She’s Teaching Sign Language Meditation & Yoga For The Deaf

yoga meditation for hearing impaired

In an effort to make yoga more all-inclusive, yoga instructor and qualified British Sign Language (BSL) Bethaney Mouzer has started teaching sign-language yoga for the deaf. Trying to learn yoga when deaf is obviously a challenge. If you learn via a Youtube channel, you’re constantly turning your head to look at the video because you […]

How To Meditate: Step By Step Guide [Infographic]

how to meditate guide

In this infographic I’ll show you how to meditate step by step.  As a meditation teacher, I know lots of people are looking for easy ways to start meditating (my guide to practising at home will help). And you might like a way to keep these instructions for later. That’s why I decided to create […]

Mindfulness VS Meditation: Are They The Same Thing?

mindfulness vs meditation

As a meditation teacher, many of my students ask me, “Are mindfulness and meditation the same thing?” The difference between mindfulness and meditation can be a little confusing. The reason is that there are actually two different definitions of mindfulness. One is the original Buddhist meaning of the word. “Mindfulness Meditation” is an actual form […]

What to Expect During Your First Yoga Class

your first yoga class

New to yoga?  Walk into your first class well-prepared by reading this post on what to expect during your first yoga class.  Yoga is a great way to improve both your physical and mental health through strengthening your body and centering your mind. Don’t feel intimidated by fancy terminology, all of the props, and challenging […]

Thoughts During Meditation? Handle Them The Enlightened Way

a girl sitting in a forest thinking

Have you ever wondered what to do with thoughts during meditation? You might have noticed that the typical advice to “Let go of your thoughts” when meditating is actually incredibly hard. Everyone says that you should simply let those intrusive thoughts go right by you, not being disturbed by them. But is that even possible? […]

If You Find Meditation Boring It Means THIS

a bored cat

Many people say they find meditation boring. Sure, there’s not a lot going on with meditation. You’re just sitting down focusing on your breath or perhaps on a mantra. But if you think that the simple practice of meditation is boring, it actually says a lot about you. Why? To answer that, you have to […]

Daily Mindfulness Routine Suggestions From Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen

dog walks can be part of a daily mindfulness routine

Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen have some great suggestions for your daily mindfulness routine. While we are all stuck at home because of the current situation, it is all too easy to slip into a state of stress and mindlessness. To counteract this, it is important to develop a daily mindfulness routine that helps you […]

Meditation Starter Kit Recommended By Our Expert

meditation starter kit with chair,, mala and book

A good meditation starter kit, with all the items you need to start meditating, will help to ensure that you can practice meditation successfully. The good news is that you really don’t need that much equipment in order to start meditating [READ: How To Start Meditating At Home]. There are lots of new meditation tools. […]

Indulge In A DIY Meditation Retreat At Home Today

diy meditation retreat

When you can’t get away for a spiritual vacation to India, try a meditation retreat at home. I used to feel crappy because I could never afford a meditation retreat. But then I made the clever decision to turn my own home into my meditation retreat. And let me tell you: it’s the best thing […]

How To Create Your Own Meditation

how to create your own meditation diy

In this guide we are going to look at how to create your own meditation. This DIY meditation technique will be a personal meditation that is specifically created to fulfil your individual needs. You will also learn how to teach your meditation technique to other people and how to record it as a DIY guided […]

Mindfulness For Beginners: Free Guide You Need To Read

mindfulness meditation for beginners

In this guide, we look at getting started with mindfulness meditation techniques for beginners.  If you’re just getting started with mindfulness as a beginner, you might wonder what the craze is all about. Why is it one of the fastest-growing health practices of the past decade? What will you get out of it? There are […]

How To Meditate Properly At Home For Beginners

meditation for beginners

In this guide, we will be looking at how to do meditation at home for beginners. This will be a complete tutorial, so you learn how to meditate properly. Infographics showing how to meditate in easy stepss. When you’re learning how to meditate at home (as opposed to on a retreat or at a studio), […]

Actually, THIS Is How To Use Prayer Beads For Meditation

how to use prayer beads for meditation

In my Ultimate Guide To Malas I introduced malas and why they are my favorite piece of spiritual jeweler. Now let’s discuss how to use prayer beads for meditation in the right way. Yes, malas look just gorge in their boho chic style, and they’re an awesome fashion accessory, but when you’re using malas to […]

How To Meditate For Beginners [Written By A Meditation Teacher]

meditation for beginners

Here’s the first thing to know about meditation for beginners: You will get out of meditation what you put in. As a meditation teacher I’ve helped people change their lives with meditation. Beginners come to this site (THE DAILY MEDITATION) looking to learn how to meditate, and I regularly hear comments about how quickly you […]

34 Meditation Techniques That Will Make You Better At Life

different meditation techniques

Learn a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques from Buddhism, yoga, Taoism. These mindfulness techniques are good for stress, anxiety, depression, and for promoting happiness, inner peace, and calmness. This is basically a free online meditation course and mindfulness course for you to enjoy.

23 Inner Peace Meditation Techniques You Need To Know

A tree by the ocean at sunset symbolising inner peace

In this guide, I’ll share all the best inner peace meditation techniques, with scripts, so you can slow and quiet the mind and relax. When we meditate, inner peace comes freely, and we return to a state of pure equanimity (calmness). This creates a quiet mind and slows down thoughts to stop you feeling rushed […]

Ultimate List Of Mustras With Pictures & Meanings [Updated 2020]

The ultimate guide to Hindu, Buddhist and Yoga mudras

In this mudras guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these hand gestures and a complete list of mudras to use. You’ll find mudras from yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism and other spiritual systems. And you’ll discover how they benefit you.    I’ve created a complete mudras list below with pictures to help you to […]

40 Beginners Mindfulness Exercises To Make Your Life Better

mindfulness exercises for beginners

In this guide, I will share the best beginners mindfulness activities for adults, kids and groups. As a meditation teacher, I know it can be a challenge to get started with mindfulness. That is why I created this list of the best beginners mindfulness activities for kids, adults and groups. They are simple ways to […]

11 Great Yoga Meditation Techniques You Need To Know

yoga meditation techniques

What are the best types of yoga meditation techniques? As a meditation teacher, I’m often asked by yogis how to combine meditation and yoga. The good news is that there are many ways to merge meditation and yoga, and myriad benefits of doing so. I love yoga meditation techniques. I mean I’m bound to, right?  […]

7 Meditation Positions Sure To Make You Better At Meditating

meditation sitting positions

What are the best meditation positions for beginners? And do you need to use the traditional Buddhist meditation sitting position? Your meditation posture is incredibly important. Not just for your body, but for your mind too. Whether you’re meditating sitting on a meditation chair, a mat, or the floor, you need to have proper meditation […]