How Beliefs Affect Your Life, Changing Your Perception Of Reality

how beliefs affect life chaning perception of reality

How do beliefs affect our lives? You might be surprised to hear that your beliefs affect your life in every way. Because from the time you are born, beliefs shape your perception of the world. And your perception is your reality. That is why it is of the utmost importance  we notice our own beliefs […]

How To Change Beliefs About Yourself [Exercises & Tutorial]

how to change negative beliefs about yourself

When you know how to change negative beliefs, you will take control of your life. One of the best ways of improving self-esteem is by changing negative beliefs about yourself to positive ones. How many of the following negative beliefs do you experience? Negative beliefs about money Negative beliefs about life Negative beliefs about worries […]

Health Benefits Of Positivity And Happiness Proven At Last. Scientists Shocked

health positivity happiness

Breakthrough study from Stanford University reveals the amazing health benefits of positivity. Research from University of California: Irvine shows there are health benefits of happiness too, Positive thoughts have a profound affect on our life and longevity. People who think they are healthy will live significantly longer than people who think they are unhealthy. Doctors […]

50 Famous Buddhist Celebrities In Hollywood & Beyond

buddhist celebrities

We couldn’t believe some of the famous Buddhist celebrities we found when we made our list (below). There are actors, singers, directors, politicians and sports people. Our jaws dropped when we heard about some of these famous celebrity Buddhist. I mean, did you know that Courtney Love is a famous Buddhist celebrity? And after the […]

The Important Of Spirituality In Life REVEALED!

what is the true meaning of spirituality

Science has revealed some staggering facts about the importance of spirituality in life and what it means to be spiritual in 2020. If you’re unhappy or unhealthy, spirituality can help. But the masses still turn their noses up to spirituality, partly because they confuse it with religion, and partly because there have been some spiritual […]

Huna Healing Techniques & Meditation You Need To Know


In this guide we will be looking at the Huna meditation technique and Huna healing practices, some lesser-known but highly beneficial spiritual exercises. Huna (which was originally called Ho’Omana”) is a theory of physics set down by New Age author Ma Freedom Long in the 1900s. Contained in the Huna are healing techniques used to […]