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8 Best VR Meditation Apps Chosen By A Meditation Teacher [2019]

It was only a matter of time before  we started to get VR meditation apps and games. As a meditation teacher it is always exciting to see new meditation products entering the market. Of course there are tons of great meditation apps like Calm and Headspace. And there is some really cool new meditation devices and gadgets too. Virtual Reality Meditation takes things up a notch. With virtual reality meditation you are given a very simple solution to relaxation. The idea is that you put a headset on and play through a game or watch a relaxing movie in virtual…

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7 Best Spiritual Apps We Love In 2019

What is the best spiritual app of 2019?  If you've read my list of the best meditation apps, and VR meditation apps, you already know there are tons of amazing spiritual apps on the market today.  Whether you're a Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Christian or other, there are plenty of apps to keep you entertained and to help with your spiritual development.  Let's take a look at the best spiritual apps for 2019.   Best Spiritual Apps 2019 You might also like to try these VR meditation apps! Self Healing by The Wellness Platform The Self Healing app is all about self…

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12 Best Items Of Meditation Equipment / Meditation Tools

What are the best meditation tools and equipment you have ever used? As a teacher I've used all sorts of meditation equipment through the years.  And in this list I will show you my absolute favorites. There are lots of excellent meditation tools that can help you to go further in your practice. Equipment like malas and Zafu can be real game changers. Let me tell you about one of my best meditation tools My personal best meditation tool has to be my mala. This is one of the best Buddhist tools out there. It's the first piece of meditation…

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Calm VS Headspace VS Everything–Best Meditation Apps 2019

What are the best meditation apps of 2019? Who wins in a fight of Calm VS Headspace? How about Simple Habit VS Buddhify? Or Insight Timer VS 10% Happier? What is the best free meditation app of 2019? As a meditation teacher I'm naturally pretty darned interested in different meditation apps. Reviews for Headspace, Calm and etc. are all over the internet. But I thought I'd share my opinion as a meditation teacher. There are so many different meditation apps available at the moment. I've been stuck on a perpetual cycle of Download / Install / Meditation / Repeat. So…

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5 Best Meditation Games For Relaxation [LIST]

I’ve just finished playing through some of the best meditation games ever made.These   board games and console / PC titles will help you to unwind. There are some great meditation games on all different systems (such as PS4 / XBox One, PC etc.). There is also THE MINDFULNESS GAME, which is a card game for meditation. It's awesome. Check it out below. What I've learned from all this gaming is this: It can help you to be better at meditation.And so can card games. Amazingly, meditation can make you a better gamer too [READ: Meditation And Yoga For Gamers] Crazy,…

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10 Relaxing VR Apps To Calm Your Stress And Improve Sleep

Trying to relax? VR apps can help. There are so many excellent VR apps for iOS and Android. And they can seriously help to stop stress and to improve your sleep. I recommend using these apps together with some good old fashioned relaxing meditations for total serenity! When you're looking for that meditative chill, Virtual Reality apps are a good option. For starters there are these great meditation VR apps.  And there are lots of relaxing VR apps too. These VR apps are about sheer relaxation for when you're stressed or cant sleep and you just want to unwind. Read my…

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How To Make Meditation A Habit You Stick To Every Day

A lot of people ask me how to make meditation a habit. And I have a pretty good answer to that question. With my method you'll meditate every day. So first let's discuss the elephant in the room: meditation apps. They are not the answer.  Meditation tracking apps offer only basic tracking. And while apps like Headspace and Calm can help us make meditation a habit, there is a better way. You know how it is. You want to track your meditation time each day of the week so you can begin to get into the habit of meditating and…

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