18 Alternative Bucket List Ideas With Benefits Like WOAH!

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There are so many benefits of a bucket list.

When you write your bucket list you will naturally motivate yourself to live life to the Pepsi Max. Having a list of things to achieve in your life helps you make the most of every day.

Another benefits of a bucket list is that it helps you to keep looking forward. If you want to be a positive person you need to keep your grove on, keep moving, and always have positive events on the horizon.

But the main benefits of bucket lists is that they increase life satisfaction.


You’re going to die.

But you can do amazing things while you’re alive. Things like doing some of my happy hobbies, for instance.

Because we’re going to die, right now we need to live. And to live right now, we need to push ourselves to do amazing things.

That’s what a bucket list is all about, isn’t it? It’s about saying “Look. I know I’m going to die. But here’s a ton of amazing things I’m going to do while I’m alive”.

So what amazing things can we do?

Bucket list goals usually include such things as “Travel the world”, “Learn to play an instrument” and “Get married”.

I thought I’d take a different route.

Like Robert Frost so delightfully said, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Sometimes the best thing to do is to take the alternate route, the path less travelled. That’s why I’ve decided to create this list for you, a list of 18 alternative bucket list goals.



18 Alternative Bucket List Ideas With Benefits Like WOAH!

1. Shatter your idea of the impossible

“Impossible” is just an idea in your mind. Is it possible to run a mile in under four minutes? Most people thought not, but Roger Bannister disagreed. He achieved the impossible back in 1984 when he ran a mile in 3 minutes 59 seconds. Is it possible to change human rights? Most people don’t think they can change make such an important change in the world. Martin Luther King disagreed, thank God.

Is it possible to beat cancer? Most people don’t think so. But scientists around the world are trying. And they might succeed. They might.

Here’s the point: Only those people who try to beat the impossible ever do so. You’ve got to try.

So the first bucket list goal is this: Take your self-made illusion of impossibility and shatter it.

This life goal is for: spiritual people over 30.

Life goal benefit: opens your mind to what you can achieve in life.


2. Truly see the beauty in everyday life

Too many people don’t appreciate everyday life. We spend our time trying to make money so we can retire and live lavish lifestyles. Screw that. Honestly, screw it. Real life is beautiful. The challenge is beautiful. Sure it’s hard for a lot of us. Personally I often wonder where my money is going to come from and how I’ll get by. But I still love it. It’s a challenge, a beautiful challenge.

Bruce Lee said “Don’t ask for an easy life. Ask for the strength to endure a difficult one”.

Bruce Lee. Genius. As kickass in mind as in body.

Life is a struggle, but it’s a beautiful struggle. The days are made more real by their challenge, not by their ease.

See the beauty in real life and genuinely love this crazy experience we’re all going through

This life goal is for: men and women over 30.

Life goal benefit: Massively boosts positivity and happiness.



3. Gain financial freedom

Life isn’t about money. But at the same time, it is difficult to live an amazing life without a degree of financial freedom.

Put it on your bucket list to make enough money to achieve the other things that you want to achieve.

Don’t make money for money’s sake, that’s empty and shallow. Make money so you can see and change the world. Now that’s a mentality you can bank on.

And if you happen to be able to make that money doing a job you love, then so much the better.

Personally I’m attempting to get there through my passion: writing. Not there yet. Got a long way to go. But I’ll get there. Mark my words.

This life goal is for: Men and women over 35

Life goal benefit: Great for self esteem.


4: Dedicate a good chunk of your life to society and other people

In my opinion, what truly matters at the end of the day isn’t what we take for ourselves but what we give to other people.

Think about the most important people throughout history: Ghandi, Martin Luther King JR, Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln… what makes them special isn’t the amount of money they had, their possessions, or anything like that. What makes them special is how much they gave to the world.

A life of value is a life that touches the hearts of others.

Dedicate a portion of your life to helping other people. It’s the most noble thing we can do.

This life goal is for: people who believe in compassion

Life goal benefit: Increases self worth and interconnectivity


5: Chronicle a year of your life

This bucket list goal is all about self reflection. If you’re a proactive extravert you might wonder just what exactly the point is in such a strict and self-focussed discipline. But long term journal keepers will tell you precisely how helpful a journal is. It raises self awareness, helps you to see the big picture, and helps you to maximise your productivity.

I’d like you to commit one year to your chronicle. Why a year? Because it’s a long enough term for you to truly see the benefits of keeping a journal. Plus, when you get to the end of the year and look back at everything you did, you will learn a ton about yourself. It will be a real eye-opener.

This life goal is for: people over 50

Life goal benefit: Sheer perspective, baby.


6: Spend a year doing charity work

One of the most valuable mental traits is a good perspective. Sadly, a lot of us get bogged down in our own lives. We start to think that our problems are worse than everyone else’s and that life isn’t fair for us.

That negative perspective is a killer. Conquer it.

The best way to change your perspective is to spend a year doing charity work. Whether you help out at the homeless shelter, help the World Wildlife Fun to save animals, or offer your assistance at a cancer ward, you’re going to change your perspective forever. And you’ll also do one of the most important and most rewardingt ings in the world: helping those in need.

This life goal is for: rich people who have the time to give to others.

Life goal benefit: Self esteem.


7:  Do 10 things that terrify you

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” said Neale Donald Walsh. The more you break through your fears the freer you will become. The trick is to routinely do things that terrify the hell out of you.

Hate approaching men or woman and asking for a date? Terrified of the idea of getting up in front of a group of people? Tremble in your boots at the prospect of hold a tarantula? Do it, do it, do it.

Fear puts the brakes on life. If you want to go full throttle you have to smash through fear. And you can only smash through fear by tackling it head on.

So here’s my suggestion to you: Go do one single thing, right now, that scares you. Go on. Go. Now. I’ll still be here.

And now you’ve conquered a fear.

This life goal is for: young adults and people over 20

Life goal benefit: Mental strength and personal growth


8:  Dedicate an hour a night towards your dreams for one year

We all dream of greater things. Hell I’ve been dreaming of becoming a famous author since I was what… 12? Something like that. Worked damn hard on it too. Still not there yet. But the point isn’t whether you make it or not.

The point is to embrace your dreams and live for them. Now you don’t have to be ass crazy as me and spend your hole life trying to make your dreams a reality. That often turns dreams to nightmares. But what you definitely can do is dedicate an hour a night towards your dreams. That’s just one hour.

And here’s what will happen should you do that: you’ll connect with a sense of infinite possibility. You’ll be excited everyday because, o lord, what if your reams actually come true! The sheer excitement will raise your energy and put a bounce in your step.

This life goal is for: happiness in general.

Life goal benefit: Personal growth and happiness.


9: Tell every important person in your life that you love them

Well, here comes the soppy one. Now, I have a specific reason why I’m sharing this one with you. My father past away last year and I wish I had told him I love him more often. I did say it. And he knew. But there were arguments and there are regrets and I do wish I had told him I love him more often.

If someone truly matters to you, let them know. What’s the point in love if it’s not expressed?

This life goal is for: family people and couples.

Life goal benefit: makes families stronger and relationships happier


10. Love your parents and let them know

My father past away last year. It was the end of a difficult relationship. He was a good man with a weakness: alcoholism. That led to a lot of pain for me. It also led me to make the regrettable mistake of not telling my dad often enough that I love him.

“I wish I could have one more chance to say “Dad, I know you’re not perfect but I forgive your errors. I love you.”

My advice is to forgive your parents of mistakes they’ve made and let them know you love them.

Read this article about the vital importance of forgiveness. It’s a real eye-opener. We have to forgive in order to grow.

This life goal is for: family people and people over 20

Life goal benefit: family bonding.


11. Accept the inevitability of aging

It’s easy to ignore the fact that time is slipping us by. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the simple fact of the matter is that we’re all getting older. Soon enough you’ll look in the mirror and say “Wow. When did I get so old?” It’s going to happen.

The best strategy is to accept the aging process right now. Accept that you will get old, you will go grey, you’ll probably go bold, and you will look old. But while you’re facing time square in the face, tell yourself “By the time I look old I will have amazing memories to look back on.”

This life goal is for: happiness in general and people over 50

Life goal benefit: inner peace



12. Live your purpose

You live once (depending on your beliefs). You want to make life count. You want to fulfill dreams and ambitions that truly matter to you.

What’s important in your life? What’s that one dream that you lie awake at night thinking about? Whatever it is, work for it. Let passion lead you. Let your dreams illuminate your waking life. Live with purpose.

This life goal is for:  retirement

Life goal benefit: self growth



13. Plan your retirement

The sooner you start saving for your retirement the easier it’ll be when you get there. Get some savings in the bank, let that compound interest grow, and when you get to the promised land known as retirement you’ll have an easy ride.

This life goal is for: retirement (but start as a young adult)

Life goal benefit: your future self and peace of mind


14. Do work you love

When you count up all the hours and days you spend at work over the course of your career, it adds up to a giant chunk of time. In fact, the average person spends 90,000 hours working in their lifetime. That’d be fine, were it not for the fact that 80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Do work you love. It’s not easy. It takes dedication and a lot of smarts to succeed in a job you actually love. But it’s oh so worth it. Imagine spending those 90,000 hours doing something you truly love. Wouldn’t that make life so much better?

This life goal is for: over 18s.

Life goal benefit: self belief and self worth


15. Accept every part of yourself

Psychologists have proven that self love is one of the most important attitudes we can have.

You probably like quite a lot about yourself. But there’s almost definitely one or two aspects of yourself that you dislike.

Self judgment will hold you back if you let it. Accept every part of yourself, even those parts you like to keep hidden under wraps.

This life goal is for: everyone

Life goal benefit: general happiness and spiritual growth



16. Keep your life headed in the right direction

It’s very easy to lose control of your life. One setback after another leads you down the wrong path and sooner or later you look at your life and wonder just where you are and how you got there. Check in with yourself regularly and make sure that your life is the one you want and that you’re heading in the direction you want to be going in. If you’re not quite on course, take the opportunity to change your direction.

This life goal is for: high school students / college students

Life goal benefit: self growth


17. Learn when to let go of love

We have dedicated a whole section of this site to letting go.  Take a look at my article about Letting Go .

Letting go if vital. And especially in love.

Love is not infallible. Even the very best relationships evolved over time and can end up transforming. Marriages fail, friendships end, life changes.  The simple fact of the matter is that you’re not going to help yourself by clinging on to a relationship which is over. Know when to let go, and have the bravery to do the right thing.

This life goal is for: couples who want to consciously uncouple.

Life goal benefit: happiness and inner peace



18. Accept that you can’t please everyone 

You can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time. There will always be some people who don’t like you. That’s just the way it is. And it’s not really a big deal. Just focus on the people who do like you. There’s more than enough of them anyway.

This life goal is for: people over 30.

Life goal benefit: general happiness and self worth.


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