Meditation For Seasonal Affective Disorder To Stop Winter Blues

meditation for seasonal affective disorder

T’is the season to have winter blues. Thankfully, we can use meditation for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), so we don’t have to feel down this holiday season. If you’re like me, when the winter comes and the sky turns dark and the weather plummets, you might start to feel down. I’ve suffered from the winter […]

Meditation VS AntiDepressants: I Can’t Decide So I’ll Do Both!

meditation vs antidepressants

Many people wonder about how meditation and antidepressants work together? Can you use meditation to replace antidepressants? Can you meditate while on antidepressants? And in a meditation vs antidepressants showdown, which one wins? In an idealistic world we would say that meditation can replace antidepressants. After all, it certainly is possible to successfully use meditation […]

Breakthrough Study Champions Meditation For Anxiety, Depression, Stress Relief

meditation for anxiety, depresison, stress

A breakthrough study is championing the use of meditation for anxiety, depression and stress relief. The study, conducted collaboratively between universities in Australia and the UK, highlights how meditation helps anxiety, depression and stress by changing the endocrine system. If you have ever wanted to have more control over the symptoms of anxiety, depression or […]

How To Design Your Home For Mental Health

a relaxing home design for mental health

The layout and design of the family home can have a direct affect on the mental health of both yourself and your family. Overcrowding, clutter, poorly chosen décor, and certain pollutants can cause anxiety, depression and stress. But there is good news: you can take charge and re-design your home for mental health. There are […]

The 7 Ways How To Cope With Depression In A Marriage

how to cope with depression in a marriage

If your relationship has been difficult recently and emotions are a problem, you will probably want to know how to cope with depression in a marriage.   Feeling sad, depressed, and unmotivated are not uncommon feelings. And you can stop most of these issues by using just a few techniques. For instance, try using meditation for […]

Meditation For Depression To Stop The Sadness

meditation for depression art

What are the best daily meditations for depression? Which techniques and scripts should you follow, and how long do they take to work? In this guide, I will show you all the best meditation techniques for depression relief. And we will discuss the scientific benefits of meditation for depression.    Here is what I am […]

11 Negative Self Talk Types That Are Really Toxic

types of negative thinking

It is entirely normal to experience negative thoughts and negative self-talk. However, some types of negative thinking can be extremely detrimental to our health and happiness.  Negative thinking is, in many ways, natural. When we go through painful events in life, it is natural and healthy to experience some kinds of negative thoughts. For instance, […]

Yoga For Trauma Survivors: How You Can Find Strength In Yoga

trauma sensitive yoga

Have you heard about the recent miracle that is yoga for trauma survivors? Trauma survivors are using yoga to regain their strength. And science shows it works. Yoga is giving hope to the 7.8% of people who experience symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) at some time in their life [1] and for the 70% of […]

Meditation For Bipolar Disorder To Help Cure You

meditation for bipolar disorder

Good news: There are some excellent meditations for bipolar disorder that science suggests could cure bipolar disorder. Bipolar, formerly called “Manic Depressive”, is a mental health condition with psychological, sociological, and biological aspects. Episodes of mood swings (mania or ‘hypomania” and  depression) can make it seem impossible to live a normal life. However, meditative practice […]

How To Do Meditation While Running [TUTORIAL]

when youre depressed running meditation will heal you

By the end of this article you are going to be doing meditation while running every single day. Why? Because science just proved that when you run and meditate at the same time, some seriously amazing things happen. We already know from sports psychology that there are amazing benefits of meditation for athletes.  But absolutely everyone […]

Niacin For Depression, Mayo Heralding It As A Miracle Cure

taking niacin b3 supplement

The Mayo Clinic is saying that using Niacin for depression is basically a miracle cure. Now look: Smart people know it’s best to use natural techniques, not pills. Here’s a free guide to help you Beat Depression  with meditation. But sometimes you need a little helping hand. Niacin (vitamin B3) can help. Vitamin B3 is offering […]

Hari Om Mantra Meditation: Steps, Benefits & Meaning

In this guide, I’m going to be discussing how to do Hari om meditation and the the meaning of the Hari On mantra. Hari Om meditation is one of the best exercises for removing obstacles and blocks of energy or chi and restoring balance to the seven chakras. So what does the mantra Hari Om […]

When You’re Depressed After Losing Weight, Do This

depressed after losing weight

The last thing you expect is to be depressed after losing weight. But as we discussed in my big guide to curing depression, depressive thinking can happen for the weirdest reasons. After all, the average person experiences around 35000 negative thoughts per day. One of the weirdest situations is when we feel depressed after losing […]

Meditation For OCD: How To Make Yourself Better

meditation for obsessive compulsive disorder

New scientific research reveals that there are significant benefits of mindfulness and meditation for OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder]. These two exercises can help to reduce the symptoms. OCD is a mental health condition afflicting 1 in 40 adults and 1 in 100 children [1]. That means there is a very high chance that either you […]

21 Best Depression Self Help Tips To Break Out Of Depression Naturally

how to break out of depression naturally

When you know the best depression self help tips, you will know how to break out of depression naturally. There are excellent self help tips for depression that will cure you fast and naturally. Studies such that meditation helps depression arguably more than anything else (take a look at that link for a free guide), […]

15 Ways Of Helping People With Depression To Recover Their Health

how to help people with depression

  When it comes to helping people with depression, there’s a right way and a wrong way. But first: Thank you for being one of the people who wants to help someone with depression. You’re one of the special ones. There is a right way how to help someone with depression and a wrong way. […]

11 Negative Self Talk Examples That Are Just Brutal

negative self talk

The average person thinks 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. And the majority are examples of negative self-talk. Self talk literally means talking to ourselves in our minds. We do it all day. And at first it might seem like a relatively unimportant things. But in reality, self talk  can have a massive effect on […]