5 Anti-Aging Meditation Techniques To Look And Feel Young

Let’s be honest. Everyone above the age of thirty wants to look younger. So here is the good news: you can use anti-aging meditation techniques to look and feel young. Whether you want to stop the health effects of aging, or you just want to look younger for sheer aesthetic reasons, meditation will help. As a meditation teacher, I believe the best way to look young is with meditation. In this guide I will show you how. You’ll probably want to combine this with my guide to anti-aging yoga. I’m very passionate about natural healing and spiritual health. And even…

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Ultimate Guide To Yoga For Seniors [TUTORIAL]

Today at THE DAILY MEDITATION office I received news of amazing new research into the benefits of yoga for seniors.  There are so many reasons for seniors to do yoga. And I very firmly believe that we should be giving classes of yoga at nursing homes.  In this guide I will show you how to do yoga for seniors safely, the benefits of yoga for seniors and some friendly tips on how to practice yoga nursing homes or, indeed at your own home.   You will definitely want to read my guide to anti-aging meditation too.  Research Proves There Are Big Benefits…

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