5 Chakra Opening Techniques You Will Love in 2018

In this chapter of THE DAILY MEDITATION we share all the best tips and strategies for activating your chakras and getting that prana to flow.

Here’s How Long It Takes To Open Your Chakras

   If you have read my guide to chakra meditation for beginners, you might wonder how long it takes to open your chakras. As an online meditation teacher probably the one comment I hear most is that people do not have enough time to meditate. It can be hard squeezing in enough time for all the different types of meditation you should do. Proper chakra meditation can take quite a long time to do. However, there are many other ways to activate your chakra. With the tricks and tips below you will be able to open your chakras while still…

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Pick Your 7 Chakra Personality Type To See Your Best Meditation

Today, we here at THE DAILY MEDITATION are going to show you how to find your seven chakra personality type. Chakra meditation is one of the most important meditation techniques. When you find your ruling chakra you will learn a ton about yourself and you will find the best meditation for you. We’ve asked our friend spiritual author Shai Tubali to help us out with this one. He’s author of The Seven Chakra Personality Types (grab it on Amazon). So, here’s Shai to help you find your seven chakra personality type. And you might also like to read my guide…

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How To Open Chakras – Meditation For Beginners [TUTORIAL]

As an online mindfulness instructor, many people ask my how to open the chakras with meditation. There's a great chakra meditation for beginners that I will teach you in this guide. You're going to love it. Among all the different types of meditation, the chakra methods are the most holistic. Chakra meditation techniques will help you to be at your peak. They are some of the most important types of meditation you can do. That's why I'd like to share my two favorite methods with you. One is a chakra meditation for beginners. The other is the powerful chakra dhyana meditation technique…

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Best Meditation Music Ever – Chosen By A Meditation Teacher

In this list of the best meditation music I will be sharing tunes from all over the world, chosen by me, a meditation teacher and musician for more than 30 years (Hi.). We will look at all the best meditation music of different styles, including Zen meditation music, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and more. And we will look at how these sounds helps with sound healing I love anything musical. And I love sharing my passion with other people. But there is one funny thing about meditation music: You cannot listen to these tunes while meditating. It is impossible. You can…

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4 Best Chakra Books You Need To Read in 2019

When it comes to the best books on chakras, well, you’re spoiled for choice. Whether you’re new to chakra cleansing or you’ve been doing it for years, there are many excellent chakra books you’ll definitely want to check out. Thousands of THE DAILY MEDITATION’s readers have been digging my guide to chakra healing meditation. And maybe you want to learn a little more about the chakras. If so, I highly recommend everything in this list of chakra books.  (And you might like these mantra books too) Here are the absolute best books on chakras. As well as the books below,…

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Third Eye Meditation To Open Ajna Chakra [TUTORIAL]

People who know how to do third eye meditation technique have advanced levels of insight and clairvoyance. That's because it is one of the very best psychic meditations. In this guide I will show you how to do the method and the benefits you will get from doing it. But first of all, what is third eye meditation technique? What Is Third Eye Meditation Technique? It's an exercise for opening the sixth chakra (Ajna), which lies between the eyebrows, just a pinch up from the nose. This is the seat of your spiritual self. In Hindu and Tantra Yoga systems it…

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Vajroli Mudra – Everything You Need To Know

There are so many benefits of the Vajroli mudra. Want more sexual energy? Interested in enjoying better sex? Maybe you just want really healthy sexual organs. Vajroli mudra will help with this. As millions of readers have discovered by reading my beginners mudras list, there are so many benefits that you can get from the various hand positions and body positions used in mudras. So what are the benefits of Vajroli mudra? Let's take a look. Benefits Like the Ashwini Mudra the Vajroli mudra can be used to help improve sexual health. It  is used to stimulate the flow of energy…

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Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya Steps And Benefits [TUTORIAL]

The Shambhavi mahamudra kriya, or "Eyebrow Gazing Mudra" is a powerful way to activate your third eye / ajna chakra. When you active your third eye chakra you gain insight into the true nature of things, and you tap into your intuition and your psychic insight, which is the gateway to many skills such as the ability to feel what other people feel. As you guys know from reading my Mudras List,  there are more than 60 mudras. The Shambhavi mudra is one of the most powerful of them all. The Shambhavi mahamudra kriya procedure originates from several ancient sacred…

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