Meditation Techniques For Sleep To Stop Insomnia

meditation for sleep

Before I started using meditation for sleep I would lie awake at night with restless thoughts, unable to doze off. I’d tried everything from counting sheep to breathwork, but none of it worked until I started meditating. By using meditation, insomnia gradually reduces and I found that I was naturally able to get a good […]

This Luxury Wellness Club In NY Is To Die For  [The Well NY]

the well ny wellness club

The Well is one of the finest luxury wellness clubs in NY. It’s a place where you’re invited to slow down with all manner of yoga, meditation and wellness events.    Take a trip to The Well in NY and you’ll enter an $18m bi-level space that was opened in September. It’s like a personal […]

How To Create Your Own Meditation

how to create your own meditation diy

In this guide we are going to look at how to create your own meditation. This DIY meditation technique will be a personal meditation that is specifically created to fulfil your individual needs. You will also learn how to teach your meditation technique to other people and how to record it as a DIY guided […]

12 Different Types Of Retreats You Can Experience

different types of wellness retreats

Have you noticed how many different types of meditation retreats there are these days? A shortlist includes: Meditation retreats Yoga retreats Spa retreats Adventure retreats And digital detox retreats I personally love wellness retreats. They offer so much more than your typical package holiday. I believe that a good holiday should restore your soul, give […]

Meditation To Look Young: 7 Magic Techniques To Try

anti aging meditation techniques

Yes, it is possible to use meditation for anti aging. Mudras and mantras can help too. Let’s be honest. Everyone above the age of thirty wants to look younger. So here is the good news: you can use anti-aging meditation techniques to look and feel young and to slow the aging process. Indeed, many people […]

8 Best Items Of Eco Friendly Yoga Gear [List]

recyclable yoga gear

If you need proof that yogis are the most environmentally friendly people on Earth, just look at the amount of eco-friendly yoga gear on the market today. There are: Eco-friendly yoga pants Eco friendly yoga mats Eco friendly bags Eco friendly yoga blocks Recycled yoga chairs And o’ so much more. Let’s take a look […]

Yoga For Seniors: Poses, Techniques And Benefits

yoga for over 60

Today at THE DAILY MEDITATION office I received news of amazing new research into the benefits of yoga for seniors. There are so many reasons for seniors to do yoga. And I very firmly believe that we should be giving classes of yoga at nursing homes. In this guide I will show you how to […]

Meditation For Weight Loss: 8 Techniques You NEED To Try

meditation for weight loss

When I started using meditation for weight loss, I changed the way I think about food and developed the “Weight Loss Mindset”. This alternative way of getting in shape helped me to shred more than 87LBS. What’s more, I found it easy to use meditation to lose weight. Unlike many of the current trendy weight-loss […]

28 Different Types Of Yoga And Their Benefits

types of yoga

You won’t believe some of these different types of Yoga and their benefits.   There are 28 different types of Yoga with benefits that range from fitness to relaxation to weight loss to spiritual awakening.  Between all these different yogic forms, you might wonder just how you can choose the best one for you.  In this […]

9 Meditation Side Effects: Expert On What You Need To Know

health risks of meditation

To meditate safely, you need to understand the negative side effects of meditation. Dangers are real. Especially if you meditate too much. We should be aware of both the pros and cons of meditation. Yes, there are significant benefits of meditation. There’s also risks, though. Many of which no one has fully covered until now. […]

9 Best Ayurveda Practices To Improve Your Health In 2019

ayurvedic practices and techniques

The world is awakening to Ayurvedic medicines and to the Ayurvedic health system in general. We decided to get involved. We conducted extensive research and discovered ten of the best Ayurvedic practices for health, beauty, and well-being. Try this Ayurvedic exercises with us.

A Buyers Guide To The Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

padde board yoga

If you want to go yoga SUP-ing, you need to buy one of the best paddle boards for yoga. These things rock. A few weeks ago I was stretching my groin in the regular Downward Dog position when it suddenly hit me: it would be far more fun to do paddle board yoga. Paddle board […]

Yoga, Mudras & Meditation To Look Young

techniques to look younger

In this guide, we reveal how to use yoga to look young in your face, skin and hair. Yoga mudras, poses, and meditation can make you look young and radiant Our newsletter subscribers tell me they feel and look younger. And no surprise, because youthfulness is just one of the 100 benefits of meditation. Yoga helps […]

10 Mantras For Health Problem & Healing

healing mantras

Good news: There are many powerful mantras for health and healing that can help with illness, disease and various health problems. There are healing mantras for diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and many other common health problems. My massively popular mantras list for beginners reveals how Japa and sacred sound can help us to restore our health […]

Health Benefits Of Positivity And Happiness Proven At Last. Scientists Shocked

health positivity happiness

Breakthrough study from Stanford University reveals the amazing health benefits of positivity. Research from University of California: Irvine shows there are health benefits of happiness too, Positive thoughts have a profound affect on our life and longevity. People who think they are healthy will live significantly longer than people who think they are unhealthy. Doctors […]

How To Start Doing Yoga At Home For Beginners

yoga for beginners

In this guide I will show you how to start doing yoga at home (for beginners with zero experience). When you decide to start doing yoga and meditation at home, you should feel proud, optimistic, and excited to get started. You are going to get so much out of practising. To start, take a look […]

16 Alternative Weight Loss Techniques To Make You Fit

alternative weight loss

There are so many alternative ways to lose weight. And a lot of them are way better than your typical diet and gym routine.  If it feels impossible, I have some alternative weight loss techniques that will change your life.  As a meditation teacher it’s no surprise that I personally used meditation for weight loss. But […]

Yoga For Positive Energy & Thoughts : Poses & Exercises

yoga for positivity

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use yoga for positive thoughts. Plus, how to use yoga for positive energy in your body. There’s nothing quite like using yoga for positive energy and happiness. When you have positive energy, you feel motivated, you live in the moment, and you enjoy an active life. There […]

10 Mind-Foods For Focus. Read This Over A Coffee 

foods for focus

If you suffer from a low attention span, why not try using some specific foods for focus. There are specific what I call “mind-foods” that can have a huge affect on attention span and concentration. Whether you cook for yourself or eat out every night, you can improve your concentration just by getting the right nutrition. While […]

How Your Personal Hygiene And Mental Hygiene Effect One Another

how to improve personal hygiene and mental health

There is an interesting link between personal hygiene and mental health. When you improve your mental hygiene, you improve your cleanliness automatically. Bizarrely enough, mental hygiene is almost identical to personal hygiene. Both come down to unconscious actions. The primary cause of bad hygiene habits is unconscious movements, like putting your finger in your mouth. In other […]