10 Signs Of An Enlightened Person – Are You Enlightened?

signs of an enlightened person

Our mission here on THE DAILY MEDITATION is to help you achieve enlightenment. But you might wonder: What are the signs of an enlightened person? How can you tell is someone is enlightened? Enlightened people are all around us. But you might not spot them. After all, enlightened people are not the type of people […]

How Beliefs Affect Your Life, Changing Your Perception Of Reality

how beliefs affect life chaning perception of reality

How do beliefs affect our lives? You might be surprised to hear that your beliefs affect your life in every way. Because from the time you are born, beliefs shape your perception of the world. And your perception is your reality. That is why it is of the utmost importance  we notice our own beliefs […]

Ultimate Guide To Buddhist Meditation Techniques For Beginners

buddhist meditation for beginners

There are lots of different Buddhist meditation techniques with unique benefits. In this guide I will share the best types of Buddhist meditation for beginners. In Buddhism, meditation is called Bhavana or Jnana. And the purpose of meditation in Buddhism, according to Kamalashila, is to create a calm, luminous mind and to reach enlightenment. [READ: […]

Enlightenment: How To Become Spiritually Enlightened

how to become enlightened

Want to know how to become enlightened? Ever wondered what spiritual enlightenment feels like? Sure it might not happen overnight, but it is well worth the effort. Spiritual enlightenment is the highest state a person can achieve. It is the divine moment when you become one with the universe.   In this guide I will show […]

Bhakti Yoga Meditation Practices: What You Need To Know

bhakti yoga meditation

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to practice Bhakti yoga  and Bhakti meditation properly, and the benefits you will get out of Bhakti meditation. But first: What is Bhakti yoga?  Bhakti yoga, otherwise called Bhakti Marga, is an ancient meditation technique that stems from Hinduism and Buddhism. Paul Deussen, author of Sixty Upanishads […]

Anapanasati Meditation: Instructions For Mindful Breathing

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to do Anapanasati meditation technique (mindful breathing), based on the actual anapanasati sutta of Buddha. As a meditation teacher, this is the meditation techniques I teach the most. Buddha said this meditation technique bears “great fruit” (meaning great benefit) when practised regularly. Bhikkhu Analayo states that it […]

Dhyana Yoga Meditation Practice – A Guide

dhyana yoga meditation

Dhyana yoga (or “Dhyana meditation technique”) is the 7th limb of yoga and also a core discipline in Hinduism and Buddhism.  You may have heard about Dhyana in yoga class, but unfortunately it is often taught incorrectly.  We asked our Facebook fans how their yoga instructor had explained Dhyana. Forty-three percent said they had been told […]

How To Connect To Your Spiritual Self By Meditating

Connect To Your Higher Self. Become Spiritually Awakened

As a meditation teacher, many people ask me how to connect with the spiritual self.  The answer is to use specific spiritual meditation techniques.  Even though I teach over 31 types of meditation, I believe the best methods are the spiritual meditation techniques. Because we can use spiritual meditation to connect with our spiritual selves. […]

15 Deep Meditation Techniques You Need To Experience

how to go deep in meditation with deep meditation techniques

You might wonder what a deep meditation feels like, what happens when you are in a deep meditation., or whether it can be dangerous.  If you’re looking to go deeper in meditation, there are 15 very deep meditation techniques advanced meditators should try.   I previously shared the 31 best meditation techniques in the world. And I […]

13 Signs You’re A Slave To Society

signs youre a slave to soecity. how many are true of you?

Everywhere you look you see slave to society.  Every day we walk through a world that some believe to be physical, but which others know to be pure energy. We’re surrounded by events and people that some consider mundane, but which others know are mystical wonders. Unenlightened people have yet to discover the true importance […]

Everything You Need To Know About Vipassana Meditation Technique

vipassana meditation

In this guide, we will look at how to do Vipassana meditation technique at home, the Vipassana meditation script, and its benefits. This will give you access to your insight. As a meditation teacher, I personally use this method for twenty minutes every single day. And it is also one of the main methods I […]

Maum Meditation Technique: A Brutally Honest Guide

maum meditation technique

Maum meditation is a Korean meditation technique that was founded in 1996 by Korean Woo Myung in South Korea. The word Maum means “Memory” (ma-eum). It is a syncretic religion although the group does not call it such.  The basis of Maum meditation is to get the individual to overcome “false mind” by imagining themselves […]