Do yoga instructors need a resume? Is that even a thing?

Yes, it is. And we’re all about helping you write a yoga resume so good; the yoga instructor job will flex 360 degrees just to fall in your lap.

If you want to become a yoga teacher, you need a good resume.Given below is a breakdown of the tips you should follow for a job-winning resume:

Resume header & Personal Information in a Yoga Instructor Resume:

Your resume should have an illustration of your name at the extreme top part of your resume. Doing this tells a recruiter that the resume belongs to you. Additionally, it protects your resume from being misplaced in a pool of resumes that floods a recruiter’s email. The average job opening receives 250 resumes [1], so standing out is important.

Make sure that your full name features as your resume header at the top-most part of your yoga resume.

Have you been writing your marital status in your yoga instructor’s resume?

Are the details of your religious identity or political inclination featuring on the shiny pages of your resume?

If you have been doing this, you should stop this practice right away!

The information you put in your resume should be targeted at helping you land the yoga instructor job of your dreams. Writing extremely personal details such as the ones we have mentioned above should be strictly avoided as it may lead to biased hiring.

Highly personal details like these do not help you in any way.

This is why you should fact-check the resume guidelines around the personal information section before you start working on your resume.

Make sure that  while providing contact information in a resume, you are


● Your mobile number
● Your email ID
● Your location

Providing these details will help potential employers get in touch with you if they like what they see in your yoga resume.

Profile Title in your Yoga Instructor Resume

What is a profile title? And how should you write one?

Your profile title is your latest professional designation i.e. your most recent job title.

As a yoga instructor, you can’t really get too creative with your profile title. There’s no such thing as a senior yoga instructor or a junior yoga instructor or a yoga instructing executive.

Simply write “Yoga Instructor” in your resume and your resume is good to go.
If you have done a relevant certification, you can also label your profile title as “Certified Yoga Instructor”.

How to write a yoga instructor resume summary?

Is there even a rule to writing resume summaries for yoga instructors? The answer to this question is neither a yes, nor a no.

But, the focus of your resume should be to demonstrate professionalism. Here are some resume tips for composing resumes in the below-mentioned points:

● Begin your summary with the number of years you have spent as a yoga instructor. Example: “5+ years Yoga Instructor with a demonstrated experience in………”.
● If you’re a certified professional, you can also begin your summary along these lines: “3+ years experienced Certified Yoga Instructor….”
● Your resume summary should ideally be wrapped in a 3-5 lines paragraph. While talking about your career highlights may seem like an exciting thing to do, do not exceed the 5 line limit while composing this section.

Showcasing your skills in a yoga instructor resume

Your skills on a resume as a yoga instructor can range from meditation to therapy to instruction to breathing exercises to many more.

Whatever they are, categorize them under a separate section titled “Key Skills” in your yoga instructor resume. Doing this will help a potential employer identify your key skills in one go.

If they match the skill-sets they are looking for, a recruiter might end up spending more than the 6 seconds average to evaluate your resume, which might indirectly affect your shortlist chances.

Perfecting the professional experience section

The details of your roles & responsibilities as a yoga instructor should follow some basic rules. Don’t know where to start? Need help with the professional experience section of your yoga resume?

Follow the points we have outlined below:

● Document the details of your work experience including the organizations you have worked with, your job title, a brief introduction to your workplace (or workplaces) and your joining and leaving dates for each organization under the “Professional Experience” section of your yoga instructor resume.
● Use the reverse-chronological order i.e. showcase your most recent organization followed by the second most recent organization you have worked with, and so on and so forth.
● Use one-liner bulleted points to illustrate the details of your roles & responsibilities for each organization you have worked with.
● Use performance figures to give a detailed account of your roles & responsibilities wherever you can. Eg: “Mentored a batch of 10 students in the various asanas and postures of yoga to help them reach their health goals”.
● If you have outstanding accomplishments, make a “key achievements” sub-section under the organizations where your performance carried weight. Eg: Attained “the best yoga instructor of the year” Award in July ’19.

yoga instructor resume
Presenting your Education Details

Just talking about your educational qualifications in your yoga instructor resume can give your resume that much-needed kick.

For example, a yoga instructor with an undergraduate degree will be preferred over a yoga instructor with just a high school degree.

However, this is not a rule set on stone. There have been multiple instances where yoga instructors who are simply high school graduates have been cherry-picked over those yoga instructors who have a bachelor’s degree but no concrete work experience or skill sets to their name.

There is no saying that you will be definitely preferred over someone just because you have more degrees than them. But at the same time, listing your educational details can help.

Quick advice?

Play safe. Mention your educational qualifications in your resume.

Here are some basic details that you should illustrate under this section of your resume:

● Name of the institution.
● Qualification level: Eg: MA, BA, B Sc, M Sc, etc.
● Brief description of your institution.
● Dates of joining and graduation.
● Your percentage or CGPA (optional).

Certifications & Professional Qualifications

Your certifications are important.
They tell a recruiter that you’re not just a practicing yoga instructor, but that you are actually certified to teach yoga.
So if you are composing a yoga instructor resume, make sure that you necessarily mention the details of the certifications you have done.


You have now reached the end of this article. To sum it all up, here’s what you should do:

● Write your name at the extreme top part of your yoga instructor’s resume.
● Simply stick to mentioning the details of your email ID, mobile number, and location.
● Your profile title should ideally be “Yoga Instructor” or “Certified Yoga Instructor” if you are a licensed instructor.
● Keep your summary crisp and do not exceed the 5-line paragraph limit.
● Your skills should be explicitly articulated in your yoga instructor resume under a distinct section called “Key Skills”.
● Follow the reverse chronological order to structure the details of the organizations you have worked with. Use performance figures wherever possible.
● Always document your educational details.
● Certifications are a must. See to it that your yoga instructor resume presents this.

Author’s Bio: Aditya Sharma

Aditya is the cofounder at Hiration — an AI-powered online resume builder and platform to help job-seekers across the world.

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