7 Best Spiritual Apps We Love In 2020

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What are the best spiritual apps of 2020?

If you’ve read my list of the best meditation apps, and VR meditation apps, you already know there are tons of amazing spiritual apps on the market today.

Whether you’re a Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Christian or other, there are plenty of applications on iOS and Android to keep you entertained and to help with your spiritual development.

Let’s take a look at the best spiritual apps for 2020.

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Best Spiritual Apps 2020

Spiritual Workout by Himalayan Publications Academy

Spiritual Workout is a spiritual app designed to be the spiritual equivalent to your daily physical or mental exercise. It helps you stay fit spiritually. It is primarily aimed at Hindus or people who are spiritual but not religious. And it’s great for people who want to practice spirituality but do not have the time to devote to serious practice.

There are four main areas of the app: worship, introspection, affirmation and study. Included among these are mantras, breathing meditations, affirmations designed to help exercise your subconscious mind, and a “10 Minute Sadhana” that organises your daily practices. There’s even a section on Hatha Yoga.

Visit the official website for more.

Spiritualify – Social Network Spiritual App

If you’ve been wanting to get off Facebook and find a more spiritual social media network to hangout on, Spiritualify could be just the ticket. It’s a social media spirituality app that helps you connect and discuss things with likeminded people.

On Spiritualify you can create your profile just like you do on most social media networks, then share your ideas and opinions via video and multimedia. So yah, basically Facebook for the spiritually-inclined individual. You can also find people by zodiac sign, which is a neat little feature. And they probably don’t sell your data to evil corporations like Facebook (probably).

As well as the social media aspect you’ll get daily tips and advice to help you live your spiritually-enlightened life.

Get Spiritualify Here

The Spiritual Scientist By CCD – Best Spiritual App For Articles

This is the best spiritual app for bridging the gap between science and spirituality. The application contains lots of articles designed to answer questions about both science and spirituality. There is also a section of philosophy, which is designed for the deep-thinking individual. There’s religious content that covers everything from Vedism to other religions. And there is a section on more modern-day self-help articles.

This is one of the best spiritual app because of the quality of the article and the way it bridges science and spirituality.

Get it here.

Soulvana by MindValley

MindValley is one of the leading sites for spiritualists in the world, and they have produced one of the very best spiritual apps for  for Android and iOS. With this application you’ll be able to take your meditation to a higher level, improve your daily practice and increase your wellbeing.

This is one of the most professional spirituality apps out there. You can even use it to access teachers around the world to aid in your spiritual evolution. There are guided meditations, sound therapy, manifestation sessions and more.

Get Soulvana Here


Gaia—Best Spiritual App For Yoga

The Gaia app is a streaming app you can use to watch videos on everything from yoga to chakras to spirituality and more.  You’ll be able to take yoga classes and watch original shows designed to help with your spiritual evolution. There’s some amazing content on nutrition too, which I found really interesting.

Get it HERE



Awaken Your Soul Pathway by The Soul Pathway

This is one of the best spiritual apps to help you find and take your own metaphysical journey and to discover how spirituality applies to your life. The app provides an overview of the different stages of the spiritual journey and helps you to grow and evolve.

You will get a description of the different stages of the journey and lots of exercises to help with your transformation as you shift consciousness.  There are also meditations, interviews with famous individuals in the community, and inspirational clips.

Get it HERE

Third Eye Healing Chakra App

Third Eye Healing Chakra is definitely one of the best spiritual apps for 2020. As you might know, chakra healing involves activating and balancing the seven chakras. This creates general wellbeing because having any one of the chakras blocked can harm your health and happiness. The application contains lots of different ways to balance your chakras.

Third Eye Healing Chakra also features guided meditations designed to help you remove your own personal energy blocks. Plus, there are mantras to recite and even a palm reading feature.

Self Healing by The Wellness Platform

As you can probably guess, the Self Healing app is all about self healing techniques. It’s about spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing and is packed full of excellent tips from both ancient spirituality and modern day science. There’s tons of content to help with yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, tantra and more.

The app motivates you for using it by rewarding you with points that you can use to donate actual money to a noble cause of your choice. There are ads in the app but you can remove them by buying the premium version. There’s even a Meditation Leaderboard to show who the best meditators are (although such an ego-centric judgmental system arguably has no place in meditation…?)

Definitely one of the best spiritual apps.

Unfortunately, this app appears to have been removed from both iTunes and the PLAY store for some reason…?

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