9 Glorious Meditation Tools We’re Crazy About In 2017

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What is the best meditation tool you have ever used? (leave a comment).

Is it a beautiful Buddha statue? An app? A mala? Maybe it’s an extremely comfortable meditation chair

My personal favorite meditation tool has to be my mala.

It’s a beautiful black coral stone mala used to count breaths or mantra recitations during meditation.

My mala has travelled with me for ten years and over tens of thousands of miles. It’s been with me at the best of times, like when I returned home in 2014 to visit my family for the first time in years. And it’s been with me at the worst of times, like when my father passed away.

A meditation tool like that can become a truly treasured item. We come to care about them far more than your average household object.

Meditation tools are much more than material objects. They are assets and allies in our quest for inner peace.

Having the right meditation tools in your home can make all the difference to your health, happiness, and spiritual development.

Here are 10 meditation tools that are truly helpful to have in your home.


The 9 Meditation Tools Every Home Needs

  1. A Mala

meditation tools mala

If I had to choose one and only one meditation tool to own, it would be a mala.

Just take a look at these beautiful malas for meditation. Aren’t they glorious?

Malas are prayer beads that are used for meditation.

Ideally, a meditation mala will have 108 beads. As we meditate, we count the beads from 1 to 108 so we know how many breaths we have taken (or how many timed we have recited a mantra).

Malas come in varying sizes and there is a wide variety of materials to choose from.

My personal choice is always to go with coral because I like the energy that coral has. And black always looks best on me. So that would be my choice.

What malas do you like (leave a comment).

So, why is a mala such an important meditation tool?

  • Firstly, you’re wearing it, so it reminds you to meditate.
  • It also helps you to count breaths while you meditate, which is actually better than having a meditation timer.
  • And the best ones look beautiful.


One of the best places to buy malas Is on omShivaloka.com. They’re a very reliable company and they have a great selection of malas for all tastes. Their jewelry is beautiful and they go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


  1. A Meditation Chair

meditation tool chair

“When sitting, sit,” so says the old Zen proverb.

That proverb basically means to sit still, not fidget, and to be mindful of sitting.

If you want to sit still and not fidget,  you’re going to want a good meditation chair to sit on.

The best meditation chairs don’t just support your back, they actually help you to find inner calm and stillness.

As someone who spends a lot of time sitting on rocks meditating (I hike a lot), I’m always aware of the difference a comfortable chair can make.

The Alexia Meditation Seat is probably the best meditation chair you can buy. It’s ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and support. The company is known for reliability and quality, so they’re a trustworthy source. Take a look at that link.

Check out our collection of the best meditation chairs.  You’re bound to find one perfect for you in that list.



  1. A Comfy Cushion


A good meditation cushion can be used either with a meditation chair or as a standalone product.

I remember when I used to sit on the floor to meditate. I would fidget all the time. It was very difficult to find the right stillness of body. And if the body is not still the mind will not be either.

That’s why a meditation cushion is so useful a meditation tool.

Peace Yoga’s meditation cushions are some of the best available. They produce very high quality cushions that I always find particularly comfortably. Take a look at that link.

And you can see more of the best cushions in this list.


  1. A Tibetan Singing Bowl

meditation tools tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowls are so much more than just musical instruments. They have been scientifically proven to put our brains into more restful states.

These are truly powerful meditation tools.

Take a quick look at my guide to Tibetan Singing Bowls, which I wrote to explain the power and beauty of these instruments.

I am personally totally in love with my own Tibetan Singing Bowl. It’s a truly cherished possession.


  1. Meditation Apps

meditation phone cover

There are so many good meditation apps on the market. And they cover all different purposes.

Some meditation apps work as timers. Others offer guided meditation sessions designed to help you relax. And some actually teach meditation, informing you about all the most important meditation techniques.

The sheer variety and versatility of apps makes them one of the most important meditation tools on the market right now.

What’s your favorite app? Leave a comment.


  1. A Good Book

woman reading a book sitting on bench

Meditation books. There are so many it’s impossible to know where to begin.

But what is the absolute number one meditation book in the world?


Yep. Straight up. Not going to dance around the subject.

If you’re looking for a meditation tool that will truly empower you, THEDAILYMEDITATION.COM’s Journey To The Buddha Within You is it. Period.

Why is it numero uno? Because it teaches you ever major meditation technique and shows you how to use those techniques to create happiness that actually lasts. No other book in the world describes the gamut of meditation techniques in as much depth.

Now that is a powerful meditation tool.


  1. Music

meditation tools music

Listen to this beautiful meditation music.

Isn’t it… heavenly?

Meditation music is much more than pure entertainment. It is a tool for meditation.

Meditation music is specifically composed in order to promote relaxing brain waves and to calm the mind.

My absolute favorite meditation musician is Deva Premal. She’s a singer with a simply angelic voice. And the music she creates is like pure nectar for the spirit. It’s so relaxing and healing. Truly sensational.

Take a look at Deva Premal’s music on Amazon.


  1. Muse Meditation Assistant

muse meditation assistant

Muse Meditation Assistant is a truly unique and wonderful meditation tool.

Muse works as a personal assistant. When you put the Muse headband on and start the app it plays relaxing music designed to calm the mind. You can then meditate to those sounds.

As you meditate, Muse measures whether you’re calm or stressed and used that information to change the sounds it’s playing. When calm, you hear peaceful sounds, when the mind wanders you hear more intense sounds that remind you to relax.

Data is then used to show you how you’re progressing.

This is true 21st Century meditation at its best. Highly recommended for anyone who is serious about using technology to enhance meditation.


  1. Guided Meditations

woman listening to guided meditation

Guided meditations are meditation the easy way.

If you like Zen with zero effort, you will definitely like guided meditations.

These days there are millions of guided meditations on Youtube, and some of them are truly exceptional.

One of my favorite sites for guided meditation is The Guided Meditation Site. It has some of the best guided meditations in the world, covering a huge range of different topics.



Which is your favorite meditation tool?

We’ve looked at nine excellent meditation tools that can make a huge difference to your practice.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

What is your favorite meditation tool? And what do you love about it?

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