20+ Ideas For Beginner Meditators And Yogis

We’ve created the absolute best beginners meditaiotn guides for you, including mindfulness, mantras, mudras and more.

Here’s a selection of some of our great guides for beginners

The Basics Of Meditation

Before you start meditating it’s essential that you know the basics. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you to start meditating. In the guide you will learn everything you need to know to start meditating the right way today.

Read our guide to the basics of meditation.

Meditation In 10 Easy Steps

So you want to start meditating and you enjoy a busy life, so you’d like to start meditating quickly and with minimal fuss. What do you do?

You read our guide to meditating in 10 easy steps. Simple.

Mindfulness For Beginners

One of the most important types of meditation is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the present moment. Easy to do, but also easy to forget to do.

Take a look at our beginner’s guide to mindfulness.

A Buddhist Meditation Plan For Beginners

If you want your meditation to be effective, you need to have a plan. We can help you here. We will share with you a great meditation plan that you can use every day to progress.

Take a look at our Buddhist Meditation Plan For Beginners.

Other Relaxing Meditative Techniques

What do you do when you want the feeling of meditating buy you’d like to get it through different means? Simple. You use our easy guide to the best relaxation techniques.

And here are some more great articles about meditation for beginners.

10 Yoga breathing exercises for beginners

  • yoga

 There are some excellent yoga breathing exercises for beginners to learn. In yoga it is essential to make sure that you are breathing correctly. Just as there are proper breathing meditation techniques, there are proper yoga breathing techniques too. It is important to breathe properly whether you are sitting to a meditation session or engaged in an active form of yoga [READ: 28 yoga style and their benefits]. In this article I will explain how to breathe in yoga, and I will share the best yoga breathing exercises for beginners.   Let’s start with breathing during asana practice Rules For…

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Guide To Getting Started With Mindfulness For Beginners

If you’re just getting started with mindfulness as a beginner, you might wonder what the craze is all about. Why is mindfulness one of the fastest growing health practices of the past decade. What will you get out of it? There are so many amazing benefits of mindfulness for beginners to look forward to. Mindfulness will make you relaxed, happier, and less anxious. Just take a look at my article on the best exercises to see what it’s all about. What is mindfulness When you’re just getting started with mindfulness as a beginner you might wonder just what the heck…

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5 Ways How To Learn Meditation As A Beginner in 2019

When it comes to ways to learn to meditate, you’re spoilt for choice. In 2019 there are tons of different ways to learn to meditate, including our free article on the correct way to meditate as a beginner. That said, some ways are definitely better than others. For instance, a lot of people learn to meditate online by reading tons of random articles on various websites. As a blogger myself I obviously love the internet, but it is not the best way to learn to meditate. At least, not if you simply read random articles online. The best ways to…

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How To Meditate Properly For Beginners

As a meditation teacher, a lot of people ask me how to meditate properly at home Beginners who are just starting to learn meditation will definitely want to know some ground-rules. In my guide to how to do meditation for beginners, I showed you the best meditation techniques to get started with and explained some easy meditations. Today I’d like to explain the ground-rules of meditation so you know how to meditate properly. It is very important to learn how to meditate properly because, believe it or not, there are some serious health risks of meditation. I learned this one…

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Actually, THIS Is How To Use Prayer Beads For Meditation

In my Ultimate Guide To Malas I introduced malas and why they are my favorite piece of spiritual jeweler. Now let’s discuss how to use prayer beads for meditation in the right way.  Yes, malas look just gorge in their boho chic style, and they’re an awesome fashion accessory, but when you’re using malas to meditate you also need to know what you’re doing. As a meditation teacher I often see people wearing malas the wrong way and meditating with them incorrectly.  If you want to use malas for healing you do have to use them properly in order to…

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8 Best Mindfulness Books Picked By Our Expert

What are  the best mindfulness books you have ever read? As a meditation teacher and author, I have read so many mindfulness books I've lost count.  In 2019, mindfulness books are all the rage.mom There are books that teach you how to do the proper mindfulness technique. And there are books that teach you how to generally how mindful (hint: use these 32 mindful habits). And when you don't want to read a book, there are mindfulness apps like calm and headspace. Today I'm going to share with you my absolute favorite mindfulness books. The best I have ever read. …

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7 Best Meditation Books For 2019 Picked By Our Expert

What is the best meditation book in 2019? As a meditation teacher, writer and avid reader, I have read all of the best meditation books out there. And some of them are truly sensational. But which are the absolute best? In this list I will share the absolute best meditation books for 2019. We’ll look at some classics and some new meditation books, and I will help you find the best meditation book for you based on your own personal needs. Plus, you will probably want to read my list of the best spiritual books too. So, let’s dip right…

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Probably The Best Ways To Meditate At Home Today

What are the best ways to meditate at home? If you really want to go far with meditation, you need to know how to meditate at home. Because in all reality, to meditate consistently you need to make it as easy and accessible as possible. And that means being able to meditate where you spend most of your time. In other words: You need to know how to meditate at home. Plus, when you know how to meditate at home you can turn off the noise of the kids (or the parents…?), tune out the stress of the day, and…

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How To Meditate For Beginners [Written By A Meditation Teacher]

Here’s the first thing to know about meditation for beginners: You will get out of meditation what you put in. As a meditation teacher I’ve helped people change their lives with meditation. Beginners come to this site (THE DAILY MEDITATION) looking to learn how to meditate, and I regularly hear comments about how quickly you guys, my readers, have benefited from meditating.   If you’re a beginner learning meditation for the first time, be excited. Because by the time you have finished reading this guide (5 minutes ish) you will know everything you need to know to meditate properly. Here’s…

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When You Want Inner Peace, Meditation Is The Key

When you want to feel good deep in your soul, you can use some inner peace meditation techniques.   When we meditate, inner peace comes freely, and we return to a statue of pure equanimity (calmness). Inner peace means no longer fighting with the universe or with yourself. Inner peace means feelings relaxed and serene.  Advanced meditators will already know the effect of meditation on inner peace.   When you meditate you relax deeply, and you learn to let go of what's in your mind. This starts you down the path to enlightenment and helps you to become a free spirited person.…

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Mudras List — Every Mudra Explained In This Tutorial

Did you know that for thousands of years people have used hand-gestures known as hand-mudras (hastas)? There are more than 50 yoga mudras and many more mudras used in Buddhism, Hinduism and other spiritualities. I've created a complete mudras list below with pictures to help you to get started. But first you will probably want to know about the power of these hastas / hand mudras. Hand mudras / hastas are very powerful. Yoga hand hastas offer natural ways in which you can heal your body and mind. And you can combine them with powerful mantras [list]. In this guide…

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Ultimate Guide To Mindfulness Exercises For Beginners

There are many mindfulness meditation exercises for beginners you can use to stay in the moment.  And in this guide I am going to show you how and why you should use them.   As a meditation teacher I am often teaching new mindfulness exercises for beginners. I have seen first hand just how these exercises can change lives.  They can make us calmer, happier, more productive, and more peaceful.  Everyone who has tried my  beginners meditation guide knows how much of a difference mindfulness can make in life. And not just for us adults, but for our kids too [read…

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10 Best Yoga Meditation Techniques You Need To Experience

Let me tell you something: I love yoga meditation techniques. I mean I’m bound to, right?  Being a yoga practitioner and meditation teacher it’s kinda obvious I’d love all the types of meditation in yoga. Especially given that I wrote basically the net’s best guide to meditation techniques. Thing is: everyone can get something out of these yoga meditation techniques. Especially if you combine them with my list of yoga breathing exercises! There Are So Many Benefits Of Yoga Meditation Techniques Yet So Many People Dont Know About Them!  I’ve taught everyone from five-year-old kids to the elderly all the…

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7 Best Meditation Positions For Beginners, Sitting Or Standing

What are the best meditation positions for beginners? And do you need to use the traditional Buddhist meditation sitting position? Your meditation posture is incredibly important. Not just for your body, but for your mind too.  Whether you’re meditating sitting on a meditation chair, a mat, or the floor, you need to have proper meditation posture, otherwise you may experience knee and back pain. If you have a bad body position when meditating, you will put pressure on your spine, and this could potentially lead to spinal injury.  [here's how to use meditation to improve your spinal health] This might…

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How To Do Meditation Lying Down The Correct Way

A lot of readers have been asking me: Is it okay to meditate lying down. This really is an interesting question. And it’s a question that will split opinions. Obviously if you are meditating to get to sleep at night, it’s a no-brainer: meditate while lying down. But what about at other times? Is it okay to just abandon proper seated meditation in exchange for lying down? It depends. Why Meditating Lying Down? Let me ask you a question: why do you want to meditate lying down? Sure, meditating in bed is one of the best ways to meditate at…

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5 Techniques Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners [Tutorial]

There are lots of different techniques of Buddhist meditation for beginners to learn. Many types of Buddhist meditation techniques are not ideal for beginners. They required advanced practice. So even if you are tempted to try all of the 31 major meditation techniques right now, you might want to wait a while.   Thousands of THE DAILY MEDITATION's readers have been inspired by our list of the  100 health benefits of meditation. And it is easy to understand why everyone is so excited about meditation an why so many people are becoming Buddhist [see my big list of celebrity Buddhists].  But there is…

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28 Different Types Of Yoga And Their Benefits

You wont believe some of these different types of yoga and their benefits.   There are 28 different types of yoga with benefits that range from fitness to relaxation to weight loss to spiritual awakening.  There are so many different types of yoga. And that's a good thing because there's nothing like yoga for creating positivity in your life. Trouble is, how do you know which type of yoga is best for you? Take a look at all the different types of yoga and their benefits in the list below. Mind-blowing.   How to pick the right one of these different types of…

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How To Meditate Properly, For Beginners [TUTORIAL]
Only with firm roots can a tree grow strong. Only with the right foundations can a house be built. Only by learning the basics of meditation can you succeed in your practice.

How To Meditate Properly, For Beginners [TUTORIAL]

As a meditation teacher, I spend a lot of my time explaining to beginners how to meditate properly. I even wrote several books on how to meditate for beginners.  When you are learning how to meditate as a beginners, you need to follow a few simple steps. I will always remember when I started to learn how to meditate. Within a few days I'd tried 31 meditation techniques. When you're just starting to get into meditation, you can make a lot of mistakes. Me?  I did everything wrong. I did not know how to meditate properly. And I did not…

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8 Taoist Meditation Techniques Bruce Lee Used [TUTORIAL]

There are 8 major types of Taoist meditation techniques. They're famous today mostly because they're the Bruce Lee meditation techniques that he spoke about in his movies and interviews. Lot's of people ask me did Bruce Lee meditate. The answer is a resounding Yes. Bruce Lee did Taoist meditations. Along with some powerful movement meditations, Bruce Lee used Taoist techniques. The benefits of those techniques are huge, too. When we learn how to do Taoist meditation techniques, we take control of Qi in the body and mind. The result is improved mental health and better physical well-being. Try the meditations…

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