8 Stunning Emotional Benefits Of Meditation For Your Mood
8 Stunning Emotional Benefits Of Meditation For Your Mood

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Every day I am amazed by the emotional benefits of meditation. 

As a meditation teacher, one of my biggest motivations in life is helping people master their emotions. And in my honest opinion, meditation is the best way to do just that. 

Meditation can hep you control your emotions and raise EQ.

These emotional benefits of meditation prove just how powerful mindfulness can be for your mood. 


My Top 8 Emotional Benefits Of Meditation 

1.  Meditation improves relaxation

This is one emotional benefit of meditation that surely requires absolutely no proof. We all know that meditation makes you more relaxed. But if you would like to read more about meditation and relaxation I recommend the article o Mayo Clinic for which you can find the link below.

The Mayo Clinic tells us, “During meditation, you focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be crowding your mind and causing stress. This process may result in enhanced physical and emotional well-being.”

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Source: Mayo Clinic


2. Meditation settles restless thinking

Do you ever suffer from a restless mind? Oh wait, silly question, you are human, of course you do. But the good news is that one of the emotional benefits of meditation is the end of your restless mind.

When you meditate you create inner stillness and quietude that is conducive to a calm mind.

Source: Personal experience


3. Meditation improves peace of mind

Is it me or can it be a challenge to keep your mind tranquil and pure? There are so many sources of stress and so much information flying through your brain that you need to take care of  your mind like a master gardener, or else you will suffer mental weeds that disrupt your inner peace.

A turbulent mind stops the flow of prana and leaves you feeling exhausted and emotionally rocked.

Sri Sri Yoga teacher Shriram Sarvotham says,  “We cannot directly force or demand peace of mind but we can prepare the mind to become still.” Meditation lets you prepare that inner stillness.

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4. Meditation helps us find our purpose  in life

This one is from personal experience and also from many friends and meditation teachers whom I have spoken to through the years. General consensus is that when you meditate you remove the noise in your mind and you begin to zero-in on what truly matters. This helps you to find and to live your life purpose.


 5. Meditation allows us to discover consciousness beyond ego

Have you ever experienced a moment when it felt like you stepped outside of yourself? Perhaps you saw a truly beautiful scene, like an eclipse or a stunning sunset. And it took your breath away. And for a moment you forgot yourself and felt as though you were one with the universe. That is an example of living beyond your own ego.

The average person filters reality through their ego. They have their own concepts of good and bad. They think only about things as relates to themselves. They do not simply allow the universe to exist in its purest sense.

When you practice meditation you silence your mind and come to experience the pure reality of existence. It is a heightened state. It’s a state where you live in equanimity and complete tranquility. And it is one of the most pleasurable emotional benefits of meditation.

How do you get to that point of consciousness beyond ego? Read my guide to finding enlightenment and I will show you the way.

  Enl choices,  appreciate your own uniqueness,  act with integrity, be courageous, work towards your one ultimate goal, experience moments of pure peace, and let go of ego. And as we have seen, meditation can help with many of these things, such as living fully, experiencing serenity, and living beyond ego.


6. Meditation improves synchronicity with life. 

One of the good things about meditation that is hard to prove as fact is the idea that meditation increases synchronicity.

Synchronicity is all about moments when things happen out of the ordinary. For instance, you and your friend happen to send each other texts out of the blue at the very same time. Coincidence? Or something more? Very difficult to prove either way.

Licensed clinical psychologist Robert Puff Ph.D says, “I believe that synchronous events happen more often when we’re meditating. Why? Here’s my theory: The central goal of meditation is to help you slow down, quiet your mind, and be still. As you develop your practice, as you learn to slow down, and as you quiet your mind, you may find that synchronous events begin to increase. Because meditation is such a powerful change agent and improves your life, I sometimes wonder if the universe or God is giving back to us to let us know that we are on the right track and remind us to keep meditating.”

Source: Psychology Today


7. Emotional Benefits of meditation for forgiveness

Another way meditation will help you is by promoting forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most important traits in the world.  I’ve written an in-depth article about why forgiveness is so important in life. Essentially, the more you forgive the better your relationships will be and the less anger you will have.

What does forgiveness have to do with meditation? When you practice mindfulness meditation you give your mind a chance to stop. This, for starters, lets you take an emotional breather and gives you the chance to look at your emotions in a new light. You then become conscious of your personal prejudices and of any resentments that you might have going on. Research has shown that when you are mindful of your emotions like this you give yourself control over your emotions. And this helps you to stop feeling angry at people and to forgive them.

Source: Own experience and from teaching meditation. For more see, Meditation For Forgiveness.


 8. Mindfulness and Vipassana benefits your inner-sage (makes you wiser)

People tend to assume that wisdom comes from old age, even though this often is not the case.  And there are many other things that can make you wise. Meditation being one of them.

The study “The Relationship between Mental and Somatic Practices and Wisdom” confirmed that meditation will make you wiser. The researchers studied 298 participants and asked about their experiences in the Alexander Technique (which is used for good posture), the Feldenkrais Method (a form of somatic education), meditation and… ballet. The participants also completed a psychological questionnaire to determine how wise they were.

The results?

It turns out that meditation makes you wiser. But interestingly, so does ballet.  The researchers also looked at which meditation practices were best for wisdom. They found that the best meditation techniques for wisdom are Vipassana and mindfulness.  

Source: University of Chicago

And of course

meditation makes you happier


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