Guided Meditation Script For Confidence And Self Esteem

guided meditation script for confidence

Today I’m going to share my best meditation script for confidence and self-esteem. As a meditation teacher, many of my students ask me how meditation can help to build self-esteem and to remove hurdles such as feelings of inadequacy. The good news is that mindfulness and meditation can certainly help with these things. After just […]

Meditation For Confidence To Raise Your Self Esteem

self esteem building meditation

Let me tell you about the time I started using meditation for confidence and self-esteem. And I’ll share the best confidence meditation scripts with you. When I slumped into a lonely motel room, homeless after a breakup, 3000 miles away from my home and family five years ago, I thought my self-confidence would never recover. […]

How To Be Mentally Strong And Happy No Matter What

how to be mentally strong

Everybody wants to know how to be mentally strong and happy all day long. And it’s easy, sometimes. Sometimes, life feels like a breeze. But just when you start smiling some bullcrap comes along and tears your day to pieces. Well, not today. Because today I am going to share 18 tips to show you how […]

9 Magic Mantras Monks Use To Make Their Minds Masterful

how to train your imagination (1)

There are 9 magic mantras for the mind that monks use for powerful transformation. When I wrote the internet’s best guide to  mantras, I covered for all different areas of life and from Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga and more. As you know, mantras are sounds or words that are repeated during meditation. And they create many […]

10 Vicious Gaslighting Techniques You Need To Be Clued In On

gaslighting tactics pinochio dummy

Are people in your life using gaslighting techniques on you? Gaslighting tactics, says Jackson MacKenzie, author of Psychopath Free, are used to manipulate people in relationships. Gaslighting in relationships is sickeningly common. And you might be a victim of it. Here are the signs of gaslighting in relationships: You feel like your relationships are insecure. You […]

Self Love VS Self Care VS Self Esteem: Choose One

self love and self esteem

If you had to choose in a fight of self care VS self love VS self esteem, which would you choose and why? And just what is the difference between self love, self care and self esteem anyway? Taken at face value, self love, self esteem, and self care seem like the same things. But […]

7 Ways Kind Parents Make Kids Feel Good About Themselves

compassionate parents

A child’s self esteem is pivotal to their happiness and wellbeing. You will know whether your kids are okay by checking these self esteem symptoms. All caring parents long to help kids to feel good about themselves. But doing so is not always easy. And many parents make mistakes. One big mistake a lot of […]

10 Ways Meditation Makes You More Attractive

Yes. It’s true. Meditation makes you more attractive.  That might sound totally bonkers.  After all, the last thing Buddhist monks are worried about is their sex appeal.  But look closely and you will see that people who meditate are more attractive. Today, the sexiest people meditate, people like Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr. But why in the […]

How To Regain Sexual Confidence With Meditation And Enjoy Sex Again

regain sexual confidence

If you want to know how to regain sexual confidence, start by accepting the truth: you’re not alone. Listen: There are millions of people, both men and women, who need to regain sexual confidence. Meditation helps. But what helps more tan anything is remembering that you are not alone in this. Ever since sex therapy began […]

Mantras For Confidence To Up Your Self Belief [Affirmations]


There are many powerful mantras for confidence and self esteem that you can use to produce positive starts and to feel good about yourself. When you meditate on these affirmations, self belief will naturally grow.   Confidence is defined as the belief or faith that you can rely on yourself to accomplish goals and overcome hurdles. […]