8 Best Recycled Yoga Products For Eco-Friendly Yogis
8 Best Recycled Yoga Products For Eco-Friendly Yogis

If you need proof that yoga lovers are the most environmentally friendly people on Earth, just look at the amount of eco-friendly, recycled yoga gear on the market today.

There are:

  • Eco-friendly recycled yoga pants
  • Recycled yoga mats
  • Recycled yoga bags
  • Recycled yoga blocks
  • Recycled yoga chairs
  • And o’ so much more.

Let’s take a look at the very best recycled yoga gear on the market today. All of these products makes wonderful gifts for yoga lovers


8 Best Recyclable Yoga Products 

1. Natural Jute Recyclable Yoga Mat


This yoga mat is eco-friendly, natural, recyclable and vegan friendly. It is made from natural jute fiber, which is a vegetable fiber that is similar in texture to cotton. Plus, for every mat sold the company promises to plant a tree.

This recyclable yoga mat also comes with its own yoga bag so you can carry it to your local yoga studio or on vacation. The sling on the bag is made of cotton, and it doubles as a strap.

The recyclable yoga mat features dual layers for solid grip and is non-slip.  

As a nice bonus, the mat is anti-bacterial and what the manufacturer calls “non smelly”, although they do recommend washing it regularly anyway.



2. Vintage Recyclable Yoga Mat Bag


This recyclable yoga mat bag is made unique every time. So when you buy one you know that it is uniquely yours. That’s because it is made of recycled patches of vintage batik cotton. It’s also handmade so it has that authentic feel.

It’s 26” long by 7” diameter so it is plenty large enough to carry most yoga mats (see the recyclable yoga mat above).

It features an adjustable strap sling making it easy to carry.  And there are two large storage pockets where you can put your recyclable yoga bottle and maybe some snacks.  


3. Teeki Mermair Recyclable Yoga Pants


With these mermaid recyclable yoga pants you’ll be able to look like part of the ocean while you are protecting that ocean.

These recyclable yoga pants have a high / low waist option and are elastic free so you don’t get that nasty “cutting into your skin” effect. They are great for hot yoga and you can also wear them on a night out too.

The material offers four-way stretch with breathable fabric, making the very comfortable.


4. Eco-friendly recyclable yoga block


 This eco friendly yoga block is made from 100% recyclable cork mats, which is one of the most sustainable products in the world. It’s made by 42 Birds, which is a collection of athletes, yogis and nature lovers who are passionate about changing the world and protecting mother nature.


5. Recycled Yoga Top


This recycled yoga top is made of polyester and has a built-in bra for support.   4-way stretch allows for plenty of comfort while your rocking your asanas, and the design is pretty slick too.



6. Recyclable yoga bottle [cork]


This recyclable yoga bottle is made from premium stainless steel and cork. The manufacturer promises that your cold drink will stay cold for up to 24 hours, making this perfect when you’re heading out for a hot yoga class.  And hot drinks stay hot for 6 hours. The screw cap is made of leak-proof bamboo.

Best of all, the cork material is 100% renewable and is obtained through eco-friendly harvesting that does not harm a single tree.



7. Recyclable foam yoga block


This recyclable yoga block is made from foam and is highly durable and less squishy than most yoga blocks.  They are noticeably higher quality than most other yoga blocks.

You may have noticed that a lot of yoga blocks do not provide much support for your body. This one is different. The Manduka yoga block supports the body well and will make you feel a lot more confident using it compared to lesser yoga blocks.



8. Yoga Design Lab Combo Yoga Mat


Yoga Design Lab’s luxurious yoga mat promises to reduce slipping and last longer than the average yoga mat.  It’s made from an ultra-absorbent microfiber that is bonded to a natural tree rubber base.  It also comes with a durable carrying slip / sling.

 The manufacturer, Yoga Design Lab, states that, “Blending fashion-forward design elements with innovative functionality and bio-renewable consciousness is key to the Yoga Design Lab approach.”



This Recyclable Yoga Gear Proves Yogis Are Leading The Way To A Better Earth

We yoga lovers are leading the way towards an eco-friendly, more sustainable Earth.

By choosing to purchase products that are made of recyclable materials, we are helping to protect mother nature.

Let’s show how much love we have for our planet and choose to live green!

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher and writer. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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