Change your attitude and you will change your life. But how do you change your attitude? Use these guides and articles for inspiration, ideas and tutorials.

7 Habits For Healthy Relationships That Positive People Live By

There are seven habits for healthy relationships positive people live by. And they can make all  the difference in your life. Smart tips like using meditation to solve relationship problems, can make a huge difference to the quality of your relationship. The world of social interaction can be tricky. In our daily life, every person we interact with is an intricate web of experiences and expectations that contend with our own equally complex composition. It is a delicate dance to appreciate the needs of others while honoring our own. Sometimes, it can feel downright impossible. But, this dance is intrinsically,…

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Most Powerful Mudras, Mantras, Meditations For Fear

Let me show you how to remove fear from your mind by meditationm, mantras and mudras. There are specific meditation techniques that stop fear. And there are yoga mudrs for fearlessness and Hindu and Buddhist mantras for fear too. Fearless people are so much stronger than the rest. Fearless people are liberated to do anything they like in life. Fearless people are confident enough to leave their dead-end job for a more lucrative one Fearless people ask out anyone they are interested in because they aren't afraid of rejection Fearless people live true to themselves rather than being slaves to…

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How To Get Rid Of Bad Karma And Build Good Karma [TUTORIAL]

Negative karma is one of the main reasons for unfortunate circumstances in life. If you want to change your life, change your karma. Shinnyo Buddhism helps. At the Shinnyo Buddhist Center in New York they teach different types of meditation technique that are used to create Nirvana, to end bad karma and bring good karma. Kindness and compassion are the keys.

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12 Positive Thinking Techniques To Keep You Thinking Positively

Recently I've been trying some positive thinking techniques-- meditation, yoga, CBT and more. Theses techniques helped me to have more automatic positive thoughts. And that's... well... awesome. Because do you know the problem with positive thinking? It's usually forced. Usually. And studies show that forcing positive thinking is not a bright idea. But I've learned a secret. There are ways to make positive thinking automatic, little positive thinking techniques that make it oh so easy to think positively.   As you guys know, I’m a mental health athlete. I train my mind the way an athlete trains their body. Every day…

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Why Is Hope Important In Life?

Hope is one of the most important mental traits in life. According to 20 years of scientific research conducted by positive psychology founder Martin Seligman, hope reduces feelings of helplessness, boosts happiness, reduces stress, and improves our quality of life [1] Hopeful people are able to face even the most negative times with a positive attitude.  And because of the many health benefits of optimism, it significantly improves our mental health.    In a moment I'll share some amazing research that pinpoint the importance and benefits of hope. But first, just what is hope, anyway? Definition To be hopeful is…

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How To Have A Positive Attitude Towards Life So Everything Feels Easier

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When you know how to have a positive attitude towards life, everything feels so much easier.  Life does not have to be hard. There are ways to make life easy. Yes, I know, conventional wisdom says that life is hard. I beg to differ. We can make life easy if we choose to. It's all  about having the successful mindset. There will always be elements of life that can be perceived as a challenge, as a hardship. Buddha taught that there is always suffering. But the mind creates reality. Reality is nothing more than an infinity of particles spinning through space.…

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10 Best Spiritual Movies And Spiritual Characters Of All Time

In this list we're going to look at the 10 best spiritual movies of all time and the spiritual characters who made them so darned good.   Through the years movies have given us insight into spirituality and philosophy and some movies have been so inspiring that they may have even led you to become spiritual yourself. That's a good thing. Science has proven the importance of spirituality. Spirituality leads to a healthier, happier life. So by inspiring spirituality, these movie characters actually make us healthier.  But what is the best spiritual movie and who is the best spiritual movie character?…

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