Use These Love Mantras To Attract Love And Marriage Today
Use These Love Mantras To Attract Love And Marriage Today

There are many powerful mantras for attraction, love, marriage and divorce and there are mantras for marriages that last and that are happy and blessed.

In our awesome mantras tutorial we shared all the best mantra.

Many readers requested more mantras for relationships.


In this guide to the best mantras for love, attraction, and marriages, I’ve used mantras from various religions. Feel free to use the ones that work with your own beliefs and lifestyle.

How mantras for love and marriage work

We can use mantras to manifest love.

Mantra work because they have a profound effect on our thoughts and on the subconscious mind

. Every thought you have goes into your subconscious mind and contributes towards your moods and your beliefs. This is really how most religions work, scientifically speaking anyway. Religions work by leading you to create certain beliefs which then affect your subconscious mind.

So, for example, let’s say that you believe that you are never going to find love. That belief is nside your subconscious mind. Because your negative believe tells you you will not find love, you close your eyes to love. Should a man or woman show you affection, you will likely put it down to ulterior motives, rather than genuine affection, because you do not believe in love.

The key is to change your beliefs.

When you change your beliefs you will change your subconscious mind. When you do this you will manifest love. And you will perceive the world differently. You will learn to believe that the world is full of love, and because of that believe you will see a world full of love. And once you see a world full of love, you will find love.

If this seems a little fantastical, simply consider the amount of times that people, companies, religions and other groups use “mantras”:

  • All religions use mantras or prayers (virtually the same thing) to create belief.
  • Companies use slogans which become mantras. For instance, “I’m loving it” for McDonalds. how many times have you seen that ad? Thousands. McDonalds know that the slogan will become a subconscious belief if they show you it enough times. All companies use the same technique.
  • Countries use songs during times of war. The same songs are heard over and over because they affect the subconscious mind. This creates loyalty and passion.
  • It has been proven that mantras change our inner frequency and that this frequency creates changes in the mind and body.

So, how can you use mantras for love and marriage?

Let’s take a look.

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Basic English mantras for Love and Marriage

Choose one mantra out of these three and recite it 108 times using a prayer bead mala. These are mantra affirmations for attracting love.

  1.  I am accepting and grateful for the affection of others
  2. My world is a world of love
  3. I welcome and embrace love into my life.

There are also sacred love mantas from Hinduism, Yoga and Buddhism. Let’s take a look.

Durga Mantra For woman To Attract Groom For Marriage

If you are a woman looking to attract a man for marriage, then you might like to try using this Durga Mantra.

Durga  is the most popular incarnation of Devi.

The Durga mantra for marriage is:

“Om Shriganesham Vidhnesham Vivahaharthe Te Namaha”

Ganesh Mantra For Marriage

The Ganesh mantra for marriage is a mantra to be used by those who are the right age for marriage and those who have had their marriage held back for various reasons.

The mantra should be used in conjunction with daily worship of Shri Ganesha.

The mantra should be recited 108 times a day in the morning until getting married.

“Om Gyani Namapi Chetansi

Devi Bhagwati Hi Sa

Baladakrishya Mohay

Maha Maya Prayakshati”

Mantras for happy married life

Marriage is among the most beautiful and most important elements of life. To have a successful marriage it is necessary to compromise, to be a good listener, to be understanding and to be loyal. The following mantra for happy married life will help you to achieve these things.

It is recommended that couples chant this mantra together regularly to help fend off any misfortune and to promote happiness in marriage.

When changing the mantra for happy marries life, sit in front of a lamp after bathing. If you wish you may place a picture lord Vishnu behind the lamp. Make sure you and your partner are chanting together to begin with, then begin to chant alternately, one after the other. Repeat the mantra for happy married life 36 times each.

Mantra of Love….(Meditation)

om namo sriramachandraya sarvadoshanivaranaya sarvasiddhipradhaya sarvamangladhayakaya namah​.

Krishna Mantra for Love

The Krishna mantra will attract love into your life.

Om Namo Krishna Devaya Prema Rajya Vallabha Sarva Mangala Pradayaka Namah

Recite this mantra 41 times now and then come back once a day to repeat. This is said to bring love into your life.  This mantra should be chanted 41 times per sitting and consistently for two weeks.

Kleem Mantra For Attraction

The Kleem mantra for attraction is a powerful way of attracting love and sex into your life.

This is a powerful seed mantra that gets your energy vibrating at a frequency where you will naturally attract love into your life.

The Kleem mantra is literally just “Kleem”, which is pronounced with an elongated “e”.

This is a powerful mantra for creating attraction. It will double your dating.

Read more about the Kleem mantra for attraction


 Loving Kindness Mantra

Loving Kindness Meditation is a powerful way of bringing more love to your life.

This is not about romantic love. Rather it is about universal love for all beings.

The Buddhist Loving Kindness Mantra is used to make you love al beings, including yourself and people who you do not easily get along with.

The Loving Kindness Mantra is:

“May I be free from inner and outer harm and danger. May I be safe and protected.

May I be free of mental suffering or distress.

May I be happy.

May I be free of physical pain and suffering.

May I be healthy and strong.

May I be able to live in this world happily, peacefully, joyfully, with ease.”

This mantra is then repeated, with “I” being replaced with the names of other people. e.g. “May Sarah be free from inner and outer harm…”

Loving Kindness Meditation – Metta Bhavana

Krisha Mantra For Love

Krishna is a very important Hindu god who is depicted in various ways. One of those depictions is as the perfect lover. Therefore, when you use the Krishna mantra for love you bring to yourself the perfect energy for love. This will help boost your relationship and your marriage.

The Krishna love mantra is:

 “Om Namo Krishna Devaya

Prema Rajya Vallabha Sarva

Mangala Pradayaka Namah”



Lakshmi Mantra Sadhana For Love

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

There is a powerful love mantra said in devotion to Lakshmi.

The Lakshmi mantra for love is:

“Om Hreem Lakshmi”

Traditional use of this mantra has the individual visiting a Narayana temple before noon on a full moon.  The individual would then offer a coconut to laxmi. The mantra should be recited 108 times for 7 days.

Mantra For Divorce

Of course, there are also mantras for divorce.

One mantra for divorce comes from Brittany Wong on Huffington Post.

The mantra for divorce that Brittany recommends is “I Choose This Life”.

Brittany recommends that for a happy divorced life you repeat this mantra for times a day. She claims that this mantra has a profound affect on divorce.


I hope you find these mantras helpful. If so, will you please share this post on Facebook and Twitter? Thank you. That way I will know that I am doing something right and I will continue to produce these articles.

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