Teach Yoga Online: Become A Yoga Teacher Today!

how to teach yoga online

In this guide I’m going to show you how to become a yoga teacher and how to teach yoga online. There is a lot of potential in being a yoga teacher. If you love the practice you will get so much out of it, and you will have a blast doing it. But becoming a […]

Tips to Boost Immune System during the Covid-19 Pandemic

woman relaxing and drinking tea

We know there is no cure for coronavirus pandemic, however, there are some activities we can do to keep ourselves healthy and fit during the outbreak. We can perform some good things to boost our immune system against Covid-19. Anthony Constantinou recommends some scientifically proven ways to help resist illness. How To Control Immune System […]

Full Moon Meditation For Crown Energy To Heal Coronavirus

full moon over a mountain

In this guest post, Hedley Derenzie proposes a Full Moon Meditation for the healing of crown energy. In nature, there are no accidents. And within every problem, Nature always provides the solution. Ancient and traditional cultures have known this for millennia that nature holds the solutions. These cultures also know Mother Nature communicates Her messages […]

Dan Harris’ Meditation Advice For COVID-19

dan harris meditation advice for covid-19

Author of 10% Happier and owner of the 10% Happier app says it’s hard not to think about the future, but he advises people to focus on now when meditating. The coronavirus lockdown has led anxiety levels to become a pandemic themselves. As people to struggle with the anxiety of COVID-19, many are turning to […]

Delta Yoga Studio Owner Endangers Public With COVID-19 Insanity

mak parhar delta yoga studio

B.C, C.A—Delta Yoga Studio owner Mak Parhar endangers public health with absolutely insane COVID-19 insanity. Delta Yoga Studio was closed down recently after its owner, Mak Parhar, sent members an email stating that Bikram yoga kills coronavirus.  At the time, public officials stated that his claim was potentially dangerous. Hot Yoga actually creates an atmosphere […]

Spoken Word Meditation Helped Me Overcome Loneliness Today

never alone spoken word meditation

Facebook and British spoken-word artist Kate Tempest have created a beautiful “spoken word meditation” that will help you reconnect today. During the time of COVID-19, many people are feeling lonely [READ: Meditation For Loneliness]. I watched the video this morning, Wednesday, and it immediately made me feel more connected to people, to society, to my […]

With Support of Jennifer Lopez, Yoga Chain Is Building “Immunity”

jennifer lopez yoga

With the support of pop star and actress Jennifer Lopez, yoga chain SARVA is looking to build immunity around the world. The Jennifer-Lopez backed yoga chain is creating a new 14-day Immunity Builder Program across 25 countries around the world, including the U.S, China, France, and Germany. The program is a serious of free yoga […]

Mindfulness For Anxiety Classes Free Right Now Via Hopkins

Washington—Hopkins offers free classes in mindfulness for anxiety to its community. Hopkins is currently giving free classes in using mindfulness for anxiety to its community. Classes are led by Neda Gould, [Director, Mindfulness Program at Johns Hopkins]. Guided meditations are given three times a week to help participants handle anxiety. Neda Gould is concerned about […]

Mass Meditation On Toilet Paper To Express Love For The Charmin

charmin toilet paper meditation

In this terrible time of global pandemic, when nobody seems to have enough toilet paper, it is time that we changed our perspective, time that we expressed gratitude for the miracle of toilet paper in our lives. Toilet paper has been being abused recently. Torn from shelves. Swiped from public washrooms. Wiped on butts. And […]

Prevent Coronavirus With Meditation Crystals, They Said. Reddit Explodes

meditation crystals reiki to prevent coronavirus

Bondi, Australia— A holistic healing stores says you can prevent coronavirus with meditation crystals. Reddit exploded. A store in Bondi Australia posted a sign outside its door on Wednesday suggesting that people “Prevent corona by boosting your immune system through: reiki, crystals, essential oils, meditation.” The holistic healing store’s sign was posted on Reddit. And […]

Yoga, Meditation & Coronavirus: Your Ultimate Guide

yoga meditation covid-19

In this guide: How to use yoga and meditation for coronavirus. The best free online courses to do during self isolation. How to deal with coronavirus anxiety. Advice for teachers and yoga studio owners, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic has made huge changes to the way we practice meditation and yoga. On the one hand, […]

Bikram Yoga Kills Coronavirus, Said Studio. Health Officials Respond

hot yoga class bikram chowdry

Yoga studio told its students to use Bikram yoga for coronavirus. During this time of global hardship, THE DAILY MEDITATION is here to help guide you with the truth. That’s why we are calling out a yoga studio for touting the supposed benefits of Bikram yoga for coronavirus. [READ: Meditation / Yoga for Coronavirus] A […]

MY COVID-19 Isolation Meditation Challenge For You

mindful self isolation

Looks like now is the perfect time for an isolation-meditation challenge…  Unless you’ve been living in a silent retreat like Jardeo Leto for the past 12 weeks, you probably know that COVID-19 is spreading, and self-isolation appears to be the key to saving lives. That’s why I’ve created my Isolation Meditation Challenge for you. [READ: […]

Science Reveals Best Meditations for Coronavirus Anxiety

meditation for coronavirus anxiety

New research published Tuesday reveals big benefits of mindfulness and compassion-meditation for coronavirus anxiety. [READ: Yoga / Meditation for coronavirus] If you are one of the millions of people currently suffering from corona-virus related anxiety, you may wonder what to do about it. The threat to our health, combined with the constant barrage of news […]

Coping With Coronavirus Anxiety? Harvard Advises This

coronavirrus anxiety

To the millions of people are coping with coronavirus anxiety: Harvard has advice for you. Harvard Medical School published a guide this week that offer various ways in which students can cope with coronavirus anxiety. Yoga comes to of the list, along with meditation [READ: Meditation For Anxiety]. What Harvard Says About Coping With Coronavirus […]

Two Mass Meditations To Help You Against Coronavirus

kelly cutrone

As we witness the continuing rise of coronavirus, celebrities, politician and others are starting to fight back against the illness. [READ: Guide to meditation / yoga for coronavirus] There are two newly announced mass meditations for coronavirus, one by rapper Lizzo, the other by author and TV personality Kelly Cutrone. This just days after Marianne […]

Marianne Williamson Gives Guided Meditation For Coronavirus, Receives Hate

marianne williamson guided meditation for coronavirus

Marianne Williamson published a guided meditation to help fight coronavirus. [READ: Yoga / Meditation For COVID-19] In response she received hate. The activist, politician and author of 13 books (including four New York Times bestsellers) has ended her presidential campaign, but is still fighting to help people. In particular, she is helping people fight coronavirus. […]

Coronavirus and Yoga Studios: A Dangerous Connection?

coronavrius at yoga studios

Is it safe to go to the yoga studio while coronavirus is spreading? And if you run a yoga studio, what steps can you take to prevent coronavirus from spreading in your studio? Sweat cannot transmit the coronavirus, but some items at the yoga studio that are frequently touched could cause a threat, says a […]