Crying During Meditation? Here’s Why Your Eyes Water

Why You Cry During Meditation

A reader wrote in to us today saying, “I’m crying during meditation. What’s going on? Why am I crying during meditation?, I thought it was supposed to make me relaxed and happy, but my eyes wet and I feel all emotional. Please explain what’s happening to me!”  Many people think it’s a problem to be […]

Meditation To Control Emotions & Stop Negative Feelings

meditation to control emotions

Research from Frontiers In Human Science, amongst others, suggests high efficacy of mindfulness meditation for controlling emotions. Before I started using meditation to control emotions, I was full of rage, jealousy, sadness and other negative feelings. I didn’t know how to control my feelings. Not only does a lack of emotional control cause psychological distress, […]

Meditation For Grief & Loss To Help You Heal

meditation for grief & loss

In this article, we will be looking at how to use mindfulness and meditation for grief and loss for when relationships end, when someone passes away, and, you know, at those other awful times in our lives that we all face and somehow endure. When you’re suffering after the loss of a loved one or […]

21 Best Depression Self Help Tips To Break Out Of Depression Naturally

how to break out of depression naturally

When you know the best depression self help tips, you will know how to break out of depression naturally. There are excellent self help tips for depression that will cure you fast and naturally. Studies such that meditation helps depression arguably more than anything else (take a look at that link for a free guide), […]

15 Ways Of Helping People With Depression To Recover Their Health

how to help people with depression

  When it comes to helping people with depression, there’s a right way and a wrong way. But first: Thank you for being one of the people who wants to help someone with depression. You’re one of the special ones. There is a right way how to help someone with depression and a wrong way. […]

Use These Mantras For Confidence And You Will Feel Amazing


There are many powerful mantras for confidence and self esteem that you can use to produce positive starts and to feel good about yourself. When you feel confident you take risks, you dare to dream, you push yourself, you achieve great things. But I’m sure you will agree: it’s not always easy to have confidence […]