Sharon Salzberg’s New Meditation Book & Real-World Mindfulness

sharon salzberg meditation book

New meditation book by Sharon Salzberg, Real Change: Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World, will be released in September. Sharon Salzberg is, without a doubt, one of the best meditation teachers in the world. The New York Times bestselling author and Buddhist meditation teacher, Salzberg has been one of the leading voices in bringing […]

8 Best Selling Yoga Books You Seriously Need To Read

best selling yoga book

I’ve been reading through all the best selling yoga books of all time. It’s been a great way to pass the time in self-isolation. I’ve learned a staggering amount about yoga, and I’ve never been more inspired to get on my yoga mat than right now. Through my reading I’ve learned about the anatomy of […]

Confessions Of A Zen Narcissist Shares Raw Insight Into NPD

woman looking at a reflection of herself in a mirror

California U.S—In his book Confessions of a Zen Narcissist, author Larry White shares raw insight on the life of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Freelance writer, power, and self-published author Larry White knows the challenges of living with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as he identifies in his book Confessions of a Zen Narcissist.  It is a […]

This History Or Yoga Book Opened My Eyes

history of yoga book

Kentucky, U.S.—Alistair Shearer releases book about the history of yoga: “The Story of Yoga: From Ancient India to the Modern West”. [Available on Amazon] Today I stumbled across a new yoga book from a Kentucky-based author, Alistair Shearer, titled “The Story of Yoga: From Ancient India to the Modern West”. It’s a fascinating read that […]

This Book Teaches Us So Much About Conscious Cooking

cover of Eagle’s "First, Catch: Study of a Spring Meal

I recently had the pleasure of coming across a new conscious-cooking book from Thom Eagle, titled “Eagle’s “First, Catch: Study of a Spring Meal”. It’s a truly enlightening book that does so much more than the typical cookbook. In fact I mayeven end up adding to my list of the best mindful cookbooks. A truly […]

New Yoga Book Promises To Redefine How We Do Yoga

new yoga book

A new yoga book called The New Yoga: From Cult and Dogma to Science and Sanity [AMAZON] is promising to ask some hard-hitting questions about how we view yoga in the twenty first century. Rob Walker, a certified yoga teacher and member of the US Yoga Alliance, is a fourth level certified Iyengar Yoga practitioner […]

Justin Michael Williams Says “Stay Woke” In New Meditation Book & Single

justin michael williams stay woke meditation book

     Singer and “transformational speaker” Justin Michael Williams’ new meditation book Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us promises to helps people to maintain inner peace while the world is in chaos. GET IT ON AMAZON Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us is a book full of […]

New Book Reveals How To Use Mindfulness For Test Taking

In the new book Beyond the Content: Mindfulness as a Test Prep Advantage, author Logan Thompson revels how to use mindfulness for test taking. He argues that being mindful is one of the most important parts of succeeding in tests. Mindfulness is simply the state of being consciously aware and living in the moment. You […]

8 Best Mindfulness Books Picked By Our Expert

best mindfulness books

What are the best mindfulness books you have ever read? As a meditation teacher and author, I have read so many mindfulness books I’ve lost count. In 2020, mindfulness books are all the rage. There are books for all aspects of mindfulness, including books on mindfulness techniques, application, the mindful lifestyle, the science, and so […]

15 Best Mindfulness Books & Meditation Books For 2020

best meditation books 2019

When I set out to write the best meditation and mindfulness book of 2020, I promised myself that I would read through every big book on the subject. That way, I knew exactly what I would need to put into my own book in order to write the best meditation book ever.   As a mindfulness […]

9 Best Zen Books Beginners Will Love In 2021

best zen books

 In this guide, I’ll be sharing with you all the best Zen books for beginners to read in 2021. Buddhism has become highly popular in the past 50 years thanks to the likes of Jack Kornfield and D. T. Suzuki. Today, there are hundreds of books about Zen and the philosophies therein.  Picking the best […]

21 Meditation Tools We Absolutely Love In 2021

meditation tools

What are the best meditation tools, equipment, and device you have ever used? There is excellent equipment available to help us meditate, from Zen chairs to Buddhist malas, to modern aids like Muse Headband. As a mindfulness instructor, I’ve used all sorts of meditation equipment over the years.  And in this list, I will show […]

8 Best Chakra Books We Absolutely Love In 2021

Chakra Books

When it comes to the best books on chakras, well, you’re spoiled for choice. Whether you’re new to chakra cleansing or you’ve been doing it for years, there are many excellent chakra books you’ll definitely want to check out.  Chakra are ‘Wheels” in the body through which prana runs. The seven chakras are each related […]

Best Spiritual Books 2020: What You Need To Read Now

best spiritual books 2018

What are the best spiritual books to read in 2019? Well, the good news is there are lots of new spiritual books to look forward to. If you’re like me you love nothing more than chilling in a park and turning the pages of a meaningful title. The best spiritual books are just so… divine! […]

4 Best Mudra Books Picked By Our Expert

best mudra books to buy

What are the best mudra books? When I was writing THE DAILY MEDITATION’s list of yoga mudras I read through all the best books on mudras. As you may know, these hand positions are symbolic gestures involving the body. They are powerful tools for spiritual development and health. I read through the classic mudra books like: […]

5 Best Mantra Books You Need To Read In 2021

best mantra books

What, in your opinion, is the best mantra book in 2021?  I remember when I turned the page of my first mantra book. It was a magical time. A time of wonder. Dipping my mind into the sacred arts.  I’d gotten into mantra meditation by reading the books of Deepak Chopra. That led me to reading […]

6 Best Mindfulness Meditation CDs & DVDs For 2021

best mindfulness dvds cds

In this guide we will look at the very best mindfulness meditation CDs and the best mindfulness meditation DVDs for you to buy in 2021. There are so many meditation products out it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s hot garbage. Thanks to amazing meditation teachers like Jon Kabat Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, […]

10 Best Self Help Books For Women To Read In 2018

self help books for women

There are hundreds of self help books for women, written by some of the most inspiring gurus in the world. Some are excellent. some are okay. Some are a complete waste of time. And some actually led to such crazy (and harmful) ideas as forcing yourself to think positively all the time. Women’s self help books […]

15 Best Self Help Books And Self Help Gurus Ever

self help gurus

Who is the best self-help guru ever? There have been so many self-help gurus and books through the years who have changed our lives with their self-improvement plans. But who is the best self help guru of all time?  Or is it one of these inspiring spiritual bloggers instead? Here’s my list of the best […]