Monument Launches Monument Live Series & ‘Delish AF’ Cocktail Book

thumbnail_Mike Alcohol-Free Cheers

Designed for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol, Monument is an affordable, accessible, and research-based online platform and community whose mission is to empower people to get more out of life by drinking less. Monument is a company dedicated to mindfulness. Being mindful about how a person thinks and feels, their relationship with […]

Tone It Up App & Website Review

tone it up review app website

If you’re looking for a truly inspirational and motivational app and website to get in shape, you definitely have to check out Tone It Up, the creation of two friends, Katrina and Karen. These two beautiful women are so encouraging and positive they will fire you up with motivation to get in shape, lose weight […]

Mindful Eating App Feast Launches With Food Tracking

mindful eating app feast

LOS ANGELES, July 14th – If you’ve been looking for a new way to get into mindful eating and you enjoy using meditation apps, the Feast app will be perfect for you. Feast, a food-lovers community, announced today that they have launched their new mindful eating app. It’s designed to help turn calorie counting into […]

You Can Get Synctuition App Free Today

synctuition app free

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 08, 2020:   Today, you can get the Synctuition app free for download in 14 countries. Meditation apps really have taken over the world in 2020, what with the current mental health situation being caused by the pandemic. As a meditation teacher, I’ve been continually downloading and installing new meditation apps, […]

Why Meditation Apps Don’t Work Like You Think

woman meditating sitting down with hands in prayer position

Do meditation apps work? It’s a question a lot of our newsletter readers ask me. As a meditation teacher specialising in traditional forms of meditation, I have to say: Meditation apps do not work like you think they do. The supposed purpose of meditation apps is to replace traditional meditation and to make it easier […]

Dance Away Stress With Breethe App & Tasha Blank

girl dancing

NEW YORK, May 19, 2020—Meditation app Breethe has teamed up with international DJ Tasha Blank to release guided dance meditations. Breethe is a truly great meditation app on the market, not quite as big as Calm and Headspace but still gigantic in its own right with more than 2035 reviews averaging 4 stars on the […]

Best Yoga Streaming Apps & Platforms 2020

woman doing yoga in a studio

When you’re looking for the best yoga streaming platforms and apps in 2020, you’re spoiled for choice. Apps like Yoga Download and Yoga Collective offer plenty of high-quality content. And there’s the likes of new app Hello Yoga and Peloton. Which one should you use? Choosing the best yoga streaming apps and platforms is a […]

Well-Beings App Teaches Kids To Be Mindful Of Their Emotions

well beings app for kids

Well-Beings app teaches kids to be more mindful of their emotions and to express themselves. Guess what; the pandemic situation is making everyone stressed, anxious and depressed. No duh, right? Well, one app that can help kids to take control of their emotions is the Well-Beings app. Little kids are facing stress and anxiety during […]

Spotify Daily Wellness Playlist Brings You Daily Meditation, Yoga

spotify daily wellness playlist

Spotify’s Daily Wellness Playlist is a new effort by Spotify to bring mindfulness, meditation, and yoga content to its listeners. Ever since quarantine, companies all around the world have been creating mindfulness content, with celebrities making meditation videos and Instagram models uploading Youtube videos like it’s the last day of their lives. Now, Spotify is […]

Best Yoga & Meditation Apps For Kids 2020—I Love These!

yoga and meditation apps for kids

As a meditation teacher, many parents asked me for advice on the best yoga and meditation apps for kids. You might have noticed that in 2020 there are tons of apps, like Calm and Headspace for meditation, and yoga apps like Cosmic Kids Yoga and various yoga-streaming apps too. I tell most of my parent-students […]

Hello Yoga App Review—One On One Tuition At Home

hello yoga app review

Yoga streaming platforms and apps are all the rage at the moment, especially when we are all self-isolating and unable to get to local yoga classes. Many teachers have been looking for ways to teach yoga online, and simultaneously, yogis are looking for ways to practice yoga at home. Many people who have started practising […]

Moshi Sleep And Mindfulness App Raises $12 million to help kids sleep

moshi sleep and mindfulness

“Moshi Sleep And Mindfulness App”, the Moshi Monsters Meditation app, has raised $12 million Series B financing, money which will be used to create content for kids to learn mindfulness and get to sleep British-run Moshi Monsters was a website with over 80 million users that closed down in 2019 because it was running on […]

New “Personal Zen”: App For Stress And Anxiety Launching Now

personal zen app for stress and anxiety

New York—Wise Therapeutics launches “Personal Zen” app for stress and anxiety Today, New York based Wise Therapeutic has announced the launch of its first product, Personal Zen, an app for stress and anxiety. If you’re anywhere near as excited about new mental-health technology as I am, you’ll definitely be intrigued by Wise Therapeutics’ Personal Zen, […]

Daily Yoga VS Down Dog: Best Yoga Apps 2020

daily yoga vs down dog yoga apps

When it comes to a showdown between 2020s best yoga apps, who wins? How about Daily Yoga VS Down Dog? If you could only download and install one of these applications to your iPhone or Android, which one would you choose? This comparison will help you decide. What’s the Difference Between Daily Yoga And Down […]

Research Says It’s The Best Meditation App For Anxiety

unwinding anxiety app for anxiety

Providence, Rhode Island, U.S—Research from Brown University suggests this could be the best meditation app for anxiety. Amid the uncertainty of COVID-19, many people are searching for the best apps for anxiety. Mindfulness apps often come top of the bunch, with applications like Headspace and Calm pulling in millions of dollars last year, and rising. […]

Chris Hemsworth Guided Meditation For Kids Shows His Arrogance

chris hemsworth kids (1)

Soon-to-lunch Chris Hemsworth guided meditations promise to help your kids calm down, despite the fact that Hemsworth has zero experience in meditation. Ever since the mindfulness industry became a $14 billion-dollar-a-year business, we’ve seen everyone from rappers to sports stars getting involved with meditation. The latest celebrity to enter the world of mindfulness is Chris […]

Peloton Yoga, Meditation App Now Available On Android TV

peloton yoga app android tv

Android TV has expanded its app library and now offers the Peloton yoga and meditation app. Android TV, the digital media / TV version of the Android operating system, has well over 5,000 apps available on the Play Store. The latest is the Peloton app, the application of the well-known spin-bike manufacturer, which contains various […]

Meditation App For Black Folks Gets Bashed By White People

meditation app for black folks

Liberate, the meditation app for black folks, is getting all kinds of hate from white people. Liberate, which describes itself as the “online meditation app for black people”, is a guided meditation app that uses exclusively people of colour as its teachers. It’s torn its audience in two. On the one hand, people of colour […]

Get Balance Meditation App Free For An Entire Year Today

Eddie Murphy I See What You Did There Meme

Now you can get the Balance meditation app free an entire year today. But for some obscure reason it is only available on iOS.   If you’ve been thinking that meditation apps have been going nuts since the COVID-19 pandemic situations. Well, you’re right. Practically every app develop has been giving away some form of […]

Ira Yoga App Review: Ira Trivedi In The Palm Of Your Hands

ira yoga app review

Mumbai, India— Ira Trivedi yoga app provides you with a yoga teach in your phone (or other device). Ira Trivedi, the famous yoga teacher and author of the book What Would You Do To Save The World (Penguin Books) is launching a new yoga app, Ira Yoga, thus making it the one-billionth yoga app ever […]