How To Quit Vaping With Meditation—Your Secret Sauce

woman vaping outside

If you’re suffering from vape addiction, as millions of people in North America are, don’t sweat: You can quit vaping with meditation. The reason why vaping is addictive is that there is nicotine in most vapes, including JUUL [1]. As you continue to vape, your body and brain become accustomed to the high nicotine levels, […]

How Meditation Empowers You To Say No To Alcohol

woman drinking alcohol alcoholism

As a meditation teacher whose father died of alcoholism, I’ve always wondered how meditation can help us say no to alcohol. As you may know, alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in the world, and it carries with it a great many health problems. Alcoholism can affect your blood pressure, heart rate, kidneys, […]

Psychiatrist Reveals How To Use Mindfulness For Hunger Cravings

mindfulness for hunger cravings

Judson Brewer [author & psychiatrist] spoke to The Daily Collegian, Tuesday, about how to use mindfulness for hunger and cravings. In an insightful article he discussed his insights from years of study at Yale, MIT and Brown University about how mindfulness can rewire the brain in order to retrain negative habits. We all have negative […]

Mindfulness Helps Prevent Addiction Relapse, Says New Study

mindfuless for addiction relapse

A new study has shown that mindfulness helps prevent addiction relapse. [READ: Meditation For Cravings] Addiction is recognised as a disease that has a debilitating effect on the suffering, causing everything from depression and anxiety to social problems. Many people with addictions struggle to quit in the first place. The nightmare that often happens, however, […]

7 Meditations To Stop Drinking & Overcome Alcoholism

meditation to quit drinking

Did you know you can quit drinking by using meditation for alcoholism? As someone who used to suffer from numerous addictions, trust me when I tell you: You can use meditation to quit drinking. There are some powerful psychological exercises for alcoholism, and they have been proven to work. Before I quit every addiction simultaneously, […]

Meditation For Cravings & Addictions Recovery To Break Free

mindfulness meditation for cravings and addictions

Before I started using meditation for addictions and cravings (eating, alcohol, sugar and cigarettes), I had serious problems with dependency. Mindfulness and meditation gave me the keys to overcome dependency and regain my health. And today I will teach you how to do that same thing. I’ll take you back a little while, and you […]

I Quit Every Addiction. What Happened Next Shocked Me

how i quit all addictions

Two weeks have passed since I started quitting all addictions: drinking alcohol, smoking (nicotine), sugar, and caffeine. It was on the 9th of August that my journey into madness began. That day, a brilliantly bright and hot Tuesday. That day was the day I: Finally quit cigarettes and nicotine because I found the best way […]

How To Increase Dopamine Naturally – Expert Advice

best natural ways to get dopamine

If you want to take control of your brain, you have to know how to increase dopamine naturally from sources that are natural and healthy. Supplements are one option (I’ve shared the best dopamine supplement below). But there are also ways to boost dopamine without supplements. The key is knowing the best natural sources of dopamine (here’s […]

Meditation To Quit Smoking Forever

quit smoking for good

Today I am going to tell you how I quit smoking with meditation, so that you can do the same thing.    There are specific meditations for smoking cessation, and these can help you to stop addictions and cravings and to make sure you never go back to cigarettes. (You can also quit drinking with […]

Giving Up TV For A Year Will Change Your Life

give up on tv for a year

There are so many benefits of giving up TV for a year. Turning off the box is a life-changer. Even just stopping watching the news will massively benefit you. In 2020, screen addiction is at an all-time high. Between our constant use of cellphones, our “Always On” society, and yes, TV, we spend an astronomical […]