20+ Ideas For Beginner Meditators And Yogis

We’ve created the absolute best beginners meditaiotn guides for you, including mindfulness, mantras, mudras and more.

Here’s a selection of some of our great guides for beginners

The Basics Of Meditation

Before you start meditating it’s essential that you know the basics. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you to start meditating. In the guide you will learn everything you need to know to start meditating the right way today.

Read our guide to the basics of meditation.

Meditation In 10 Easy Steps

So you want to start meditating and you enjoy a busy life, so you’d like to start meditating quickly and with minimal fuss. What do you do?

You read our guide to meditating in 10 easy steps. Simple.

Mindfulness For Beginners

One of the most important types of meditation is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the present moment. Easy to do, but also easy to forget to do.

Take a look at our beginner’s guide to mindfulness.

A Buddhist Meditation Plan For Beginners

If you want your meditation to be effective, you need to have a plan. We can help you here. We will share with you a great meditation plan that you can use every day to progress.

Take a look at our Buddhist Meditation Plan For Beginners.

Other Relaxing Meditative Techniques

What do you do when you want the feeling of meditating buy you’d like to get it through different means? Simple. You use our easy guide to the best relaxation techniques.

And here are some more great articles about meditation for beginners.

Steps For Anapansati Meditation From Anapanasati Sutta

In this article we’ll be looking at how to do Anapanasati meditation technique, based on the actual anapansati sutta of Buddha. Of all the techniques covered in our guide to 31 different types of meditation, this is perhaps the most important.  As a meditation teacher, this is the meditation techniques I teach the most. Buddha said this meditation techniques bears "great fruit" (meaning great benefit) when practiced regularly. It is a very important Buddhist meditation [READ: Buddhist meditations for beginners] Introduction to Anapanasati Meditation / Anapanasati Sutta By the end of this guide, you will know how to do Anapansati…

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How To Do Zen Meditation Techniques Like Zazen

Did you know that there are different types of Zen meditation techniques, the main being Zazen meditation? Each of the different types of Zen meditation has different benefits, so it is worth trying all of them. Zen meditation techniques are a variety of Buddhist methods that are used by both beginners and masters. In this guide to Zen meditation techniques you'll learn how to do Zazen and other methods, along with the benefits, hand positions, sitting postures and the benefits. What are Zen Meditation techniques? Zen meditation techniques are some of the main types of meditation. Naturally, they stem from…

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How To Actually Do Jedi Meditations To Feel The Force [TUTORIAL]

Did you know that you can actually use Yoda's meditations from Star Ways? Ever since Jedi became an official recognised religion, people have been trying techniques from Star Wars, including meditation.    There are tons of life lessons from Star Wars. And for my Galactic Credits, the absolute best lessons from Star Wars are about meditation. Meditation is very important to Jedi. As a meditation teacher I have actually taught Yoda's meditation techniques to many people. Which is quite easy because most of the philosophy in Star Wars is based on Zen. Read my beginners guide to Zen and you…

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Use These 10 Powerful Mudras For Weight Loss, Health And Fitness

Did you know you can use mudras for weight loss, energy, depression and all other sorts of health situations? Some of the heath problems mudras can cure include: insomnia anxiety depression weight gain stress digestive problems It's been scientifically proven that the hand positions used in Hinduism, yoga and Buddhism can significantly boost your health and even help to alleviate some of the symptoms of diseases.  These healing hand gestures have been used in the East for thousands of years as part of traditional healing. And as we witness the rise in popularity of meditation and yoga here in the…

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10 Relaxing VR Apps To Calm Your Stress And Improve Sleep

Trying to relax? VR apps can help. There are so many excellent VR apps for iOS and Android. And they can seriously help to stop stress and to improve your sleep. When you're looking for that meditative chill, Virtual Reality apps are a good option. For starters there are these great meditation VR apps.  And there are lots of relaxing VR apps too. These VR apps are about sheer relaxation for when you're stressed or cant sleep and you just want to unwind. Read my guide to the best meditation apps.  And check out the latest cool meditation gadgets All you…

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5 Non Religious Meditation Techniques For Atheists And Agnostics

Yes, there are non religious meditation techniques for atheists and agnostics. And no matter what some hardcore religious people might try to tell you, you have just as much right to practice any type of meditation as anyone else has. whether you're atheist, agnostic or, well, anyone else. As a mindfulness teacher I've taught non religious meditation to atheists and agnostics for years.  Let me share my top non religious meditation techniques with you.  In my big guide to different methods of meditation I revealed all the top techniques in the world.  There are five excellent non religious meditation techniques…

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How To Start Doing Yoga At Home For Beginners [TUTORIAL]

In this guide we'll be looking at how to start doing yoga at home for beginners.. When you make the decision to start doing yoga at home you should feel proud, optimistic, and excited to get started. You are going to get so much out of practicing. To start, take a look at my article on the 28 styles and their benefits. If you are a complete beginner you can learn safely and privately at home, which can be a more comfortable way to start.  And if you do already go to a studio, you can complement your practice with some…

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How To Make Meditation A Habit You Stick To Every Day

A lot of people ask me how to make meditation a habit. And I have a pretty good answer to that question. With my method you'll meditate every day. So first let's discuss the elephant in the room: meditation apps. They are not the answer.  Meditation tracking apps offer only basic tracking. And while apps like Headspace and Calm can help us make meditation a habit, there is a better way. You know how it is. You want to track your meditation time each day of the week so you can begin to get into the habit of meditating and…

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Here’s Why You’re Crying During Meditation And What It Really Means

A reader wrote in to us today saying, “When I meditate I cry. What’s going on? Why does meditation make me cry?, I thought it was supposed to make me relaxed and happy, but I always start crying. Please explain what's happening to me!”  Many people think it's a problem when they cry while meditating. It really isn't. There are far worse things meditation can do. Crying when meditating is actually common. There are many reasons why people cry when they meditate. Sometimes it's just because of dry eyes. Other times it could mean your emotions are out of control.…

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6 Best Breathing Meditation Exercises, Techniques For Beginners

There are many different kinds of breathing meditation exercises that beginners should learn when starting meditation. I recommend trying all these breathing meditation techniques to find the best ones for you.  As a meditation teacher, I am constantly surprised by how many meditators do not know the proper breathing meditation techniques. It's a big problem. When you are a beginner learning meditation it can be hard to know which of the 31 top meditation techniques you should do. There are just so many different choices. But the best place is to start with some easy breathing meditation exercises. Why? For…

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Even The Best Guided Meditations Are Actually Bad For You

There is one massive flaw that even the very best guided meditations have. If you ever use instant meditations you seriously should stop. Yes, stop.  While guided meditations and "instant meditations"  are in hot demand, they are not good for you.  Guided meditations are one of the most popular ways in which people start meditating. Over the past few years we've seen the rise of many meditation apps like Calm and Headspace. It's easy to see why these apps are so popular. They offer a quick and easy way to meditate. And they even have "instant meditations" which can be…

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Ultimate Guide To Zen Walking Meditation Technique

Zen walking meditation is a traditional form of Buddhist mindfulness that offers many health benefits. The process is very simple to understand, we simply apply the core concept of mindfulness to the process of walking. We focus the mind on the movement of walking. This increases the mind-body connection, heightens mindfulness, and boosts our mental well-being. Let's take a look at Zen walking meditation technique and the many physical and mental health benefits that it offers. Or, if you're new to Zen, get started with my introductory guide to Zen meditation. "Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be…

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How To Do Chi Meditation To Control Chi Energy [10 Steps]

If you want to know how to control chi energy, the best way is with chi meditation technique. There are many Taoist meditation techniques that can be used to control the flow of qi. [READ: How To Do Taoist Meditation] In this guide I will share with you all the best chi meditation techniques to get that energy flowing through you. But first let's take a look at what chi energy is. What Is Meditation And Chi Energy? Chi, qi, or Ki, is the energy of the universe. And it is the same energy that flows through you. When you…

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10 Practice Rules For A Successful Meditation

There are 10 practice rules that everyone needs to know about meditation. When you follow these 10 rules you will be successful in meditation.     Congratulations. You've decided to start meditating. And that is a great decision. Because meditation will help you to relax, it will clear your mind it will... well, it will do a lot. Just take a look at this list of more than 100 health benefits of meditation. Today, you're beginning your journey towards an even healthier, happier you. And as my Zen-sational readers would say, every positive step is a step in the right…

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Begin Learning Meditation With This Beautiful Infographic

This meditation infographic shows you how to meditate and also why you should probably meditate every day. Feel free to print and share this infographic. You can meditate any time of the day to promote relaxation and wellbeing and to improve you overall health. Here’s how to meditate at any time during the day and night. How To Meditate At Any Time of the Day  Getting Up Early: Watch the sunrise and be mindful of the changing colours of morning for a beautiful start to the day Breakfast: Meditate on the colours, scent and taste of the food Walking to…

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List Of Spiritual Words Everybody Needs To Know

In this list of spiritual words you will find 87 of the most important spiritual words and their meanings. If you personally know a different spiritual word you would like to add to the list, please leave a comment. Include the spiritual word and the meaning of that spiritual word. Thanks.  List of spiritual words with meanings Active Meditation: Active meditation, as the name implies, is all about meditating while  being physically active. Active meditations (sometimes called “Dynamic Meditations”) involve walking, dance and other exercises. Akasha: Akasha (or space or ether) is one of the world’s natural elements from which…

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How To Meditate With Crystals For Beginners [Tutorial]

Today I'm going to be discussing how to meditate with crystals for beginners. I'll show you how to choose a meditation crystal and how to meditate with a crystal.  THE DAILY MEDITATION readers are still loving my guide to 31 meditation techniques. Crystals offer an additional method of meditating. Plus, they offer some benefits that other methods do not offer. Different gemstones have different benefits, such as purifying the emotions and calming the mind. That's why you might like to add some gemstones to your practice. Well, before we look at exactly how to meditate with crystals, you need to ask…

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Actually THIS Is How To Do Merkaba Meditation Properly

When you activate merkaba you will ascend to the higher realm.  And in this guide I will show you how to do Merkaba meditation so you can activate merkaba today.    Of all the different meditation techniques, this is arguably the most powerful. When you practice Merkaba meditation technique you will transcend three-dimensional existence and transform into a body of light.  Merkaba meditation technique enables the individual to ascend or descend in terms of consciousness. At the ultimate ascension you will be liberated from the three dimensional world, discovering the fourteenth dimension.  In other words, Merkaba will help you to achieve enlightenment.…

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