How To Use Meditation For Inner Peace

meditation for inner peace

Why do people meditate? It’s impossible to answer this question until you start meditating yourself and feeling how it affects your mind, body, and spirit. Yet, it’s not always easy to give it a good start and make it a part of your life. Not because it’s not for you, you are too lazy, or you don’t have enough time for it. But simply because you haven’t yet found the ways you could enjoy meditation. Only after you create an environment where meditation is adorable to you, it will bring you inner peace and better life balance. I will share my 7 secrets of meditating that made a real difference into the way I meditated and will definitely work for you:


7 Ways To Gain Inner Peace Through Meditation

Make yourself comfortable
The reason why beginners often stop meditating is because they do things that are annoying or hard to them. Choosing postures that are uncomfortable brings only back pain and the desire to stop right there. Meditation is not about challenging yourself – it’s about achieving maximum comfort and finding a balance between your mind and body. Move on gradually and wait till you find challenging postures relaxing for you. For the beginning, choose postures where you can straighten up without feeling any pain and keep your spine upright. Or simply lie on the floor, close your eyes and control your breath. Whatever works for you best, go with it until you realize it’s no longer enough for you.


For extra comfort, taking a look at our guide to the best meditation cushions.



Present-day life often forces us to be preoccupied with hundreds of things, such as work or exams. Meditation is a perfect way to clear up your mind by focusing on where you are at that very moment. Breathe deeply and slowly yet naturally. Make your breath  a center of your attention. You will then see that your mind is fresh and ready to grasp new things easier. Whenever any thoughts come by, change your focus to your breath again by counting it.

You can boost your focus with these mantras.




Add diversity
When you feel like you need help with meditating, use meditation training videos and guides. Choose something that works the best for you and enjoy the company of your video trainer. Don’t feel guilty if you cannot repeat something. Just choose easier meditation levels that you will be comfortable with. Meditation coaching videos can often make you meditate regularly because it sometimes feels as if you are taking meditation classes.



Create a favorable environment
Clearing your thoughts is much easier when you find a nice place to bring yourself together. Whether you prefer morning rays of sun or evening darkness, choose the best time for you. You can fire candles or put flowers, seashells or stones that provoke certain positive emotions. For me, candles in the middle of night darkness are the best. You can also turn on some relaxing music if it’s not going to distract you. Today, it’s not difficult to find such music as there is quite a lot of it online (here, for example). But for someone the complete silence is the most favorable environment to relax. You should try what you enjoy the most and what is capable to give you inner peace.

To create the perfect environment, read our guide to creating a meditation space at home.




Short vs. long meditation
One-hour meditation will be too boring and complicated for the beginners. There is no need to force yourself to meditate longer than you are willing to. Start with 10 minutes to get used to it to avoid a feeling that you have more important things to do. If you think it’s not enough for you, take another 10 minutes, but do not plan long meditation sessions initially. It will give you a sense of accomplishment if you do everything you’ve planned. Even such a short meditation will make your mind fresher and clearer. Personally, I enjoy 30-min sessions together with the video guides.



Meditating together
If you enjoy exploring new things together with your spouse, for example, imagine how exciting it might be for both of you to meditate together. As a result, you could achieve better mutual understanding and encourage each other to meditate on a regular basis. It has been proven that the couples who meditate together, are less inclined to conflicts and are better capable to stay calm in stressful situations.

To start meditating with your spouse, use our guide to meditation for couples.


Don’t ever stop meditating
For some people, vacation or business trip might be a serious excuse to skip meditation. But what you should do is to use trips as the opportunities to get even more excited about meditating than ever. Imagine you are sitting relaxed at the sea coast and listening to the sea waves. Or just think how nice it would be to meditate somewhere in the mountains above the clouds. Meditation is a great way to be more calm and peaceful and find an inspiration. Meditate wherever you are, even if this environment is unknown to you.




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