is very important if you are to understand your coursework. One way to actively participate in class is by taking part in any group work or projects and volunteering to answer questions in class. This will help you understand the course material much better and you will retain information taught in class. Participating in class also contributes to your final grades which means you get to push your grades a bit higher. Asking questions is also important as you get to learn from other people and you are able to see things from a different point of view.

  1. Be Organized

Successful students are well organized both in the classroom and outside the classroom. In the classroom, successful students have well-organized notes for each subject and they ensure they carry all the items they need in class so that they can benefit fully. Reading the course material beforehand is something they commonly do as well as having assignments done on time so that they can be at par or ahead of the teacher. If you need help with your assignments, go here to see how you can be assisted as you take care of other important matters.

Successful students are also organized out of the classroom. They have a clearly planned out schedule of what subject they will be studying on a particular day and what time they will be studying. All the resources are put together beforehand. In most cases, they also have a well-organized study space at home making it easy to find any material they require during their study or assignments.

5.      Use Technology to Your Advantage

For many students, technology is a distraction but for successful students, technology is an advantage they have to excel in their students. Unlike earlier days where students had to search for information through books in their school libraries or public libraries, they are now able to get all the information they need on the internet. Use the internet to get information for your assignments, certain topics or just to gain a deeper understanding of certain matters.

One of the best ways to study is by having online study groups where you can help and be helped with any concepts or teachings you do not understand. If your school has an online portal, you can use technology to access resources as well as your class schedule so that you can plan ahead on your studies.

6.      Get Adequate Rest

Although you are encouraged to work hard as a student, you also need to be balanced and get adequate rest. One way to do so is by getting enough sleep each night. It is recommended that you get approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Getting the right amount of sleep helps you be alert in class, helps you retain information and it also improves your physical, mental and emotional performance.

Another way to get adequate rest is setting aside time to relax or take part in activities that help you relax and unwind. Take a walk, listen to music, read a novel or watch a movie. Doing so reduces any stress you had thus helping your body to return back to normal from its stressful state.


To be a successful student, you need to be disciplined. You need to be organized at all times. This includes having a practical study schedule and preparing for lessons and study sessions beforehand so that you can benefit fully from each study session. Your study environment should be neat, organized and quiet to enable you to concentrate throughout your study session.

Use technology to your advantage to get all the academic resources you need. It is also important to schedule some downtime where you get to relax and unwind. This will rejuvenate your body, reduce stress and increase your emotional, mental and physical performance.


Jeff Blaylock is a professional writer. He is also a life coach who helps people develop healthy habits that will benefit them in all aspects of their lives. Jeff shares his knowledge through such blog posts and other digital media.


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