THIS Is My Best Meditation For Dealing With Strong Emotions

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According to new research, Body Scan Meditation is arguably the best meditation for dealing with strong emotions. I don’t know about you, but the effects of the pandemic have started to affect my emotions. It doesn’t help that I’m thousands of miles away from my family, here in Canada, with no chance of safely returning […]

Falun Gong Meditation Benefits: What You Need To Know

falun gong meditation

A new study has highlighted the benefits of Falun Gong meditation exercises. The study shows that practicing Falun Gong meditation (Falun Dafa) improves cognitive abilities and emotional processing. It is will established that there are many benefits of meditation. Today, meditation and yoga are the two fasting rising alternative health practices in the world. It’s […]

10 Crazy Traits Empathetic People Share

traits empathetic people share

It’s a crazy life, being an empath. Just take a look at the list of traits empathetic people share, below. It’s crazy. As an empath myself, I know firsthand how being an empath is sometimes a wonderful dream, and sometimes a terrible nightmare. Take a look at the traits empathetic people share, below, and let […]

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation: 5 Benefits & How To Practice

sajah samadhi meditation

In this article we will be looking at the benefits Sahaj Samadhi meditation and how to practise it. This is a method in which we effortlessly access a deep meditative state, and it is perfect for the modern-day. The modern era has witnessed a technological advancement that has made living easier than ever before. Today, […]

Meditation For Difficult Times To Help You Through Today

meditation for difficult times

There are so many reasons to use meditation for difficult times of your life. By meditating we can help ourselves to remain positive during the worst of moments: Dealing with times of grief and sorrow Losing a job. Witnessing a seemingly impossible event. Finding out someone has been disloyal. Having to suddenly move to a […]

6 Serious Reasons To Use Meditation For Relationship Problems [GUEST POST]

meditation for relationship problems

[Relationship Guest Post] Scientific research shows that there are big reasons to start using meditation for relationship problems, problems like fighting and arguing. Indeed meditation is fast becoming one of the biggest tips for healthy relationships.  Arguing is not uncommon, even for happy couples. Neither is growing frustrated with your spouse. Every couple has things […]

Research Shows You Can Actually Heal People With Your Compassion

compassion heals

As spiritual people we want to heal the world. We want to heal other people. And we want to do it in compassionate ways. And now, new research shows that we can heal other people by being compassionate towards them. In their new book, Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarell [a team of physician scientists] state […]

3 Reasons You’re NOT Happy (a Buddhist view)

why youre unhappy buddhism

Why are you unhappy? And what does Buddhism teach you about how to be happy? In this article, R.J shares his insights.  (Author: R.J from from Mindful Moments, a blog about mindful tips).  The oft-quoted, “Happiness comes from within,” makes for some great refrigerator art, but what does it actually mean, and how does one […]

Expert Instructions For Breath Of Fire Yoga Meditation

breath of fire yoga meditation

Everyone is doing the yoga Breath Of Fire yoga meditation technique (a.k.a Kapalbhati / Skull Luster). It is one of the best meditations used in yoga. At a time when both yoga and meditation are taking the world by storm, this thousands-of-years-old meditation technique has suddenly become immensely popular, and it is easy to see […]

8 Best Meditations For Depression To Make You Better

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What are the best daily meditations for depression? Which techniques and scripts should you follow, and how long do they take to work? In this guide, I will show you all the best meditation techniques for depression relief. And we will discuss the scientific benefits of meditation for depression.  As a meditation instructor, many people […]

7 Best Meditations For Happiness To Make You Feel Magic

meditation for happiness

In this guide, we’ll look at all the best meditations for happiness. When it comes to your personal happiness, meditation can do wonders. I learned that myself when I went from being angry all the time to feeling calm, joy, and love all from just meditating once a day. There is a remarkable link between […]

How To Remain Positive In Difficult Times – 7 Ways

how to remain positive in difficult times

During a tough time of my life, I learned how to remain positive in difficult times. My parents were fighting because of my father’s drinking. At school, I was bullied, beaten and humiliated many times. I longed to escape. So I hid away from the world, secluded into my bedroom, playing Nintendo for hours every […]

18 Ways How To Be A Free Spirited Person In 2020

let go inner peace

Are you chasing perfection Is it stopping you from being happy? Would you be happier if you learned to let go? In this self improvement article we look at things to let go of to improve your inner peace.

Dukkha And Sukha: What You Need To Know

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There are many Buddhist techniques that we can use to feel happy in life and to be more satisfied with the present moment. These strategies create deep contentment that stops dukkha and allows us to stay in the moment being happy.

11 Great Ways Meditation Can Change Your Personality

can meditation change your personality

As a meditation teacher, many of my students ask me: Can meditation change your personality. And the answer is: Yes meditation can change your personality for the better. There are numerous benefits of meditation for your character, including the fact that meditation can make you more forgiving, more loving, more peaceful, and more productive. Chakra […]

Why You’re Crying During Meditation Like A Baby

Why You Cry During Meditation

A reader wrote in to us today saying, “I’m crying during meditation. What’s going on? Why am I crying during meditation?, I thought it was supposed to make me relaxed and happy, but my eyes wet and I feel all emotional. Please explain what’s happening to me!”  Many people think it’s a problem to be […]

How To Use Meditation To Control Emotions Quickly

meditation to control emotions

Before I start using meditation to control emotions, I was full of rage, jealousy, sadness and other negative feelings. Lack of emotional control Not only does a lack of emotional control cause psychological distress, but it also causes social nightmares. When I was fourteen, I was at a friend’s mother’s funeral when I suddenly felt […]