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New App BALANCE Creating A Virtual Meditation Teacher For Your Phone

The new meditation app from Elevate Labs seeks to create the experience of working with a meditation teacher in-app. The mindfulness market is now a multi-billion dollar industry and many of the best meditation apps have been downloaded millions of times. They are now the most popular meditation tools in the world. And every week investors are pouring more money into meditation startups. Elevate Labs CEO Jesse Pickard, however, says that none of the current meditation apps creates the experience of working with an actual human meditation teacher in a proper meditation lesson. It’s that gap Elevate Labs is seeking…

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 Founder Of Calm Meditation App Aiming To Create “Mindful Island” – You’re Invited

You already know that meditation apps are selling like hot cakes. Mindfulness as an industry is basically going through the roof right now. But the founder of meditation app Calm has dreams so lofty they’ll make you gasp. Calm is one of the best meditation apps on the market.  It’s been huge ever since its launch, and its currently valued at a whopping $250 million. It’s only going to get bigger. The San Francisco start-up has its aims set very, very high (we’re talking about the stratosphere here, people). Calm Meditation App Could Even Become A "Mindful Island"  The ultimate…

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12 Best Meditation Tools When You Need An Aid For Meditation

What are the best meditation tools / meditation aids you have ever used? (leave a comment). There are lots of excellent meditation aids that can help you to go further in your meditation. Equipment like malas and Zafu can be real game changers. Some of the best meditation aids for 2019 include: Buddha statues Apps Gongs And meditation chairs   Let me tell you about one of my best meditation tools  My personal favorite meditation tool has to be my mala. This is one of the best Buddhist meditation aids out there. It's the first piece of meditation equipment I ever…

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Calm VS Headspace VS Everything–Best Meditation App 2019

Who wins in a fight of Calm VS Headspace? How about Simple Habit VS Buddhify? Or Insight Timer VS 10% Happier? What is the best free meditation app of 2019? As a meditation teacher I'm naturally pretty darned interested in different meditation apps. Reviews for Headspace, Calm and etc. are all over the internet. But I thought I'd share my opinion as a meditation teacher. There are so many different meditation apps available at the moment. I've been stuck on a perpetual cycle of Download / Install / Meditation / Repeat. So I thought I would review all the apps…

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5 Meditation Games You’re Going To Love

I’ve just finished playing through some of the best meditation games ever made. There are some great meditation games on all different systems (such as PS4 / XBox One, PC etc.) And guess what? Video games can help you to be better at meditation. And meditation can make you a better gamer.  Crazy, hey? So what are the best meditation games? Obviously you can use meditation apps like Calm and Headspace. There are some great VR apps that help with meditation too. But there are actual meditation games too. In fact, games are becoming one of the most popular tools meditators…

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10 Relaxing VR Apps To Calm Your Stress And Improve Sleep

Trying to relax? VR apps can help. There are so many excellent VR apps for iOS and Android. And they can seriously help to stop stress and to improve your sleep. When you're looking for that meditative chill, Virtual Reality apps are a good option. These VR apps are about sheer relaxation for when you're stressed or cant sleep and you just want to unwind. Read my guide to the best meditation apps.  And check out the latest cool meditation gadgets All you need is Google Cardvboard VR Viewer Pro tip: You don't need an expensive VR viewer either. For $15,…

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How To Make Meditation A Habit You Stick To Every Day

A lot of people ask me how to make meditation a habit. And I have a pretty good answer to that question. With my method you'll meditate every day. So first let's discuss the elephant in the room: meditation apps. They are not the answer.  Meditation tracking apps offer only basic tracking. And while apps like Headspace and Calm can help us make meditation a habit, there is a better way. You know how it is. You want to track your meditation time each day of the week so you can begin to get into the habit of meditating and…

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