Meditation For Fear: Overcome Anxiety And Be Fearless

meditation for fear

One of the best ways to overcome worry, anxiety, and fright is to use meditation for fear. And there are many options, including mantras, mudras, Buddhist meditations, visualizations, and guided meditation for fear. Everyone has fears and phobias. Whether it’s fear of being alone, or fear of spiders or aeroplanes, everyone experiences fear. Although it […]

Anxiety Meditation Script: Short Session To Relax   

anxiety meditation script

Today we’ll be doing my favourite anxiety meditation script. It’s a short meditation session for anxiety that helps us to relax and unwind, to stop worry and fear, and to connect with the present moment. I’ve divided our anxiety meditation script into different sections. If you would like to do a short meditation, feel free […]

How To Protect Yourself From Anxiety

how to protect yourself from anxiety

Today, I would like to talk about how to protect yourself from anxiety. There’s a reason why I want to talk about this today: Yesterday I made a mistake. I did everything wrong. I overworked, allowed myself to think negatively all day, didn’t give myself any breaks, and suffered a panic attack. It was my […]

7 Daily Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Anxiety and Stress

woman kneeling down meditating with eyes closed and hands in anjali mudra prayer position

Those who exercise mindfulness meditation tend to be the happiest, healthiest, and most successful people you could ever meet. That’s because it offers a ton of life-changing health benefits that can transform your quality of life. Whether it’s reducing stress, relieving anxiety, improving your focus, providing more energy, etc. However, like anything else in life, […]

How Meditation Cured My Anxiety

men with anxiety with head in hands

Now, this is a story all about how my life got twist-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and tell you how meditation cured my anxiety. Every time I think back to the days when I suffered from anxiety, I find it surreal. Let me paint the picture […]

Yoga Poses & Breathing For Panic Attacks

yoga for panic attacks

Let me tell you about when I started using yoga poses and yoga breathing for panic attacks. I used to suffer from panic attacks. I would be going about my day to day life. Everything would be fine. Then out of nowhere a terrible thought would enter my mind. I would think something horrible, usually […]

Daily Meditation And Anxiety: Scientific Breakthrough Has You Sorted

daily meditation and anxiety

There’s a direct link between daily meditation and anxiety, as well as cognitive functioning, according to research published in the journal Behavioural Brain Research. If you have ever wondered how long you need to meditate for to reduce anxiety symptoms, the answer appears to be once a day for 8 weeks. Research On Daily Meditation […]

New “Personal Zen”: App For Stress And Anxiety Launching Now

personal zen app for stress and anxiety

New York—Wise Therapeutics launches “Personal Zen” app for stress and anxiety Today, New York based Wise Therapeutic has announced the launch of its first product, Personal Zen, an app for stress and anxiety. If you’re anywhere near as excited about new mental-health technology as I am, you’ll definitely be intrigued by Wise Therapeutics’ Personal Zen, […]

Research Says It’s The Best Meditation App For Anxiety

unwinding anxiety app for anxiety

Providence, Rhode Island, U.S—Research from Brown University suggests this could be the best meditation app for anxiety. Amid the uncertainty of COVID-19, many people are searching for the best apps for anxiety. Mindfulness apps often come top of the bunch, with applications like Headspace and Calm pulling in millions of dollars last year, and rising. […]

Dan Harris’ Meditation Advice For COVID-19

dan harris meditation advice for covid-19

Author of 10% Happier and owner of the 10% Happier app says it’s hard not to think about the future, but he advises people to focus on now when meditating. The coronavirus lockdown has led anxiety levels to become a pandemic themselves. As people to struggle with the anxiety of COVID-19, many are turning to […]

Mindfulness For Anxiety Classes Free Right Now Via Hopkins

Washington—Hopkins offers free classes in mindfulness for anxiety to its community. Hopkins is currently giving free classes in using mindfulness for anxiety to its community. Classes are led by Neda Gould, [Director, Mindfulness Program at Johns Hopkins]. Guided meditations are given three times a week to help participants handle anxiety. Neda Gould is concerned about […]

Science Reveals Best Meditations for Coronavirus Anxiety

meditation for coronavirus anxiety

New research published Tuesday reveals big benefits of mindfulness and compassion-meditation for coronavirus anxiety. [READ: Yoga / Meditation for coronavirus] If you are one of the millions of people currently suffering from corona-virus related anxiety, you may wonder what to do about it. The threat to our health, combined with the constant barrage of news […]

Airlines Now Using Meditation Apps for Fear of Flying

apps for fear of flying

Saturday—Airlines have started using meditation apps for fear of flying. In an effort to reduce lost profits due to fear of flying, a number of airlines are working with yoga apps, relaxation apps and meditation apps to help people confidently step onto planes. It is estimated that approximately 25% of the population suffer from fear […]

Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety? Harvard Advises This

coronavirrus anxiety

To the millions of people are coping with coronavirus anxiety: Harvard has advice for you. Harvard Medical School published a guide this week that offer various ways in which students can cope with coronavirus anxiety. Yoga comes to of the list, along with meditation [READ: Meditation For Anxiety]. What Harvard Says About Coping With Coronavirus […]

Why Meditation Helps With Anxiety – Science Reveals All

meditation for anxiety

Have you ever wondered why meditation helps with anxiety? If so, scientific research has discovered the answers that explain the link between anxiety and meditation. In my guide to the best meditations for anxiety I shared all the best methods to use. But today I would like to explain why meditation helps with anxiety. So let’s […]

Calmer You App Helps You Overcome Anxiety—Does It Work?

calmer you app

Meditation and mindfulness apps are truly having their moment in 2020. Thanks to apps like Headspace and Calm, the mindfulness app market reached a staggering $195 million in 2019, which was more than double the revenue of the year before. The majority of these meditation apps focus on general meditation. Headspace, for instance, is all […]

Gisele Bundchen Tells Vogue Meditation Stopped Her Anxiety

gisele bundchen meditating

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Gisele Bundchen said meditation stopped her anxiety and panic attacks, and also helped her quit smoking and start living a healthier life. 39 year-old Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen stated that her life was being destroyed by anxiety and panic attacks so bad that she almost decided to take her […]

Big Benefits of Yoga for School Anxiety, Says New Study

yoga for anxiety in school

A new study by has revealed the staggering effect of yoga on student’s anxiety in school. The rate of stress and anxiety among children and teens is increasing, especially at school. The rate of growth in anxiety is fueled largely by pressure at school, bullying, and the impact of social media. Increasingly we are seeing […]

Breakthrough Study Champions Meditation For Anxiety, Depression, Stress Relief

meditation for anxiety, depresison, stress

A breakthrough study is championing the use of meditation for anxiety, depression and stress relief. The study, conducted collaboratively between universities in Australia and the UK, highlights how meditation helps anxiety, depression and stress by changing the endocrine system. If you have ever wanted to have more control over the symptoms of anxiety, depression or […]

How I’m Overcoming Stress And Anxiety At Work

overcoming stress and anxiety at work

I’ve recently started using some techniques and exercises for overcoming stress and anxiety at work. Things like positivity, meditation, mindfulness and yoga. These exercises have helped me with my part-time retail sales job. And they’ve completely changed my mentality in the workplace. Plus, they have been helping me with a serious problem I’ve ben facing: […]